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Expected Air Date: 9/29/18


It’s another selling day on Flipping America. 

We have a little bit of a selling and marketing theme going on this week on the show. Today we are joined by Kory Angelin who is going to tell us if we have something to sell, stop selling. Start relating. Remember what I said previously that in this business we are selling all the time. We are not selling our houses. We are selling ourselves, our reputation, our credibility, and our experience. This is how we are able to grow and scale our businesses. 

Kory Angelin is an Award-Winning Trainer and 2-time published author with over 25 years in the fitness industry.  He is a Regional Educator for 24 Hour Fitness working to help carry out their brand message.  His industry experience includes partnering with NIKE to launch their SPARQ Brand, worked with a variety of athletes from the NFL and NBA and has been featured in “Sports Illustrated”, “USA TODAY”, “Training & Conditioning” and “STACK” Magazines for his work in the fitness industry.  Kory has been an on-air host on QVC and is a sought after motivational speaker.  He holds a bachelors degree in Sports Medicine and has just launched his second book entitled #Sellout.  To listen to Kory’s podcast or to find out more info., you can log on to www.koryangelin.com

I had a little fun and got a little training from Kory right on the show. I asked him to help me “sell out” my next event, FlipStarter and he had some very practical and specific ideas for me. I thought I’d be putting him on the spot, but he turned that around and put me on the spot.  As you listen, I want you to imagine answering his questions for your business and for yourself. It may be challenging, but as Kory says, put the work in up front and the rest takes care of itself. 

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Guest:  Kory Angelin

How to improve your approach:

  1. Pretend to buy a product or service
  2. Shadow people crushing it.
  3. Role play yourself. 

Plant seeds

Overcome objections

Ask questions that tap into the middle part of the brain.


“No” sometimes means you didn’t explain it.

Objections almost always come down to “money.”

Ask questions that get to the middle brain – the emotional center. 

Topic: Selling

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Motivational Thoughts for the day

  • To Begin, Begin, William Wordsworth


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and now you’re sad flipping America guy Rodger Blankenship

thank you Kathy good morning everyone and good morning to you Kathy hey we have a bit of a selling and marketing theme going on the show this week.

[0:55] Today we’re joined by Corey Angeline who is going to tell us that if we have something to sell stop selling.

[1:02] Start relating remember when I said previously that in this business we are selling all the time

we’re not necessarily selling our house as we are selling ourselves our reputation or credibility in our experience this is how we grow and scale our businesses and I know you can be on 24/7.

[1:23] There is a time when we need to sell and we have to sell ourselves what Cory angelin is an award-winning trainer and two time published author was over 25 years in the

Fitness industry

is regional educator for 24 Hour Fitness working to help carry out their brand message is industry experience includes partnering with Nike to launch their spark brand work with a variety of athletes from the NFL and NBA and it’s been featured in Sports Illustrated USA Today

training and conditioning and stack magazines.

For his work in the fitness industry Cory has been an honor host on QVC and is a sought-after motivational speaker

healed bachelor’s degree in sports medicine and is just launched his second book entitled #sellout to listen to Cory’s podcast

or to find out more information you can log onto www. Corey angelin. Com and that is k o r y

Angelina, I have a little fun and got a little training from Cory

right during our interview I asked him to help me sell out my next event course if you listen to the show you know our next event is flip started November 2nd and 3rd I would love for it to be a sell-out he had some very practical and specific ideas for me

I thought I would be putting him on the spot but he turn that around and putting me on the spot as you listen.

[2:46] I want you to imagine answering his questions for your business and for yourself it may be challenging but is Corey says put the work in up front and the rest takes care of itself

books thank you for joining us here I am flipping America it is indeed my honor and privilege to bring the show to you several times a week

all across the country and through our app the flipping America app I encourage you to download it free in the App Store

it works on that either platform and that when you get the app you can listen to the show anytime you want and are pledges to bring you the very best information news to tistics and demographic Trends and styles whatever it is we can find to help

hope you and your real estate investing experience now just to be clear we don’t encourage everyone to drop what you’re doing and start flipping houses like you see on TV but we do encourage everyone to

consider real estate is a part of a part of a balanced Investment Portfolio you know I made an offhand comment.

[3:48] Kory on it during the interview that I really want to be training the next generation of real estate millionaires so Helen in our office grabbed a hold of the head and she wants to have to become our tagline I’m training the

next generation of real estate millionaires you know we’re always growing and improving and so yeah that’s what we’re about

so if you are interested in being a real estate millionaire I’ve got an announcement for you you need to start with flipping houses no I just said it’s not for everyone.

[4:19] But if you’re curious you see it on TV and you think about it do you want to get started you want to get started and do it well you want to do it right

why because there are a lot of ways it can go wrong it how would it feel if you could confidently buy your next investment property knowing you had a firm grasp of the numbers the future selling price the cost of repairs and all you’re holding cost.

[4:42] How would it feel to know that you have your next Fix and Flip property fully funded no cash out of pocket

no payments and all you have to do is focus on getting the project done how can that happen well when you’re working with the flipping America guy it can happen.

[4:58] What would it feel like to know you have an experienced coach standing by as you work your way through your first four projects on time and on budget.

