Flipping America 194, The List of Lists

podcast 194 The List of Lists

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[0:16] The show that teaches you how to make money in real estate wherever you are whatever your situation there is an opportunity for you flipping America is sponsored in part by American IRA

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and now you’re sad flipping America guy Rodger Blankenship

thank you Cathy hey everybody it’s great to be with you to talk about real estate can you know our purpose on this show is to inform you to give you the best information that we can.

[0:58] Sometimes our purpose is also to entertain you a little bit and

because honestly we’re going to do today is a little bit more entertainment than information I’ve got some good and useful information for you don’t worry about that but we going to have a little fun I called the show today the list of list you know I like

make those lists and you can go get those list you can do all the research that I do on the show yourself if you want to but then one of the advantages of listening to me as I do all the research for you and I put it together in an ISO format that’s interesting to hear and informative and sometimes I even make it practical I don’t know if I’m really going for practical today

great just throwing it out there but we’re going to have a little fun because I like these lists and so I just went looking for some.

Top 10 list and it turned into top 15 and top 25 but I’ve got an even had one that’s the top 10 list of list and so we’re going to have the list of list show and actually it’s a list of lists.

That have lists.

[1:57] It’s all about a list of property know if you say one word enough times over and over again it just starts losing its meaning so maybe I won’t say lists anymore but I think I will

so here’s one that we’re going to lead off with like all right here we go the world’s largest real estate companies want to know what they are that’s coming up

the top 10 traits of a real estate agent the top 10 real estate deals.

Then we got the Best Buy the cities where to invest in housing in 2018 and then we’ve got another one the top cities where to buy a house and.

The best places where people are moving

and then we got the most expensive cities in the US then we’ve got the cheapest cities in the US and then we’ve got the best cities for real estate agents in the US.

And then I’ve got another list booming markets that are trending in 2018 and I’ve got the best affordable places to live in the US that would be something in between the cheapest and the most expensive.

[3:04] There are other factors is putting together when you looking for an affordable place to live all that’s coming up on the show today as we talked about the list of lists and we handle some of that.

Hi I’m Rodger Blankenship and I teach people how to make money in real estate and yep we talked about real estate here on the show the show is called flipping America

if we don’t encourage everyone to drop what you’re doing and start flipping houses like you see on TV but we do encourage everyone to consider real estate as a part of a balanced Investment Portfolio and to that end,

we intend to bring you the best information we can on this topic it’s not just about flipping houses we talked about all types of real estate here and we haven’t covered every.

[3:49] Like yet but we’re on our way and we’re talkin to new and interesting people all the time about different things and I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up some show topics we’ve never done before and I’ll be

excited to share this with you as soon as we get no nail down the interviews and the interview guess but I’m on the topics coming up our mini warehouse.

[4:10] The Airbnb strategy and different things like that that are interesting people and we’ve got Shantel Owens coming back

she’s actually coming into the studio when we’re going to do a combo audio video shoot of a radio interview to help pump up Chantels upcoming boot camp on buying tax liens and if you want to get into that

man what an opportunity Chantel is terrific and she’s got great content and a lot of knowledge and experience and so we’re going to hell

promote that program that’s coming up also in the next week or two so a lot of things in store and a lot of information for you.

About real estate investing

whether you’re looking to buy a rental property and we got some questions from listeners today about rental property so I’m going to be talking a little bit about that later on or whether you want to buy something that you can flip in cell or maybe you just want to invest in the activities of somebody doing either of those

no matter how you shake it there’s an opportunity for you

I would invite you all to take a look at the website we made some changes and fuel improvements that’s flipping America network.com and we still have the RSS feeds there all the way at the bottom of the page they’ve been pretty much at the bottom all along.

[5:24] But we changed up the formatting a little bit

were you concerned to access the shows and also the methods and some of our courses right from the front page and I think you’ll like the change I know the lady in my office that is encouraging me to make these changes she loves it

and so that’s great it’s more colorful and pictures and all of that.

I want to announce to also we’ve got flipped started coming up November 2nd and 3rd and you’ll be hearing a lot more about this.

For a few more days you can take advantage of the early bird special flip starter is an amazing conference and I’m not just saying that myself I’m so flattered and thrilled to listen to,

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20 okay we get we do have a few introductory things and housekeeping but from the time I start talking in 5 or 10 minutes we will be.

In the middle of dealing Alice’s and ready to make a deal my goal is to have you so fired up Friday evening that you get on the phone and you call home and you start connecting with a realtor and you start

laying the groundwork and looking in the sources I’m going to give you Friday evening.

[8:36] And maybe by Saturday morning you got some offers going out and you don’t even have to know what comes next you won’t unless you’ve been doing this you won’t know what comes next but the key is to get started making some offer since Friday evening they were going to do dinner.

