Flipping America 191, Selling with a SMILE

podcast 191 Selling with a SMILE

Expected Air Date: 9/27/18


It’s selling day on Flipping America.

Thank you Kathy Curtis! Today our guest is Steve Rigby, author of the book “S.M.I.L.E. How a People First Philosophy Creates Extraordinary Sales.” In our conversation we are going to break down the major points of his book and talk about specific ways to improve our relationships as a way of increasing sales. 

For nearly two decades, Steve Rigby served the homebuilding industry as both a student and a teacher of selling, managing, and training. 

Steve was responsible for directing the sales efforts for three of the nation’s top-ten public homebuilders. As a result, those companies experienced tremendous growth with very healthy bottom lines.

In the past decade plus, Steve has continued to prove his proficiency as a thought leader through his own business, New Wings Consulting, LLC, which serves companies across a variety of industries. As he’s accustomed to seeing, those companies are also experiencing tremendous growth and very healthy bottom lines.

Steve resides on Lake Travis, just outside Austin, Texas  with his wife, Susan, their two horses, Blondie and Envy, and their dog, Drizzle. If you’re up for a visit, he and Susan conduct retreats at their cabin on the lake. Those who have been there will tell you it’s something worth considering!

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Guest:  Steve Rigby

Imagine everyone I meet is wearing a sign that says, “Make me feel important.”

S. Keep it Simple

M. It’s up to Me

I    Identify the individual (personality type)

L. Little Decisions

E. Enjoy

7 Rules of Shopping.

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and now you’re sad flipping America guy Rodger Blankenship thank you Kathy Curtis today.

Our Guest is Steve Rigby he’s author of the book Smile which is an acronym smile.

How a people first philosophy creates extraordinary sales in our conversation we’re going to break down the major points of the book talk about specific ways to improve our relationships as a way of increasing sales,

for nearly two decades D Rigby serve the home building industry is both student and teacher of selling managing and training Steve was responsible for directing the sales efforts for three of the Nations.

Top 10 public home builders as a result those companies experienced tremendous growth with very healthy bottom lines

in the past decade plus Stevens continue to prove his proficiency as a thought leader through his own business new Wings Consulting LLC which service companies across a variety of Industries

as he’s accustomed to seeing these companies are also experiencing tremendous growth and very healthy bottom lines.

[1:45] Steve resides on Lake Travis just outside Austin Texas with his wife Susan there two horses Blondie in Indy and their dog drizzle and if you’re up for a visit he and Susan conduct Retreats at their cabin on the lake

those have been there tell you it’s something worth considering,

that’s about Steve Rigby and he’s coming up in a few minutes now I know that some of you were thinking sales why do I need sales I just fix the house and put it on the market in the market sells it myself

listen friends that’s the market right now that were in

take it from someone who’s been in the market for more than 15 years it’s not always been this way and it’s not always going to be this way it’s going to change the natural cycle of things in the real estate Marco it’s going to turn around it’s going to get easier to find deals and it’s going to get a little bit more challenging to sell your deals once Yuri had them so

you are going to have to get a little bit better at selling but you know what it’s not just about selling your houses.

Your number one product is not your house in fact if you’re doing this the way I recommend you’re not selling the house yourself anyway you got a realtor taking care of that remember our guiding rule of thumb here is we hire out,

everything except for the part that only we can do

everything else we alternately want to hire out so we can hire other people to sell their houses but here is the thing that only you can do and this is what you are selling and that my friends is you.

[3:08] You’re selling yourself you are the product.

As you see private money or investors to invest in your projects you’re selling yourself your own trustworthiness your credibility your experience your background to your training and

let me know what your results frankly so you’re selling yourself and if you think well I’m not selling I’m just being me well think again.

There is a type of a sales proposition going on here whether you realize it or not people are forming opinions of you and.

[3:41] I think it is helpful for us to be aware of that fact and conscious of the way that we come across to other people and it’s a good thing for us to consider

how we come across to people especially those that we want to do business with in the future so pay attention because you’re selling yourself.