[5:08] With that coaches assistance how would it feel to be part of a team with more than a thousand Fix and Flip projects behind them on a video call each week getting your questions answered hearing from fellow team members learning sharing and encouraging

this is what it feels like to be a part of the flipping America mentoring program and the way to get started is with flip

starter Flint starter is are eight hour course designed to give you all the information you need in order to get started in the business of fixing and flipping houses we’re training America’s Next Generation of real estate millionaires

learn more at flip starter event.com that’s flip starter event.com and this event is coming up November.

2nd and 3rd

we were about a month away little bit more than a month away but we have an early bird special going on right now you get on that website and register now and you can come for half price.

In 8 hours we are going to explore the full depth of fixing flipping houses now of course in 8 hours I can’t tell you everything.

You’re ever going to need to know and that’s actually one of my promises I’m not going to tell you everything you need to know I don’t want you to be misled

it’s impossible to do in 8 hours however I do promise that I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to get started.

That’s why we call it flip starter and you can do.

[6:34] Your first few flips folks I flip 75 houses before I went to a seminar on this I have a little bit of experience in in repairs and my dad was in the construction business so I had a little bit of an advantage but as I sit through that

the three-day weekend after already flipping 75 houses I was gratified to learn it I’ve been doing some things right

but I was mortified to learn that I’ve been doing some things wrong and I realize that I probably left between 70 and $80,000 on the table collectively because of little things that I

didn’t do well.

[7:12] Each of the projects that I completed before so it’s good to get a good start and you can do this at flip starter go to Flint starter event.com

make your plans to come to Atlanta November 2nd and 3rd and the don’t worry I’m not going to be sending a higher gun to come out there with an 8-hour sales pitch to get you into a marketing phone to get you to end up paying 30 to 50 thousand that’s not the way we were

we’re just

actually against that sort of thing I am going to be there myself and I’m going to do the bulk of the teaching myself you’re going to be hearing from me the flipping America guy and I’m going to show you exactly what I did to build my business and,

translate that into a way that you can build your business that’s November 2nd and 3rd if you’re in the Atlanta area

and you’re on Wednesday and you want to have lunch with flipping America guy we do lunch every week and we invite the public to come and just sit down and sometimes will have three people and sometimes will have 40

most of the time we have 15 to 20 we’ve got an entire upstairs area.

[8:15] At Huey luey’s restaurant reserved just for us on Wednesdays so we can handle about 40 or 50 if it ever got beyond that I don’t know what we do but we haven’t got to be on that so far

but what we do is we sit down and we introduce ourselves to each other and I’ve got a little format for that we talk for a minute we order Mexican food and it’s good Mexican food and the Ark Tex Mex you know


then we sit and eat lunch and we talk there is no speaker There Is No Agenda other than the questions that people bring to the meeting so we do our best to help

people with no charge for any of this I just like to have lunch with friends and talk real estate and that’s what we do every Wednesday if you show up in your from out of town you don’t tell me you heard about it on the air.

[8:58] Your lunch is on me okay alright a couple of other announcements we’ve got,

a couple of apps in the App Store have already mentioned the flipping America app we also have the property grade at people say I don’t say enough about it and then you know I’m I have a little bit of hard time to my own horn but this is a pretty cool little app and it’s completely free and it’s designed to help you answer 10 questions about

flipping deal that you’re considering and it gives you.

An estimate of your net profit you return on investment return on cash and a letter grade A through don’t do it

that’s based on a proprietary algorithm developed by me and my team here at flipping America and that’s free in the App Store you just go look for property grade and.

You can download it and you can be running it

alright coming up in a couple of minutes we’re going to speak with Corey Angeline for a little while and I’ve got some notes I’ve already put them into the show notes and so they will

they’ll be available to you in the app after this show airs and then we’ve got some news that we’re going to cover in a little while and we’ll get to as many of your questions as we can

as always send your questions to questions at flipping America network.com questions at flipping America network.com we answer every question that comes in the door and be sure to find and follow us on social media face.

Twitter and Instagram at flipping America.

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[10:46] Have you ever seen one of those Fix and Flip TV shows and thought to yourself I could do that or even better I’d like to do that.

[10:53] But there has to be a way to get started that’s what we will do for you at flip starter flip starter is our 8-hour course designed to give you all the information you need in order to get started in the business of fixing and flipping houses I’m Rodger Blankenship.

The flipping America guy who has fixed and flipped more than 800 properties over the years.

I will share with you the tools I developed for use in my own business the strategies the management techniques and the systems are used to build a business that was flipping a hundred properties for year.

[11:23] What would it feel like if you could quit your job and not only work for yourself but own a business that will ultimately provide you with more income and more free time.

[11:33] My goal is to train the next generation of real estate Millionaires and I want you to be one of them find out more at flip starter event.com.

[11:45] Music.

[12:00] Kory angelin welcome to the show.

Thank you sir I’m so happy to be here I’ve only had one coffee but I’m so amped up already or I think that’s great so we’re going to talk about selling out selling out your event your your people your product you got a book coming out on it and you hashtag sell out.

[12:18] Got it all right so I’m going to tell us the premise of the book.