That’ll be from 7 to 9 and there’s an opportunity for you to actually join me for dinner and you get

I’m pretty close access and some people think that that’s worth paying for so I’ll write okay my wife would tell you that it’s worth paying for but she’s paid for it with her life

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dinner at a nice place so that’s on Friday and Saturday we get back and we get right to work Saturday morning we’re going to learn how to find deals.

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And after we’ve done all of those things I’m going to take a little while and I’m going to show you how to scale this business into an Enterprise where you’re flipping dozens of houses a year.

[9:47] Why can I do that because I did it and I remember what I did and I can show you step-by-step,

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[11:45] Music.

[12:01] Alright it’s promise this is the show about list and we’ve got a list of list today in the first list is the world’s largest real estate companies

and so ad I got this from Forbes and I’m going to link all of these list you’ll have you’ll follow us on social media.

At flipping America on Twitter and Instagram you’ll get all of these lists and so if you’re driving right now don’t try to take notes it’s actually not all that

interesting to this parking I can really run want to take notes on anyway but it is interesting to think about how much money there is under management in these companies okay that’s what I’m going to talk about the largest real estate company in the world

is a company called Brookfield Asset Management in Canada they own a diversified portfolio real estate and,

they have a market value of 38.91,

billion dollars with assets of 195 billion dollars.

That’s billion with a be folks that’s a lot of zeros at the end of that 195 billion dollars now.

The number to largest real estate company in the world.

[13:18] Is a company called American Tower Corporation from the United States they own cell towers.

They got a set to round 34.36 billion and a market value of 61 billion dollars.

[13:35] The number three largest group is the Simon Property Group in the United States and they own almost exclusively retail.

[13:44] Shopping centers in stores malls in that sort of thing that’s a 31.02 billion with a market value of 49.52 billion

VIN number for the annaly Capital Management Group out of the United States they own debt and Equity portfolios they have assets of 100

billion dollars in a market value of 12 billion dollars

then the number five you have prologis and you’ve probably seen this and didn’t pay that much attention to it they don’t advertise on TV but you seen around town probably where you are they own warehouses.

[14:24] They have assets of 29 billion dollars and a market value of 34 billion dollars then number 6 is the link greet at link link and it’s a real estate investment trust it’s out of Hong Kong.

And the real estate they own is a retail they have assets of 24 billion and a market value of 18 billion then number 7.

This might come as a surprise but the seventh largest real estate company in the world is warehouser and where

weyer Houser h a e u s e r and maybe you say they’re Hoosier I don’t know how you would say but they’re from the United States they own.

[15:06] Timberland with assets of 17 billion and a market value of 27 billion then there’s gashina.

From France they own residential in office space as it’s 24 billion in market value of 12 billion then there’s klepierre which is from France they own real estate,

assets of 30 billion and market value of 12 billion then there’s Westfield from Australia coming in at number 10 they own retail space in their assets are 21 billion and the market value of 14 billion.

[15:41] Number 11 largest real estate company in the world is Public Storage this is the mini warehouse,

that Public Storage yeah self-storage what they own assets of 10 billion dollars and a market value of 36 billion

avalonbay communities comes in at number 12 day on Residential Properties and that’s assets of 18 billion and a market value of 23 billion

then General Growth Properties in the United States they own retail space as sets of 23 billion market value 19 number 14 is aventus,

which is Healthcare they own health care assets assets of 23 billion and a market value of 19 billion and then Boston properties rounds out the top 15 out of the United States stay on office space with assets of 19 billion and market value of 19 billion now why did I

take the time to read you this list well I find it fascinating not just.

To think about you know if you ever thought about how much money is a billion dollars and how many billions of dollars are tied up in these companies but the diversity.

[16:49] You know I say quite frequently that all real estate investing can be boiled down to basically three different categories you buy with the intent to.

Rehab in some way.

Or improve in some way and then resell at a relatively short amount of time that time maybe a few months if it’s a residential home or maybe if a couple years if your Rehabilitation and apartment complex,

that’s the intent if your intent all along was to flip it that’s the flip model then there’s buy-and-hold and that’s for cash flow and then there’s.

I intend to have a reason for holding to cash-flow appreciation Tax Strategies in that sort of thing but really you’re

you’re planning to make money out of just hanging onto the property so it’s the buy-and-hold model and the third thing is investing in the activities of someone doing one or two now all of these top 15 companies.

I have these an incredible portfolios and all of them are in the buy-and-hold category none of these companies,

are buying and flipping why is that.

Well I think it’s a question that would require a little bit of speculation but I’m just going to say buying and flipping means you’re moving the money in and out all the time.