[4:00] And I like

I like what you’re about to hear because we’re going to sell ourselves with a smile and you’ll get the acronym in just a few minutes some announcements announcements we got announcements for you coming up

November 2nd and 3rd everybody punch your ticket to flip starter that’s here in Atlanta Georgia flip starter is RA Tower

speed seminar on fixing and flipping houses and I always make three promises regarding flip starter promise number one I am not going to tell you everything you will ever need to know about real estate investing or even fixing and flipping

why is that mainly because there’s not enough time so I want to but there’s not enough time to tell you everything you need to know and in fact if I try to tell you all of that

it would be too much and it would be like you know here’s an encyclopedia of knowledge where do I begin to read so we Instead This a promise never to

I do promise you that I’m going to give you all of the information that you need to get started this is not going to be a glorified 8-hour sales pitch into some other thing in fact I’m kind of proud of the fact that

what’s up my friend Jim beaches labeled me the anti Guru and it’s not that I’m really anti anything or anybody I’m against a few things.

[5:14] That’s outside the scope of the show I am all for your success and

but by anti Guru it means I want to do things a different way I don’t want to do things the guru way and you know I’ve gotten myself an education in marketing and sales funnels and all of that and I’m pretty much ready to check the whole thing because.

As our guest today and our guest on the next show confirms when we talked to Corey Angeline coming up next.

[5:44] People don’t want to be sold to I don’t want to be sold to none of us do and so I tell you what I’m not going to sell to you

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And we got some stuff coming up some new stuff just meeting with one of my partners earlier today

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instead it’ll be like oh yeah that makes complete sense I think I’ll do that that’s coming up in the very near future so stay tuned okay

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Alright cool

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[12:00] Seaford we welcome to the show.

[12:02] Should be back glad to have you and thanks for taking time today to come and talk with us I really appreciate it you got a new book coming out.

It’s about selling and you use the acronym smile smile so I’m tell us a little bit about the book when where the idea came from.

[12:22] Well the book is really just about how to treat people like people.

The acronym was a simple way to take the idea of putting a smile on someone’s face and making it simple for sales people to understand that’s what the goal really is is to just make people smile.

Show the S stands for keep it simple for both the gas and the salesperson if you will.

BM is about taking ownership of their responsibility if you well it’s up to me as a salesperson to be successful but I take me an inverted.

And it becomes we which means we take advantages of the relationship we have with all the folks Aquino.

And with that we try to help them become more successful in their lives and their career and then we ask them if they’ll help us so it’s a way of building a referral base and smile if you will.

The eye is about the personality Behavior so it’s identify the individual.

To know what type of person that is in front of you so you get a better sense of the language if you will by languages they speak.

[13:27] BLS about little decisions you try to take a big decision of whatever of consumer is looking at purchasing and breaking it down and just too serious a little small gases,

MLB last really should be first and it the go with it is to enjoy everyone you meet and everything you do

and when you do that then you fall in love with what you’re doing and you never have to work another day in your life.

Alright so you’re in the playing stage now right real estate Selling Houses.

Yes I was in jail real estate in a couple years and then had an opportunity to get into Home Building and it was in home building that I really kind of sound up,

and it should I could get comfortable with and use that to help open Real Estate at home building

okay now when you’re when you’re captured to a builder you’re sitting in the subdivision you have people coming to you and they’re already somewhat receptive and and really the model home or whatever is your sales pitch I suppose

but it’s a different ball game if you’re going out trying to drum up leaves like a lot of Realtors and making cold calls in that sort of thing so how would you use your system the smile system in making cold calls.

[14:52] That’s a good question. First off I have met very few people that driver do very well with cold calls.

And what I recommended folks doing and it’s built into the Em and Smile.

Is too it’s up to me to take the relationships of all the people that I know most of us know people in our lives that we have probably decent relationship swell.

And so the go with them is to do with those relationships and their livelihood.

And see what you can do to add value to them if they’re selling insurance if you can refer them folks you know that might be interested in the insurance.

If they’re a contractor and whatever that regardless of whatever their profession is to be a minister.

Are you trying to send photo to their conversation with my dick and add value to other people.

[15:45] And then when you put them first.

You’ve earned the right to let them know what you do and see if they have anybody that has any real estate or housing needs in if that’s what you happen to be selling.

And because you put me in first and try to help them.

They’re willing to take the me and turn it into wisdom how you got to argue about bastards if you will either.

Potential interest in real estate if you can help them with or do they know somebody.

Interested in your just looking for them to make an introduction you to vote folks

so that you can learn what they do when find out what their situation is if you can help me out so it’s it’s just people helping people is all okay so not not even really completely cold calling

I always trying to network your way and refer your way.