Yeah absolutely and again thanks for having me here’s the bottom line right and and most people are well aware of this I believe.

Most people are just bad at sales right whether you sell a product or a service meet me as well right so I hand is up brother I’m agreeing with you.

Let me ask you a question do you know why were all horrible at sales,

you know I can but if I if I knew why exactly would probably be better at it school to learn how to sell I mean I went to school for sports medicine.

Did they bring me into biomechanics Bison play today we’re going to learn how to close so really we get our information from our experiences and as you can imagine most experience with negative

car dealerships vitamin stores kiosks in the mall it seems like we’re always trying to.

And that creates a world where we’re always on the defensive so what I wanted to do is talk to people about.

If we did the complete opposite we actually just built a rapport you will have more success

selling your product or service that is great because you know if you’re a real estate agent you go take the training to become a real estate agent one thing that they do not teach in real estate training school is how to sell.

[13:42] Exactly and that’s my point and you know ultimately if people come up to me and asked all the time that they’ll say Corey what what’s the key to success and it’s not rocket science.

I would say ass and was nothing more than a transaction of money right that’s really what a sale is that make sense

so what’s Sal should happen at the end of an experience in other words talk about price at the end that’s where the natural fit for a sale should be,

the problem is right we always we always want to sell way before that that and I always prove a point by saying if you walk in at any store in the mall the first thing the sales person asks you when they walk up how can I help you

not hide your day going or building any sort of Rapport it’s always like well okay if you need help I’ll be in the corner my name Stacy and everything is 25% off.

For some reason we always go back for price we don’t need to talk about price yet build a rapport establish a relationship and trust and then ask for the money at the end.

[14:41] Is it simple yeah you know if a sales person in the store ask me how my day is going I’m not sure I know how to answer I probably.

I probably wouldn’t even assume they work there you just mentioned before me.

People are selling out hundreds of thousands of dollars right or houses Apartments Condo building yeah they don’t have the right skill set it seems like from the people that I always talk to you.

Where they’re popping if you’re great at everything else don’t get me wrong right but you know when it comes to the end and it’s time to ask for money or this is how much you got to put down that’s where things can I get a little shaky and the only reason his experience.

[15:23] Right

yeah and you don’t actually this is one of the topics for 2018 and when I set my goals at the end of the year for me myself and I I wanted to understand the sales process a little bit better.

And be a little bit better because we have products and services and and and frankly I really sometimes I wonder if we have any idea what we’re doing.

We’re trying to sell the we have an event coming up in November and I talked about it on every show that’s the flip starter event that you see right behind me but I’m not sure I have the best approach because

you know it’s kind of well here it is if you want to come if you don’t want to come. Your loss I guess.

Or here’s my here’s what I so passionate about talking to people as I travel around the country and speak to people

there’s a there was a clip on YouTube many many years ago was one of the original Ted Talk by a very famous guy named Simon Says.

Call start with the Y in really what would the Golden Circle or the y mean is ultimately people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it and at the end of the day I always tell people no matter what industry they’re in.

The goal should be to tell someone or get someone to buy something from you because of what you have.

[16:34] Goal should be to get them to buy something from you or show up somewhere because they believe in what you believe in.

And you can get someone to believe in your Advance your product or service you will have a lot.

Better chance of them showing up purchasing something.

Because at the end of the day it’s all about the why not about the water the how it’s about why would someone want your product or service.

The end of the day I always tell people you got to build a rapport first and that means ask a question right you’re with a customer you want someone to show up and put Star Event

ask great questions you know why would you want to show up what are your goals and that’s really what I feel like a lot of people lack in the sales industry is the ability to really talk to a customer about what they really need a perm right I do think about it,

that’s really the most important thing.

I had the opportunity to go on Shark Tank ones and the number one thing you learn on Shark Tank is you have to have an elevator pitch.

[17:32] So I talk to people young people all the time in the sales business what’s an elevator caption.

10 seconds and you’re stuck in an elevator with someone you should be able to tell someone why someone would want to buy your product or service so you know what you got to talk about.

The person’s goals and understand why they would want your product or service in the first bison in the last thing is you going to ask for the sale confidently.

So here’s my event yours my product is my service yours how much it cost but you are already of explain to them why it’s so important for them to show up or buy it in first place.

Hard-working sales as well before you actually ask for money and that’s what I think the key to success is in what most people at

okay you know I’m taking notes over here kind of guide my questioning is well alright so.

[18:32] Now you said elevator pitch 10 seconds I can you know I could do the elevator pitch for flip starter in about 30 seconds but I don’t think I have it down to 10.

So should we try for 10 or 10 second elevator pitch,

or health and wellness on an elevator Pinterest Econo show you what a different industry looks like right so.

If anyone was to walk up amigo Corey why should I work out with you I would simply say cuz I’m going to hold you accountable to for lifestyle pillars moving my set regeneration the Irishman if we do that you can reach your goal.

Just a quick example so what I don’t say it because I’m the best.

Get up whenever one or two because I’m passionate about reaching your goals.

So what would you say now knowing that what your elevator pictures are.

[19:29] Cuz I want to come how would you get me to come if I want to go to fun sorry I thought I was going to put you on the spot and now you’re putting me on the spot

that’s awesome alright at work started it it’s an 8-hour course and I’m going to show you how you

can be a Fix and Flip expert.