It’s a lot of effort.

[18:06] It takes someone committed to the work to do that it takes a team that’s constantly turning over in acquisition and finding that next thing and moving on.

And and disposing of that thing so and then the next things out there so there’s always stuff in the pipeline and there’s always analysis going on.

These these real estate companies.

They’ve bought something that they’re using for their use and they’re creating their income from it then that’s their business model and that works for them and that’s fine with me.

It’s good but I also when you take a look at their returns they’re not making the kinds of returns that we making an ordinary Fix and Flip on a rental house not a rental on a Fix and Flip house they’re not making that kind of return.

Is that okay well that’s okay they’re making a return to satisfies their investors but if you’re just comparing return to return we’re killing them.

If you repair if you compare the size of the portfolio they’re killing us I mean we don’t even register in that world however.

[19:14] We have a team between.

Those of us in the office and those that were training and other qualified investors that were meeting around the country we’re putting together a powerful team that I believe

one day very soon I know you going to say this is crazy but I believe one day very soon we are going to be turning over a hundred million dollars a couple of times a year.

Just threw the flipping America team flipping individual houses yep that still leaves us.

[19:47] Way down the list we would we still our would not be a blip on the radar screen of any of these companies but that’s okay it’s not what we’re trying to do what we’re trying to do

is raise up the next generation of real estate millionaires are let’s move on to the next list Shelly this is the top 10 traits of a real estate

agent and you know.

There’s no quantifiable research behind all this this is just somebody’s opinion and it’s this is published by Brightwood real estate education and so here we go coming in at number 10 and you have a problem solver mindset,

number 9 a self-motivated entrepreneur number 8 honesty and integrity.

[20:29] Number 7 hustle and tenacity number 6 interest in houses in architecture number 5 engaging personality.

Number for attention to detail number 3 understanding understand the local housing market number 2.

Build a network of connections and number one knowledge is power this is staying up-to-date on the latest topics in real estate and in the local market

which will allow you to service your clients more effectively.

Continuing education professional development or doors to opportunity that you can utilize to expand your business options and stay at the Forefront of the Real Estate Field.

Okay all that’s nice knowledge is power but the interesting thing about this is this kind of a generic list

I’m okay with that I don’t disagree with any of these points these are the top 10 traits of any good real estate agent but I’m going to say these are also the top 10 point

characteristics of any good real estate investor and if you take the real estate specific stuff out of it which is really just a couple of the points in here these are the.

Traits of anyone who is successful in business or life so this is a good list and we’re going to send you the link to it just check.

You know if you haven’t followed us at Twitter and Instagram yet you need to follow us right now so you can get this list in just a little while after the show airs.

[21:58] And I told you we had another page that was just a a list of top sites in the top 10 list of top

types of homes in one is the top waterfront homes and you just got to see this folks this is just really interesting there’s a beach house with a retracting roof

it there’s a whole story on Ted Turner’s Private Island and then there is a actual there is a floating condo yep.

And it looks kind of like a cross between an apartment building in a cruise ship it’s a floating condo and you live on it and it travels around the US and yeah

check it out keep his key biscayne’s mashta point

and the enters an organ postcard home historic Laguna castle by the Sea Howard Hughes is Lake Tahoe cabin Mel Gibson’s romantic Island Retreat Hawaii beach home and Donna karan’s

Island Sanctuary you know what all this stuff is really it’s just kind of fascinating stuff that

kills time if you have any time left to kill another list they have is a top 10 celebrities owned they have a Celine Dion’s water park Mansion Terrell Williams Miami Penthouse Katharine Hepburn’s home which is actually for sale.

[23:10] Robin Williams Napa winery

Renee Zellweger’s Connecticut Farmhouse Jane Fonda’s forked lightning Ranch Heidi klum’s romantic Villa Christina

Brinkley’s Beach House Steve Martin’s island paradise and Kenny Rogers Atlanta

mansion and now yeah we actually almost bought a house right down the street from Kenny Rogers Atlanta Mansion so I’ve seen that up close then there’s another list haunted houses you can buy famous dead celebrities homes

the and then another top 10 haunted houses

and in the homes of Frank Lloyd Wright multimillion-dollar homes with big surprises and course than the picture right on the lead of that is a home that has a stainless steel slide from the second floor to the first so you can just hop in the slide to get downstairs.

That actually is pretty cool.

[23:58] Just make sure you got your pajamas on you know that’s right the 10 coolest beach homes.

Major League Baseball homes for sale baby boomer TV celebrity-homes the top 10 most luxurious golf homes for sale the top 10

most spectacular ski homes the top 10 most romantic homes,

the top 10 Island homes the top 10 coolest beach homes for sale the top 10 most romantic homes the top 10 weird but wonderful homes that.