Now you said somebody identify the individual I’d like to Probe on that one just a little bit when you’re sitting with an individual and you’re trying to identify that person to try to I think you said something about.

And they’re selling style or maybe they’re buying Style.

[17:02] Well it’s either number ways that you can pick up clues of how a person sees the world if you will let as it relates to.

Author personality style when I when I.

Opportunity to get in the whole building the company I was with and make your public home builder used to disc assessment disc.

When apply for for Behavior.

Ovation cleaner CEOs of organizations are the movers and the Shakers of things and you don’t have any trouble with them.

All the function exactly the opposite of those are going to be more timid.

Laid-back easy-going East did you get along with if you will better than the green or the S personalities are there often times the nurses the teachers.

[18:07] Behind the scenes photos to do a lot of administrative work in there along with the very opposite of that the Red Dawn of personality and then you have the analytical person that is typically the accountant.

Bookkeeper engineer architect of the real medical person’s very much into the details,

checklist of things to be.

And then walk to the doors are the outgoing folks that never be the same.

And so if you just let people start talking then begin to identify their personality style and then if you find out what profession they’re in it you do some pretty big.

Got it if you allow me and smile I tried to simplify it and equating it to birds if you will and so if you can Envision that. If you will would be an eagle.

The actors with absolute opposite of the eagle is going to be a dub are the peacemakers of the world,

the owl is going to be the analytical person and the parent is going to be the bird this is going to be talking so if you find out which bird you are or they are with it respectfully if you will.

[19:33] Danny you know what your father would allow you to speak details if it’s let them talk.

Are the Eagles going to dominate the conversation for a while and that’s okay.

And then the dog is going to be more practical and show you’re going to have to leave more of what you’re doing with you spiritually.

Hit them or Bobby make sure your kind of speaking the language it’s almost like if you were going into foreign country.

And you know your language but if you’re going to communicate with that person in another country.

And if you happen to know how to speak that language in the bed to get in

three question by the way that’s good that’s good that we talked about asking questions a little while ago for we actually came on the air and I really like your take on asking the right kind of questions so how do you

get to ARA figure out this this person and how you develop good questions.

[20:37] Well I’d like to think that we we instinctively know how to do those things I and I love watching kids on playgrounds if you will in fact I’ve got to jail when I write about in.

Smile is a imaginary story but it’s based on real people.

And this is Germany and my book of Crystal Hardy.

And he’s a rockstar in Black Canyon in the world the salesman I’ve had the privilege of being able to to help. Kristoff in his career.

But he was walking the other day my God Son out of Chris Shaw playground and notice.

He noticed how easily it was for kids to build relationships with each other.

And he was having his son come in to go to dinner and.

It is Sean said well I got to tell all my friends goodbye and within 10 minutes he knew the names and knew so much about all these kids out on this playground so we know how to do those things.

It just seems like if we grow up we forget that it is all about people and what we do end and I introduce seven rules of shopping.

Smile and the first one is that were just big kids with more money.

[21:57] But the only thing that’s really changed over the years as a decimal point is moved and so would you look at that from a from a selling perspective you you realize it.

That person that is in front of you is is coming to you because they’re interested in purchasing whatever product the service that you have.

And if you’ll just make it by and experience on,

it what you do and remember that you know just like when you were younger you had a nickel or it might have been $0.60 for you or for the new generation of my be $5 but I can’t wait to spend it.

[22:31] And the only thing that’s changed over the years as a decimal point this move so now we’re selling $50,000 cars or $500,000 home with just like that kid on the playground.

We love to have fun but we do go back in your question about questions but we know how to build a relationship meet somebody.

And then if we take what we do is in our profession about we try to help folks.

We recognize our typically certain questions that accepts to be asked to determine why is this person in front of me or what.

And if we take those questions and listen to what they’re telling us.

Their answers will give us more questions Arise at give us more information we ask more questions and we simply use questions to be able to get to them.

The essence of what’s going on in 1903 called.

[23:33] Yellow Cab Charlie was the name of it and he says I keep six honest man they taught me all I knew their names will what where when how why and who.

[23:44] So we’ve known for centuries that questions are the key to being able to influence and to get to understand what’s going on in somebody’s world.

When you got a particular product to sell don’t you need to have some kind of canned questions that are going to lead people to the conclusion you want them to have is that going to how you do it.