If that’s good that’s good.

Knowing is just getting someone to believe what you believe in I fully believe that you can do that for me so if I showed up there,

that’s a great example of what that Golden Circle Simon sinek thing is okay

call Pine what you doing all right I didn’t mention anything about the fact that I myself have flipped 800 houses and I don’t have to say that.

Now you can say that dummy that’s outstanding right but that is the cherry on top right,

I always look at it was a great elevator pitch in sales as you make your statement first right and it everything on top of that is it just the cherry on that’s the Bowen it’s right so you got your value statement in there

that’s amazing because how many people could say that probably not too many I also have a master’s degree in education was a former teacher with a degree in curriculum and instruction and.

[20:51] My commitment in flip starter is not to just get through the material my commitment is to train

the next generation of real estate millionaires Seattle Masters in Education right.

In the second one you said was what Masters in Education right.

Show a my goal is not to get through the material but to train the next generation of millionaires.

Not many okay right.

Play some correct some yeah yeah some more powerful statement that you just made was the last bar what you said your goal was to what.

Train the next generation of real estate millionaires what’s more impressive to say to build value the fact that you have a master’s in education which don’t get me wrong it’s important.

[21:56] But that last statement is pretty powerful and one that if you just visualize that I mean that’s like wow right.

So so building a great elevator pitch in sales I’m at a wedding this year you’re in is staying those statements.

That you can get me to believe in that I mean you have a masters of education it’s phenomenal but if that’s not going to make me want to show up right.

If you’re telling me you want it you want to change the world right that’s why Apple’s Apple Starbucks is Starbucks Disney is Disney Zoomer Amazon

write 19 what they sell I just believe in their philosophy.

Call it. Let’s talk about the indirect thing and maybe this just brand-building but how does a horse becoming a friend with a dog a puppy dog sell beer.

[22:48] That’s a great question.

[22:51] I don’t know I guess if it touches your heart strings and maybe you remember you had your heartstrings touched by a beer commercial.

Speak with a Jack Daniels commercial even on board more,

but I will tell you you hit upon some at work when I talk to people about asking great question dinner in a sales experience I see you’re with a customer what are your trying to get them to your bank or your product or service whatever.

Answer my question there’s three parts that there is one ultimate we planting seed right so you plant seeds along the way to you overcome any objections before they even happen but you’re the most important.

You ask question that activate the middle part of the brain and rather the reason why that’s so important is because the middle part of the brain is what makes decisions for people.

So whatever you decided to have for lunch today,

right you said yes or no to it that was the middle part of your brain the way you do that is to tap into the emotional response just like you just said right you tap into those heart strings.

A great question Taps into those heart strings and wait you know what I’ll give you an example so.

Yo you with might say something like how would you feel if you went to the Flint starter event and you came away with not just one but several.

Skill sets that you didn’t have prior to the event that you can now use to be extremely successful I would respond by saying I would feel.

[24:18] What that just did was to activate that part of the brain that would make me say yes to want him to come the morning after feeling question.

Twilight down the steel bad example you just said.

Okay guy I told my wife we were watching a little football yesterday that I needed to come up with something that is truly heartwarming.

Oh I like that I haven’t done it yet it’s been a busy day but.

[24:49] Tiger Woods won okay come to flip starter we got to take a break when we get back I’ve got okay.

[25:06] Music.

[25:45] Hey you want to learn how to flip houses I want to show you how to flip houses and there’s probably no one in the country better qualified than me to show you I’ve looked hundreds and hundreds of them.

And I also have some training and degree and experience and education so I can show you how to do exactly what I’ve done hundreds of times don’t believe me.

Head on over to put starter event.com but in the meantime Give a listen to Pat caywood my name is Pat caywood and I’m from Cleveland Tennessee and I’ve been.

[26:15] Doing some flipping since about March of this year and had started with a Nationals program that was very expensive.

I’ve spent today with Roger Blankenship learning about his program and boy do I wish I’d met Rodger.

[26:34] He has a clear concise program and many tools that are going to be very hot.

[26:40] And starting and managing a program and the mentorship and Leadership and coaching that he’s offering our invaluable.

[26:49] Thank you so much Rodger for your time and sharing what you never know what’s around the corner

but you can be confident that you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way Legal Shield and ID shield look out for you so you can get back to living life

LegalShield is a prepaid legal service for individuals

family some businesses for a low monthly rates you get comprehensive legal coverage entire law firm of professionals they can help you with a variety of issues and provide advice whenever you need it.

Protected for a number of legal issues and assistance with common legal need just go to Rodger b helps. Com right now to sign up that’s Rodger b.

[27:34] Dot-com Legal Shield protection for every part of my.

[27:38] Music.

[28:17] I got with me today Cory angelin and he is an expert salesperson. Imagine he’s a great motivational speaker as well.

Is amped up for this for this interview but probably that’s his General State of mine.

Kory when we went to the break I told you I was I warned you I was going to give you a bit more personal questions just back up a little bit here.