Top 10 coolest beach homes for sale again maybe I think we’re at the top 30 coolest Beach owns now the top 10 there’s another.

Most luxurious golf homes maybe there’s 20 of those and more romantic homes in morski homes in Moore golf homes in Moore beach homes,

so there’s lots of homes for you to look at and this is a top 10 real estate deals.com and if you don’t remember that link no worries because we will

tweeted out a little while okay

so just that’s the list of list and this is a list of lists of lists and now we’re going to turn our attention to the

best cities in which to invest in 2018 the best housing cities.

[25:16] At the local market monitor is published by Engel Windsor.

Who is a fellow member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and I have tremendous respect for what they’re doing and hope to get him on the show when he’s days pretty soon.

He has published some a staff writer has published a story based on a study that he has done the

where to invest in housing in 2018 this is actually one of those that’s very informative and also practical so investors listen up

find out where you should be house hunting this year Forbes did talk to local market Monitor and go Windsor and they looked at.

Housing indicators as well as broader growth Trends to come up with 20 markets where you can park your money in 2018 and still sleep easy if you’re looking for a quick flip these may not be the markets for you you’re not this early the places where prices will grow

the most in the near future I got a little secret for you that doesn’t matter because when we buy a property to flip or not paying retail for it we’re paying below market prices and you can find deals,

below Market anywhere you are

write the 3-year price girls forecast for the 20 cities on this list range from 11% to Washington DC to 35% for Orlando these are buy-and-hold City’s high-growth markets are always the tractor says Windsor however in a few years.

Today’s growth markets maybe an overpriced territory markets with medium growth.

[26:45] Also be a better bet for investors because there’s less competition for Choice Properties and they can buy in a more favorable price,

okay so just a little hint about what’s coming up right after this next break Orlando is kind of leading the way so we’ll talk about Orlando and a whole list of the

20 best places to park your money and housing in 2018 just hang with us right to the next break and we’re going to be right back.

Hey if you’ve got questions about real estate real estate investing anything real estate-related doesn’t matter if it’s houses or commercial whatever the asset class.

Send your questions to questions of flipping America network.com

we have answered every question that’s ever come in the door and we intend to answer every question that ever will come in the door until and unless you overwhelm us with so many questions we can get to the mall

we have already started talking about maybe putting the frequently asked questions page out but for now we can handle it so send your questions to questions at flipping America Network,

how come we will get you an answer because we are here to serve you and to make sure that you have the information that you need.

Coming up right after this we’re going to do more list and we’re going to give you that Top 20 Countdown of the places where.

As an investor you should be parking your money in some buy-and-hold properties in 2018.

[28:09] Music.

[28:54] Hey you want to learn how to flip houses I want to show you how to flip houses and there’s probably no one in the country better qualified than me to show you I flipped hundreds and hundreds of them.

And I also have some training and degree and experience and education so I can show you how to do exactly what I’ve done hundreds of times don’t believe me.

Head on over to put starter event.com but in the meantime Give a listen to Pat caywood and I’m from Cleveland Tennessee and I’ve been.

Doing some flipping since about March of this year and had started with a Nationals program that was very expensive.

I’ve spent today with Roger Blankenship learning about his program and boy do I wish I’d met Rodger purse.

He has a clear concise program and many tools that are going to be very hot.

[29:49] And starting and managing a program and the mentorship and Leadership and coaching that he’s offering our invaluable.

Thank you so much Rodger for your time and sharing

you never know what’s around the corner but you can be confident that you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way Legal Shield and ID shield look out for you so you can get back to living will,

LegalShield is a prepaid legal service for individuals

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Protected number of legal issues and assistance with common legal need just go to Rodger b helps. Com right now to sign up that’s Rodger V.

Dot-com Legal Shield protection for every part of life.

[30:47] Music.

[31:22] Alright we’re back I’m Rodger Blankenship and I teach people how to make money in real estate.

This show is flipping America and we’re so glad you joined us thank you for tuning in and staying with us

Today Show we’re talking about the list of lists and I’m going to list the properties I like these top 10 top 20 list kind of things and sometimes we actually learned a few things and I’m about to share some things with you that could make you

some serious money if you’re in the mood to buy and hold you need to be thinking about one of these 20 cities.

[31:56] I want to make a note about the methodology used for this study

the market monitor report began with 330 markets then they removed the markets that were too small populations below 500010 disk Court discarded those that performed worst on the key metrics.

Finally they drill down to 20 markets that scored the best across five measures and here they are the one-year job growth.

The three-year population growth from 2014 to 2017 the one-year home price gross.