Yeah I prefer not to use work and I like use works and if you will okay.

Shortly the size home they’re interested in is likely going to be important to they have her purse in the layout of the rooms in it what type of rooms were they going to be doing with the home.

I’m trying to be important price range to be important about location to be important school district and be important.

[24:36] And all those things should be built into those little questions that we would ask to determine you know what a person is interested in.

Is in those areas and interactions would give us more clues to go deeper and deeper and deeper into understanding what those needs are if I may.

Little decision whether you’re at home being a real estate family should have school-age children.

Or rather than tell them about how great the schools are maybe in an area you ask a question of if you can have children then.

Are they going to be attending public or private school or homeschool and if they’re going to be attending school then you want to know will tell me about where they’re going to school now.

[25:21] What are they like about the school you like to change about what else would you like for them to have any school system that you’re considering.

If their answers will then give you what they need in the way of those schools and then you simply do your best to find the school system disk is going to work.

And if you do that and they see well what you what I told you was important you have found here.

I like your school system and you’re able to check off a little elves in the smile in Legacy.

Okay we got to go to a break when we get back from this break though I want to ask you a few questions about your own background and how you ended up where you are right now okay I will be right back.

[26:11] Music.

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I’ve spent today with Roger Blankenship learning about his program and boy do I wish I’d met Rodger.

[27:38] He has a clear concise program and many tools that are going to be very hot.

[27:44] And starting and managing a program and the mentorship and Leadership and coaching that he’s offering our invaluable.

[27:54] Thank you so much Rodger for your time and sharing what you never know what’s around the corner

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[28:38] Dot-com Legal Shield protection for every part of me.

[28:42] Music.

[29:13] When we went to break.

We were leading up to this idea what I wanted to find out a little bit more about your background and so forth but it sounds to me like you’re mixing in what I call the how’s your mom and them conversation with the information that you need in order to

help the people understand your products is that right.

What I do Retreats interacting with wood folks in a classroom environment.

The question is Burger Chamblee I draw a road going to the SEC chart and the question is why did the chicken cross the road.

And so we spend a good 10 to 15 minutes of all the possible answer to why the chicken cross the road.

And you get well because this stuff wants to get to the other side or it’s afraid of Colonel Sanders,

looking for better hen house but after they feel that flip charts. Him understand that you know.

The only person that knows that is two chicken so why don’t we ask to check it while I was crossing the road and then the chicken will tell us.

Why is it needed a home or why it’s needing whatever it is that we’re looking at selling it.

[30:41] But as important as it is to understand why the chicken cross the road.

So if you can learn about the chicken so if you learn about the person.

Weather from where they grew up where they live what’s important to them and what they do for a living with kitchen to personally style what they do for fun in the free time,

family vacation where they travel all of those things build a relationship in back.

The premise behind smile is putting the person in front of you.

Worst weather more important than the product or service that it is behind you and when you do that.

They make the most important cell that they going to make which is you the person and then when they buy you then whatever product or service you sell as much as usual

that’s so right you know they talk a lot about product differentiation but in our business we meet with people who have a house and.

[31:40] For one reason or another they need to sell it there are a lot of people lined up to buy the house and we’re all willing to buy the house and we don’t have cash to buy it the only thing that differentiates us is us.

And this way I try to stress that our people are product is in the relationship that we built with him so maybe I need to have everybody out read the smile book.

[32:03] I know you had another book you mentioned to me a little while ago to you got another book out there too.

Equates the sales experience to a dance floor that ties into the personality styles that we’ve been discussing.

Oh and charcoal selling kind of murder each other they’re just need different term for it but if we were to take Circle selling for a moment if I’m this might help a little bit to give you a sense of it.

Big yellow store is about people.

The green floor is about asking questions to lessen the blue floor is in the product or service that you offer so this way you talk about you know what you have or what they have to move the station.

Your dad ideally would be focused on the person first so let’s go back to you what you try to do with your phone the world of people out there that would like to buy their home.

But my experience is damn and then I would imagine you’re likely is too but they would prefer to do business with someone they Trust.

[33:15] That’s my second rule shopping that’s in both of the bus will how do you get the truck how do you spend time talking about your spotting service and what you offer and why you’re doing all this or.

Can you go to be better building trust to find out who the chicken are.