This is one of the interesting things that I’ve experienced as the host of the show is about 99% of my guests are doing something with their lives

totally different than I imagined they would I think you’ve already alluded to this because you talked about training in the medical field so.

My question here is when you were little kid what you want to be when you grew up.

[29:01] That’s a great question programming like everyone professional soccer player course

call man when I was in college I was on the basketball team my roommate was on the soccer team and we needed him I mean this was the 1970s

we were merciless I told him I was trying to convince them that soccer isn’t even a real sport in the United States.

And he throwing up in Mexico and and he said how can you say that man I said well you know any sport that you play with a polka dotted ball

that doesn’t count.

Believe me I get it I get it I mean ultimately I played I played soccer until I hurt my ankle not too bad.

I looked it up and I said you get paid for this as I can and I declared my major for sports medicine but I think deep down.

[29:51] Really what I want to do in life is help people and I did that in the beginning through helping Fitness or really that parlayed using the same skill sets into the business world and sales.

Okay I’m betting that that wasn’t a straight line there may have been a few curves are bumps on the road to the sales.

Absolutely I mean like I said I didn’t go to school for sales right so you know great sales people don’t become great sales people they’re not born like that you know you have to learn and John and sales I called The Big Three.

What are the things is to pretend to buy a product or service that you’re interested in for example I started my business thinking.

In terms of going into car dealerships and what I would do is I would walk into a car dealership and all I wanted to get out of that scenario what’s the feel how it felt to be there.

And you can imagine how do you think it’s spelled when I was walking to a car dealership even to this day.

[30:52] Intimidating.

You’re about to be harassed.

Talking about cells word like I’m running a great promo today or sale today right so that’s the one thing I would pretend.

The second thing I did was Shadow People in my industry.

That’ll really crushing it rice out in sales there was one or two people and then I vividly remember always shadowing during a customer experience because they close the deal a lot of it and you need to see that.

[31:34] For sure and then the last part is to roll by yourself right I think the biggest thing sales people laugh at any level.

Is the fact that they don’t practice what you and I probably I probably have the same opinion on his I think former athletes practice all the time

right so when you have that in the cells why don’t you practice and the way I got good ones I would give record myself on my iPhone.

Highway. Set my dog down Paris and just talk to my dog and try to overcome an objection and practice of skillset or something like that and so it’s

you got to pretend you got to Shadow good people and you got to roll by yourself and if you could do that the line becomes a lot straighter okay I like that

and you know what I was saying about Shadow People crushing it the people that I see crushing it in the real estate training business well there’s a reason I got into training business because I don’t like the way they do it.

[32:28] They’re successful and they get a lot of money from people but I just don’t appreciate.

I just don’t think for for example it it it takes $30,000 to learn how to flip a house

yeah right so I was going to say what’s one thing that is most annoying right where that you see on a daily basis that people out there are doing and it’s

my Battlefront cost well and then when you pay all that money you get an online course in a pat-on-the-back you know good luck

and then some of the groups to a little bit better job of supporting on going but I still I take issue with the idea that you’re going to

get people to cash in their 401k or are going to whole bunch of new credit card debt just because you think you’re going to make millions in real estate

and the fact is the stats show that out of those programs less than 10% of the people ever go out and buy a house so they’re spending their money they’re putting yourself some Financial Jeopardy and.

Everything about the person that I am in the program that we have here and the way that we teach people is antithetical to that.

[33:34] Yeah it’s so it’s funny that you say that so I’m literally in the process of selling my house and my wife and I were going back and forth on how we should do that and I’ll give you a quick story so in my town.

Every house that sold is sold by the same guy at a real estate company that’s local being right I always see his name so I called.

[33:54] And the first thing he says to me is whether we end up selling your house or not.

All I want to do is make sure that we have a good relationship because I know for a fact even if you don’t sell your house or if you want to take it off the market whenever.

That what’s going to happen if you’ll come back to me I find that fascinating right because most people are not like that most.

Whether you walk into a furniture store and deal with a salesperson are or realtor or whatever they’re not like that and that is where you get someone like me who teaches sales.

I’m buying into that because I appreciate it and I’ll be in the day we just want to appreciate the person in front of me.

Yeah you know and something you said in the previous segment about we we get sold to all the time and puts us on the defenses that really resonated with me people don’t want to be sold to.

[34:44] It is something I gave you an example you walking every store the first thing the salesperson says is how can I help you,

the more fascinating part about that is what do you say to the sales person when they ask you a question,

spell thanks I’m just looking around

because we don’t want to be bothered and I said no no no not that we don’t want to be bothered we don’t want to be soul.

[35:16] You just made the point yourself we don’t want to be sore because we’re in front of people like that all the time yeah that’s interesting okay.

I’m getting a lot out of this yeah if I could take the camera and put it over here I’ve got like 10 sticky notes

put on my little pad here.

I evaluate the sales experience I had enough by go to the restaurant down the road as soon as I walk in am I breeded how am I greeted how’s the waitress I can’t help it that’s just my problem right but I always encourage wherever you go.

See how you feel when you leave that way so when you walk in that place that tells a lot about that sales experience that you got because for me it’s all about you.

If you can make someone feel good and feel like I could trust you you your chances of selling them something goes up exponentially.

[36:15] All right.