Affordability and the local market monitors on 3-year home price forecast.

To quote Ingo Windsor we use job growth to rank the list this year and this time of surging prices a good economy is better long-term Criterion for investment than price growth.

[32:44] So without any further Ado let’s get into the list and I’ve already given you a hint number one at the top of the list is Orlando Florida.

The average home price in Orlando Florida is $247,550 they had a three-year population growth of 7.6% and a 2-year job growth of 7.1% a one year home price growth over the last 12 months

9% and they’re projecting over the next three years that the growth will be 35%.

[33:16] So that’s Orlando Florida that coming in number one coming in at number two is

Provo Orem Utah or Provo Utah the average home price of 26063 year population growth is 7.22 year job growth 6.7

when your home price of 10% and this is where I’m kind of focusing my interest is on the 3-year price gross forecast if you want to know what this averages out to just take this number that I’m giving you an / 3 so for example.

Orlando is 35 you divide that by 3 that then we’re looking at you know 10 almost 10.2%.

Growth in prices over the next three years that’s well above the national average which,

we hear flipping America are projecting the 2019 the national average

game and home pricing is going to be around four and a half to 5% so you could see if your clipping along at 10% your well-above-average

so we got Provo Utah at 31% or 10% of the Year Jacksonville Florida is projected at 20%.

[34:26] Okay.

And if you know they’ve got strong population growth strong job growth and you know all of the all of these are going to have that okay rather than through a lot of numbers that you that you’re not going to remember let me just get to the cities.

Number for.

[34:41] Raleigh-Durham North Carolina the 3-year price gross forecast there is 26% know we’ve been talking about Raleigh-Durham on this show for a while as the hottest Market in a hot state of North Carolina.

North Carolina is on fire everywhere Asheville is amazing Charlotte and the entire metropolitan area around Charlotte incredible you’ve got a lot of good things happening in Wilmington.

The Raleigh-Durham is leading the way and was a three-year price gross forecast at 26% what this means folks is if you went over there and bought a house for.

[35:14] $200,000 in Raleigh-Durham right now you can reasonably expect it to be worth 250003 years from now so you get somebody else to basically pay the mortgage

for you by renting it from you and three years from now you got 50,000 Equity that you don’t have today now that’s an oversimplification okay.

I know it is keep the cards and letters coming but you don’t have to tell me that I do know that it’s just designed to help illustrate how this works.

Okay number 5 back to Utah again and this is Ogden Utah in the Ogden – Clearfield Area.

In Utah and they’re looking at a 3-year price growth forecast of 29% number 6.

Come back across the country to Nashville now they’re including it if they’ve got a hyphenation here Nashville – Davidson – Murfreesboro

if you’re listening the show and you don’t know the Nashville Tennessee geography very well I am a geography nerd Davidson is Slightly North of Nashville Murfreesboro is about,

20 or 30 miles Southeast Nashville so there’s kind of a corridor there I call it the I-24.

[36:25] Quarter to get into Nashville but also maybe I-65 a little bit in that entire.

Metropolitan Mega Arium there 3-year price grows forecast is 27% here’s a little secret the average home price in the entire area is 277 but I would bet you dollars to Donuts that if you’re in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

The average home prices considerably less so Murfreesboro and actually Murfreesboro has been on our radar screen here at flipping America for a while.

As we watch the heart hot markets and the average days on Market in the sales volume Murfreesboro is been one of the hottest places in Tennessee for a full year at least so yeah definitely take a look their number 7.

Atlanta Sandy Springs Marietta Georgia that’s basically from downtown Atlanta and covering all of the northern suburbs

as you know with this show when we started out with our studio on Peachtree Street we are right there in downtown Atlanta but now we’ve moved the studio to Sandy Springs on the north side of town and that’s where I sit at the moment and it’s in the middle of one of the hottest real estate markets in the area the 3-year price growth forecast is 24%

and this special note on this one homes are undervalued by 7% compared to the historic ratio of price and local income and.

Should things about this to my fellow investors here in Atlanta who are concerned that the Market’s getting overheated and it crashes.

[37:53] Shirley coming down anytime now it’s not don’t worry about that.

[38:00] We still got room to grow here in Atlanta coming in a number 8 Springfield Missouri this is a little bit of a surprise to me Springfield Missouri the average home price is 154000 and the

3-year price growth forecast is that 14% that’s

that’s strong the Springfield is underpriced by 17% according to this study and so that’s the place to be looking folks if you’re in the middle of the country number,

9 is Fort Worth – Arlington Texas.

[38:30] The three-year price growth forecast there is 26%. Number 10 is the Sacramento

all the way to Roseville California Corridor and the average home price right there is

84 California very affordable $327,000 and the 3-year price growth forecast is 33%.

Gate number 11 Grand Rapids in Michigan the 3-year price growth forecast of 25% and underpriced homes.

Number 12 San Antonio Texas.

[39:03] The 3-year price growth forecast 20% number 13 Boston is forecasting and 3-year price growth

an increase of 18% the average home price in Boston is already 403000 + number 14 Fayetteville Arkansas

you don’t think about Arkansas unless you actually already live there you don’t think about that is real Target for real estate investing activity and we may have to look into this little bit further because they’re projecting a 24% growth in the Rises.

And the rise in value of homes their number

15 this is of particular interest to me because we’ve been looking at this Market here flipping America the Augusta

and Richmond County Georgia South Carolina this Corridor right here is projecting a 16% 3 year growth and it’s interesting because just this morning

we sent over some South Carolina properties to our man in Columbia South Carolina and so we have were thinking about.

[40:05] South Carolina as well in Augusta Georgia right there on the light there were 16 Charlotte North Carolina mentioned that before 3-year price growth forecast at 22% number 17

the Washington DC metropolitan area the 3-year price growth I predicted at 11%.

Number 18 is Minneapolis metropolitan areas for your price growth projected at 21% 19 is Des Moines Iowa.

This may catch you by surprise a little bit with a 3-year price growth of 17% and rounding out the top 20 is Columbus Ohio with the three-year project,

price increase of 21% the national average.

This may interest you and this is a good little factoid you could use at your Nexel real estate Gathering the average home price in America,

as of today then I’ll um drumroll $283,900 basically just say $284,000 the.

3-year price gross,

the price growth forecast I said it so many times perfectly until I had a chance to say it slowly and then I mess it up three year price growth forecast for the national average is 14%

and that’s not bad.

But that’s a little less than 5% per year and is actually consistent with what we do our research here flipping America are projecting.

[41:31] But you can do better if you go to one of these 20 cities that we just discussed.

[41:41] Okay I just love it when somebody creates a website with the name that’s hard to pronounce and it’s.

Niche.com or niche.com depends on if you want to sound like you’re sophisticated or if you just want to sound like a regular person but it’s niche. Com they did a study on the best

cities to buy a house in America this is oriented toward people who are just wanting to be home owners.

But I think some of the principles and some of the ways that they look at these things may also affect us as investors as well either way

according to them now that they they looked at

home values property taxes home ownership rates housing cost real estate Trends and crime data and schools and some other factors they put it all together to.

Come up with the.

Best cities in America to buy a home for 2018 and I like looking at looks like this as well because it.

[42:46] You know you can compare and contrast if you can find one that

meats that makes both list or makes Multiple List that might be a place to really look hard at right okay so number one is Plano Texas and less in the Dallas area that’s not far from Fort Worth and Arlington which is on the last list number to Overland Park Kansas and

number 3 is the Woodlands Texas and let’s see that’s just.

Just outside of Houston Texas so that’s way down south number for is Rochester not,

New York but Rochester Minnesota and okay.

[43:22] I always wonder a little bit about what’s going on in mind of anybody that says that any place in Minnesota is a great place to live but that’s because I’m a warm-weather guy I like the warm weather I like to play golf and I like to ride motorcycle and I like to do things that you do in the warm weather you know.

Up up there they have basically two seasons winter and two months of bad snowmobiling weather okay.

Oh that’s all the teasing I’m going to do about living up north some people love it that’s fine if you don’t mind snow in May.

[43:50] Okay go ahead number 5 Richardson Texas and

I believe that’s in the Dallas-Fort Worth area right outside of Dallas number 6 Naperville a city in Illinois just.

Kind of West of Chicago number 7 Round Rock Texas number 8 Huntsville Alabama how about that.

[44:13] And those of us in Georgia who love to tease about Alabama always like to say that the best thing to ever come out of Alabama I-20 and it’s just a joke

not we love you Huntsville actually huntsville’s on our radar screen here flipping America to we’ve been over there we spend a day looking at properties they are very impressed with the neighborhood what’s going on and yes my wife and I even discussed about whether or not we would be interested in willing and living in Huntsville

and alright so I’ve got 9 through.

What we have here how many do we have we got 20 to 25 we got 25 cities nine through 25 coming up in just a moment

not too long ago we did a one-day flip starter in Chattanooga Tennessee and low and behold one of my old College friends came out to the event.

His name is Peter Falkner and here’s what he had to say about the event.

[45:07] Peter Faulkner here I send it a one day flip starter training session led by Rod.

[45:14] And I was amazed to see what has happened in Rogers Live from the last $15 plus years.

[45:20] Music.