That’s good so weird feel good radio show here flipping America and the book that you written #sellout.

Yeah could just go on Amazon putting my name or putting #sellout and then it comes up a nice nice picture of myself of course you know I’m from New York so course we have to put that you know our own picture on the front cover.

God damn it. It’s on the front cover so you can’t miss me.

All right and now do you have any website or any place people can go for more information about you

that you forgot to Corey and John. Com a o r y a n g e l i n. Com and it has a man has,

AllCast what I do when I have segments on how you ask for a Sal how you overcome a customer’s objection.

What is a great brand look like how do you build value just things like that and then honestly information about myself my bio and.

Craigslist you know we got a few minutes left I wouldn’t I just want to make sure we got that information in before we ran out of time but.

[37:20] Let’s talk about overcoming objections one of the things that we do is we presents you know some creative.

Seller options to,

people in the homes that were trying to convince them to sell to us not just me and our team here in Atlanta but a lot of our listeners are out there involving the same thing and they’re running into some objection seeing a lot of people don’t want Michelle to investors

so how do you go about just for Prince applies for a minute how do you go about dealing with objections

this is Courtney like you talk about what gets me about this is at right here right because you’re no more than yes.

So you always have to have a scope that’s the first thing I would say you got to have a skill set right so I’ll talk to you about three easy steps anytime you get an objection but the one thing you should know about in the direction is.

A lot of times you hear no because the work prior to you hearing and no wasn’t done well another words I believe most people when they say no at the end.

The salesperson didn’t do a good enough job of building value because if you did you probably wish your no let you know less of the time so the person is.

What happens before that boring that you could still hear no.

First thing you should do when you share know is empathize step number one anytime you overcome objection you have to emphasize with the customer.

[38:45] I’ll give you an example of how we don’t do a great job of that a lot of times a customer will say well right now I just want to think about the sales person will be like.

And if you were the customer hearing that how do you think you would feel.

[39:03] Harassed anytime someone says know that you are out of your mouth immediately should be.

I understand. You have to understand where a customer is coming from.

Is it okay to just say that’s cool cuz that’s what I say that’s cool.

You know what it is to ultimately,

isolate the actual objections to really figure out what the actual problem is is it the money or is it the time you have to put into it will you need a customer to tell you

what it is so a lot of times when I tell people is if you’re going to isolate the objection.

Give them two options of what the problem could be and have them answer one because when you would Empower someone to tell you what the objection is why they’re saying no it’s a really powerful.

I don’t want you know what the actual problem is find a solution that’s the third step is always

going to be a solution in might be less money down in my feet less time commitment it might be maybe we’ll wait till another on to whatever it is that’s for you depending on the industry to figure out what the solution is

show my pussy.

[40:27] Isolate the exact objection not generally what the objection has but the exact one and come up with a solution I’ll tell you it is a customer will reconsider in the moment.

You did your job okay I know I’m

cheniere I’m taking notes on this too and I’m thinking about the in particular situations where we’re out there trying to buy a house subject to

where we’re actually taking over the person’s loan and buying funeral taken title to the property but leaving their Loan in force sometimes that’s a little bit of a hard sell.

Absolutely what do you what do you what’s the most common objection you typically here in that scenario I do I know you’re going to make my payment.

So I now how much we let’s get away from the abduction how much time did you spend with that person prior to that building value.

[41:16] I said how am I right there you got to be some trust there and I think the other objection is that you know they don’t feel like they’re walking away from this with enough money because they know they’ve got equity in their house.

Yeah so when I tell people all the time is if you really drill down there’s only one objection which is always money.

Always money so even if someone says I want to think about it right like I want to think about it you know but I doubt you’ll reconsider it some other just so you know and it’s not no money down on nothing.

And no one would think about it right or some people say while want to talk to my husband or what if it was free they wouldn’t have to talk so why you’ll find it is the money.

Right at the end there but I don’t put more emphasis on trying to build a better relationship prior to.

You hear that know what the end doesn’t always mean they’re always going to say yes right you still could say no but show some empathy do those things we just thought about you that’s awesome man,

we are out of time I can talk to you about this for another hour or two but Corey angelin thank you so much for joining us on the show today great Insight great information.

Thank you so much for having me it was a pleasure to talk to you again soon.

[42:32] Music.

[42:38] But we did a 1-day flip starter in Chattanooga Tennessee and low and behold one of my old College friends came out to the event his name is Peter Faulkner and here’s what he had to say about the event.

[42:51] Peter Faulkner here I send it a one day flip starter training session led by Rodger.

[42:58] And I was amazed to see what has happened in Rogers Live from the last $15 plus years flipping over 800.

[43:06] Music.

[43:32] Proverbs Birthright days to die and appreciate what he’s doing thank you Rodger you never know what’s around the corner

but you can be confident that you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way Legal Shield and ID shield look out for you so you can get back to living life

LegalShield is a prepaid legal service for individuals

businesses for a low monthly rates you get comprehensive legal coverage face whenever you need it.

Protect it for a number of legal issues and assistance with common legal need just go to Rodger b helps. Com right now to sign up that’s Rodger V.

[44:18] . com Legal Shield protection for every part of life.

[44:22] Music.