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Protect it for a number of legal issues and assistance with common legal need just go to Rodger b helps. Com right now to sign up that’s Rodger V.

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[46:40] Music.

[46:50] Okay during that break the production team tell me to speed it up a little bit because we’re not even going to make it through all the list much less your email so let’s see what I can do I don’t want to show.

Circuit anybody and I’m having fun just reading these list maybe we’ll do a few list on the next show to who knows all right number 9 is Palm Bay Florida.

Palm Bay Florida.

[47:10] Of the best cities in America to buy a house number 10 Cedar Rapids Iowa and number 11 is Sioux Falls South Dakota again with the cold weather stuff but you know they have their reasons.

[47:24] Other current residence Sioux Falls said Sioux Falls South Dakota is a great town it isn’t too heavily populated but it has a lot to do there are seasonal activities.

[47:33] Such as well a lot of water winter sports then that’s their seasonal activities there’s winter sports and then there’s Road repair okay.

[47:43] Number 12 Fort Wayne Indiana this one caught me off-guard but it is a nice town and you know there’s a halfway decent diploma Mill right nearby do you really want to get a degree.

[47:55] Getting okay 13 Lincoln Nebraska 14 Columbia Maryland.

15 Raleigh North Carolina ring the bell so it’s great place to live also great place to invest maybe we’ll move to Raleigh but I don’t know,

I’ve been to Asheville here in the last little while and Asheville is happening town and if I were really going to pick up and move I might go to Asheville just because of all the cool stuff that’s there plus the interesting things nearby don’t worry folks we’re not leaving Atlanta

work work work we’re stuck I never 16.

[48:32] Oklahoma City number 17 Amarillo Texas number 18 Abilene Texas.

Number 19 Odessa Texas number 20 Wichita Falls Texas number 21 Corpus Christi Texas are we getting a little theme here there’s a lot of great places to live in Texas.

[48:54] Number 22 Topeka Kansas number 23 Springfield Illinois number 24 Lexington Kentucky number 25.

Omaha Nebraska and there you have it folks the 25 list according to niche.com the 25 best cities in which to buy a house right let’s real quickly,

move on to let’s go to the most expensive cities in the US look at that list real quick and then we’ll see if we can go to the cheapest and then maybe the most affordable all around okay most expensive cities to live in the u.s. men see if you can guess

really what is

well let’s start with number 10 San Diego number 9 Los Angeles number 8 Boston number 7 Seattle number 6 Oakland California number.

[49:43] The sad number five Washington DC number for Brooklyn New York Brooklyn.

Brooklyn’s where you used to move because you couldn’t afford to live in Manhattan and now it’s the fourth most expensive city wow.

There were three is Honolulu number to is San Francisco and number 1 no surprise to anyone is Manhattan,

and those are the most expensive cities to live in the United States and some of your thinking why would anybody want to live there well there a lot of people thinking that’s exactly where I want to live and there’s a lot of people to do want to live there

which is why they’re expensive now let’s look at the 10 cheapest cities the top 10 cheapest US cities to live in and you know.

When you’re looking at cities.

We were not going to include small towns with population is below $50,000 right so let’s look at the 10 come in a number 10 Brownsville Texas yeah it’s cheap to live there but.

Do you know no offense folks but I would want to live in Brownsville Texas it’s right on the border,

it’s got all kinds of serious problems number 9 Oklahoma City weight ring the bell Oklahoma City was on the list of one of the most desirable places to live and it’s also one of the cheapest places to live plus they have thunder.

Right oh well yeah they have the Thunder but.

[50:59] What adjustments on if you’re NBA fan or not okay number 8 Jonesboro Arkansas okay I’ll tell you what I’m going to do go back to the Oklahoma City Thunder here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to do a little contest it just made it up right now.

I’m going to give a free admission to flip starter to the first person who emails into the show and tells me what,

prior name of the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA franchise was before they were the Oklahoma City Thunder what were they called.

Write the first correct answer that’s emailed to.

[51:34] Flipping America network.com they will be in the order that I get them so send your email right now if you had the first correct answer.

To that question what was the name of the Oklahoma City Thunder before they came to Oklahoma City the city and the team mascot you know.

[51:53] This I didn’t say you couldn’t use Google but I’m hoping to some of you will know this already my son was not even really paying attention to basketball when this move happened but he can tell you.

[52:04] Hey there’s a lot of attention to basketball now all right number 8 on the cheapest cities to live Jonesboro Arkansas.

That’s right Jonesboro Arkansas and it’s the home of Arkansas State University and as a matter of fact if you’re thinking about a strategy for owning rental properties you might want to think about buying,

houses in some of these towns were the smaller colleges and universities are located because I understand that many of them are experiencing student housing shortages number 7,

Memphis Tennessee number 6 Knoxville Tennessee.