[44:36] Wow that’s a lot of energy thanks Corey thank you again for joining us today and I really appreciate.

We are both a personal training and also the benefit that’s going to bring to our listeners as we learn to sell ourselves a little bit better can’t wait to get my hands on your new books and it sits out.

[44:54] Alright you know our thoughts and prayers are still with the people who have just suffered at the hands of her came Florence

Perkins long gone but the flooding as I speak today is still

I’m going and is a nightmare some of I have friends over in the area whose houses have been basically destroyed by the storm itself and then now the floodwaters are coming and it’s just it’s a difficult thing so folks let’s continue to keep.

Those people in our thoughts and prayers

I got to thinking about this and I wondered is there anywhere on Earth you can live and enjoy a beach kind of lifestyle and not have to worry so much about tropical storms and hurricanes so we got the digging around and low and behold I found a place and we’re going to cover that as well as some other stories about real estate as we do the.

[45:45] Music.

[45:50] Okay I know that this really doesn’t qualify as news it’s just more some interesting facts.

But we found an article that you know we found this little Source online that.

Tells us at least three places where you can go and you can enjoy the beach lifestyle and

I have kind of a tropical environment and not have to deal with the threat of tropical storms or hurricanes the first is Coronado.


located just an hour away from Panama City Coronado has long been a sun-soaked getaway for panamanians but as attracted increasing numbers of expats in North American tourists in recent years Coronado Coronado

Panama now the interesting thing about all three of these places cost of living is relatively low the next price is Vita.

[46:42] Costa Rica nestled in the southern zone of Costa Rica

Vita is a paradise for those seeking a tranquil Tropical Life connected with nature I almost didn’t want to tell you guys about this because I don’t want me to 10,000 of you rushing down there to Livin the Vida because that you know I shared this with my wife and she says all right let’s go but now we’re going to stay here and do the

flipping America show for a little while longer okay and the third is one choco butter.

[47:10] I’m not sure I’m saying the right one choco but maybe it’s located about 20 minutes from the historic city of Trujillo.

Trujillo Peru and the popular Beach town for its laid-back comfortable vibe

best known for the handcrafted Reed boats that fishermen first started using over 2000 years ago 1 choco is an ideal retirement location for those seeking a peaceful inexpensive

Beach town and boy there’s a couple of words you didn’t think would ever go together inexpensive Beach.

[47:42] Yeah so all three of these places I thought that was interesting I just wanted to share it with you.

CNBC is reporting that housing starts are up 9.2% in August and I say well it’s about time.

[47:57] CNBC I’m also got a report that says that home prices are rising at a slower rate in July and this is based on a

case-shiller report and which is a reputable source and this corresponds what we’ve been saying and Reporting here and actually predicted


Home prices would begin to slow and do you know I just recently just a couple of days ago listed one of my flip properties for sale at a lower price than we thought we would when we bought it and not because we couldn’t get what we thought but

we think it will have to sit on it for a while

to get what we originally thought we would get when we bought the property I walked into my office after that listing and I said to the team you know what folks this is why we buy with the kind of margin that I insist on when we buy so we can make decisions like this just

to make sure that we’re still going to make money.

[48:52] Even down the road if we have to list for a lower price or if we have to end up selling for a lower price all right now I am going to share with you a story from fortunebuilders I’m about 5

real estate Trends from 2018 that you cannot ignore

and I’m one of them is the millennial Peak Millennials make up the largest proportion of homebuyers a majority of which are buying properties for the very first time we reported on this and this is something that you need to be paying attention to

how you’re going to be selling no starter homes to a millennial and then the Gen Z effect

what seems like yesterday that Millennials came home buying age investors should be made aware that Generation Z is sneaking up quickly born between the years of 1995 and 2001 genzie’s oldest bracket is soon expected to enter the post

College housing market.

[49:45] I have a son in that age group and he’s already thinking about his first purchase which he believes is going to be a duplex where he can

rent out the other side live in one side and basically get the mortgage on and paid for free his older sister did a similar thing she bought the house,

I come right after the crash and got a great deal on a fairly large house in writing downtown Atlanta and now I enjoy a lot of equity but she’s had tenants living in the basement from day one who’s made her mortgage payment every

every month for years their rent is as equal her mortgage payment so she’s living rent-free and a house with a lot of equity this is a smart move young people if you’re listening to this.

[50:26] This is the thing to do is find a way to let someone else make your mortgage payment for you on your on your first house rent out a room.

Are and buy duplex like my son is planning to do and rent out one side

number three is boomerang buyers investors would be foolish to ignore the consumer segment of homeowners who reenter the housing market after foreclosure anyone who is forced into foreclosure must wait 7 years before they’re able to purchase properties again.

Next year.

This segment of potential home buyers will be too significant to disregard when the housing market crashed this catalyzing the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009.

[51:04] 10 million Americans were forced into foreclosure according to the National Center to Center for policy analysis roughly 1.5 million Americans will become eligible to reenter the housing market next year

all right that’s a significant number because you know we averaged about 5 million home sales a year and 1.5 million unless more than 20%.