Number 5 Wichita Falls Texas number for Kalamazoo Michigan in Wichita Falls Texas was also on the other list number three Harlingen Texas.

Number to Conway Arkansas and number one McAllen Texas the cheapest towns to live in in America so

Texas can claim some of the best towns to live in and some of the cheapest towns to live in but I think that may be the one that we really are waiting for is the report from US News & World Report about the 25 best

affordable places to live so they’ve got all these criteria for what is a good place and.

Then they wanted to be affordable as well these are wonderful places to live that are also affordable. We’ve got a few minutes left to see if we can do all 25 Ready Set

go number 25 Boise Idaho number 20 for Anchorage Alaska really Anchorage Alaska.

[53:32] Number 23 Charlotte North Carolina number 22 St Louis Missouri number 21 Kansas City Missouri number 20.

Wichita Kansas number 19.

Lafayette or Lafayette Louisiana depends on where you’re from how you going to say that I always thought it was LaFayette till I move to Georgia and now you have to say Lafayette.

Number 18 Little Rock Arkansas number 17 Baton Rouge Louisiana number.

[54:05] Next 16 Syracuse New York number 15 Louisville Kentucky right folks I just got to tell you I grew up in Louisville Kentucky and no disrespect but it would make my top 25 list of places where I’d want to live.

Maybe things have changed since I left it has been 30 years but you know when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Maybe there was other reasons I don’t know maybe there’s something wrong with me that’s been said before all right well number 15 on this list anyways Louisville Kentucky

the number 14 is Cincinnati Ohio okay now I know somebody has lost their mind I’ve been to Cincinnati I found no redeeming quality there except the Reds used to be good at baseball all right number 13.

[54:47] Oh boy am I going to get the mail from Cincinnati you know I’m just having fun today folks right okay

number 13 Raleigh and Durham North Carolina here we go this is on all the list it’s best place to buy property for the future it’s a great place to buy property now and it’s one of the most 25 best affordable places to live in the US so yeah.

Raleigh-Durham North Carolina and number 12 this is been on another list also Lexington Kentucky number 11 coming up.

[55:20] Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania now I can actually believe this Pittsburgh is really done some things to improve and change over the last few years and it’s a nice place number 10 Buffalo New York the surprises me a little bit but the bills are doing better.

And so maybe it won’t be extremely embarrassing to live there but yeah anyway Buffalo I don’t know they get a lot of snow.

And feel like it’s worth a okay number 9 Minneapolis-Saint Paul sent this list

who made up this list this is the 25 best affordable place at this always US News & World Report no wonder there’s some sort of political thing going on here I don’t know who could put.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul know I’m kidding Minneapolis-Saint Paul is actually a cool City.

[56:04] And I mean that metaphorically is also cool and since that it’s probably below freezing right now and we’re in early October.

Number 8 Fayetteville Arkansas,

number 7 Omaha Nebraska that’s been on other list as well number 6 Salt Lake City Utah I’ve been there nice place I’ve been to a lot of these cities number 5 Indianapolis.

Cool yeah we would just went to a conference there just last month or if it’s been 2 months ago now number for Grand Rapids Michigan number 3 Des Moines Iowa.

Number to Fort Wayne Indiana and drumroll please never won the number one best affordable place to live in the US according to.

US News & World Report.

This is for the year 2018 the number one best place to live in the u.s. is.

[56:58] Huntsville Alabama wow.

[57:01] I just went through a shout out to my intern from this past summer, Brooklyn Conner hello Conor grew up in Huntsville Alabama.

He’s now a student in a track star at Troy University down in Troy Alabama but Connor is the reason we spend some time over in Huntsville and we also are excited about the Huntsville Market.

I’m not to move to.

As a possible place for investing in both Fix and Flip and buy-and-hold so we’re looking they’re at so I agree with this one about that I’m not sure about some of these Northern cities maybe I don’t know if you detected this but maybe I need to go.

You know check myself in somewhere and see if I don’t have some sort of a bias against the northern cities really I don’t and actually I kind of like snow but I know from living up there that after a while I just get tired of it and I get.

Itchy and want to get outside and want to do something so that’s why I kind of like the warmer weather but here’s one thing I want you to remember about all of this you know it does kind of matter where you live if it matters to you.

But what really matters most is that you find a way to make a good positive difference wherever you are it doesn’t really matter.

If you’re happy there that’s fine and all teasing aside there’s opportunity every where you can find properties to own for rentals you can find properties to flip.

Just about wherever you are the main thing is just hate Bloom where you’re planted and will talk to you again soon.

[58:26] Music.

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