[51:26] So that means a lot of house buyers are going to be in the market and it’s good news for this for those of us with something to sell


item is fractional investing is home prices continue to appreciate in definitely both investors and mainstream home buyers alike having need to finance

properties creatively

although creative financing tools such as peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding of entered mainstream attention in recent years fractional investing will emerge as a noteworthy 2018 real estate Trend investors looking for diversification or passive income opportunities will increasingly engage in group Investments individuals looking for alternative funding courses May leverage crowdfunding or Partnerships to Pursuit

ownership of properties in addition fractional investing May potentially allow so much boners

to pursue properties in the luxury Market this is an emerging Trend and I don’t I don’t say that we invented it but we’ve been doing it since 2008

as we explored ways to buy more of the incredible opportunities that were sitting right in front of us and then number five

Smart Home Technology it should be no secret by now that Millennials in the coming years Jen’s ears are at the Forefront of the home Bryant buying Market.

[52:40] A clever entrepreneur will develop an understanding of these potential buyers preferences and outfit properties in such a way.

That caters to each Generations consumer preferences smart home technology has already created a buzz in the housing market and Rises to the top ranks of 2018 real estate Trends every house that we do.

We put a small Nest thermostat in it why.

Because it doesn’t cost that much more and it’s something that are buyers appreciate we also equip our homes with a smart deadbolt locks at least on one door so.

They the door that they go in and out of most of the time that would be close to where the cars park that has a smart

deadbolt what you can make sure you’ve locked from your phone,

and it’s just a picture in a little things that don’t cost that much to do and you know.

Fans of the show will recall that I had done to Roshan and he is ahead of his time on this but he has been putting Smart Home Technology and all of his houses for a couple of years now and he has a variety of

gadgets and electronics he likes the Hue lighting of course he has is.

Alexa controlled vacuum cleaner that just runs around the Roomba and is controlled by Alexa heat he likes all that kind of stuff and he puts a lot of that in this houses on I don’t go quite that far but I guess I’m on my way.

[54:03] Because I’m parked Don inspired me okay that sums up the news for now let’s just switch over to answer some of your questions Amber from Boston Mass says I’m interested in coming to Atlanta for the flip starter event

can you tell me where it will be held so I can plan to be on that side of town.

[54:22] And the answer is yes and you know I I’m just going through the show here in and reading the notes that are handed to me I know it’s the Hilton DoubleTree in Marietta and the team is sending you the specifics Amber so no worries about that.

What time we will have the actual hotel location on the website and make it available to your Wii we have secured the the spot.

And I I’m a little embarrassed that I don’t know the actual address but it’s on it’s in Marietta it’s on the north side of Atlanta and you probably stay right in that hotel

all right Harold from Lancaster PA I have 7 rentals in Memphis Tennessee but I’m having issues with the management there I believe they are charging too much for standard repairs and maintenance items for example installed new water heater at a property in charge me $950 how would you handle this


[55:14] That’s a good question Harold the first thing I would do is I would start looking for other management companies and try to have somebody set up and in place and.

When you do weight when you’re interviewing a management company,

one of the things you always want to ask them is how they handle repairs and if they own or a spouse of someone at the management company owns.

The repair company that they use

here in trouble just go ahead and go with someone else because they’re going to find this this summer is looking for ways basically to line their own Pockets always know not always there are smallest dealers out there but.

[55:52] With the one thing I want to know is how do you handle repairs and

how much do you communicate with me a lot of these management companies are all management companies are going to require you to have some money set aside and if you have multiple properties they’ll usually let you have money set aside kind of in a pool

rather than set number for each house so they can go ahead and make small repairs but anything that is as big as a while even a water heater that should cost about $500

I’m going to want to be notified.

In some way before and I want to authorize the repair before we spend major money now we know that if people are at the hot water goes out and they need a water heater you don’t want to leave them hanging for days without

hot water that’s not the way we treat people if we have to.

[56:46] Maybe we put them up in a motel for a night and so that way they at least have access to you no hot bath and hot shower and so forth and I know that you know.

[56:56] Hundreds of generations of humans lived without hot water but,

nowadays we don’t have to so we do what we have to do but we want to be notified and really.

Management property management comes down to everything else went when you’re dealing with.

Property Management that’s not local to you or even if they are local to use the number one

issue is communication I want them to communicate with me yes I get the monthly reports and yes I look at the income in the expenses and yes we look over and make sure if we see anything irregular or suspicious.

And that never happens but sometimes you know we end up having well I say it never happens if it hasn’t happened to us okay

but sometimes we see some things that we don’t like her question or.

Don’t appreciate it and so we communicate now my first experience with outside management was not very good but I learned some lessons from that

and the two property managers have used since that time have worked out very well because I communicated my expectations up front and

stick to my guns and make sure that they comply with what I want because after all they work for me.

[58:13] Alright Margaret and Eddie and I’m sorry we didn’t get to your questions today but we will get back to questions.

[58:20] Music.

[58:52] Are motivational thought for this week is from William Wordsworth to begin begin.

[59:01] This thought is brought to you by the foundation for Renewal working together with communities across this great country of ours to bring lasting impact and life change.

Find out more at renewal fund. Net and as always your gift in any amount is much appreciated and tax deductible will see you soon.

[59:19] Music.

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