And I’m going I’m going to tap into something I learned from a Mary Kay Ash I actually was speaking a number of years ago with an event in Dallas that.

Mary cable shoshina huge conference there and I got a chance to overhear her talking and he was asked by reporter what she attributed her success to.

[33:57] Steve got a multi-billion-dollar business.

The reporter was taking a back with the answer when he said I just envisioned everybody I mean.

Is wearing an imaginary sign around their neck that says make me feel important.


[34:24] We build a relationship they buy us and then we get honest answers to the questions when we get on the other floor getting to understand you know

not only who this person is but why they’re trying to cross the road I like that I’m going to steal that saying.

You’re more than welcome to you’re more than welcome to do that my friend there there’s very few things that are new out in the world and what we do really it’s just about.

Or back in treating people as people on.

[34:54] Steve Nash it’s a really you’re kind of just talking about the Golden Rule the way I’m hearing it right now most of us don’t want to be sold to.

And so.

Stop trying to sell to each other let’s just know one another and if we have something of value to offer no go to somebody they like no one Trust

when we just we make the person feel important we we show genuine and sincere interest in them,

we let them know that we care we ask the questions to try to understand what their situation is and if if we get it,

honest answers and most of the time we will when we take that approach we know whether we can help them or not if it can still go out of their way to do business with us if we can’t help them we tell him that and we can help them,

or maybe make some suggestions of things that will help them get your point

or we can help them later okay I’m going to ask you something kind of field right now but this one of my favorite questions to ask the guests on the show

because most of the people that come on the show are doing something completely different than what they thought they would do even as late as our college Years so,

when you were a kid but you want to be when you grow up.

[36:12] I was fascinated with architecture so I used to play with stuff and build things with my hands and I are going out.

In front of my background my behavioral style is I love detail-oriented thing but I love people more than enough detail.

Angela I never pursued my dream of becoming an architect are times I wish I would have eventually had a role in designing.

The number of homes that we lived in over the years and how building real estate I think about it too much sugar.

I appreciate that but my love for people and just the desire to be around people I think kind of.

[37:02] Maybe older Rose I didn’t think I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing

yeah I think so too but the line to what you’re doing now is probably not a straight line it may have had some curves and some some bumps along the way right when when you got started in your career what were you doing

it kind of ultimately LED you to sales.

First off I was never going to be in sales and I was very much influenced by the door to door salesman that my mother daddy would encounter

back in when I grew up and I remember they were really turned off by the bushy aggressive people because that was kind of Envision I had and I’m gone and then I watched a lot of the old westerns on the snake oil salesman net worth,

selling their Elixir everybody that would cure everything known to mankind in it.

And show out of school on a gentleman that went to college with the school I didn’t finish college I don’t want to mislead anybody. I just took a break.

Tell your break that I’m on right now and maybe she’ll backed up one day and would love to finish my.

My college graduate.

[38:23] I got it at the Home Building and every year he would come to my parents place there in East Texas deer hunt and every year he would tell me should see you need to get in.

You need to get in the shower for good to people but.

[38:45] I finally took the Gentleman by so he’s actually in the new book Smile is one of the best sales people ever learn from.

And I responded to her early gave me to take a job interview and I was tired of traveling and.

Chart of the hot summers and cold Winters in the dangers of risk of heavy construction work or interview for the job and they were foolish enough to hire me.

As they say the rest is history. That’s great really great conversation man I appreciate your time tell us until the listeners how they can get your book.

[39:19] Steve and Rigby. Tom is going to be the easiest way to be able to get it on the website that I just finishing,

I think certainly go on Amazon the book stores it will be released I believe January 15th is the actual release date of them okay

that will help Steve Avery Rigby. Com Steve M Rigby. Com you know they can pre-order the book.

Alright that’s great Steve Wrigley thank you so much for joining us today on the show Absolutely enjoyed my time with you my friend thank you I’ll talk again soon.

[40:00] Music.

[40:08] Chattanooga Tennessee and low and behold one of my old College friends came out to the event his name is Peter Faulkner and here’s what he had to say about the event.

[40:19] Peter Faulkner here I send it a one day flip starter training session led by Rock.

[40:26] Amazed to see what has happened in Rogers Live from the last $15 plus years flipping over eight hun.

[40:34] Music.

[41:01] Right size. I appreciate.

[41:05] You never know what’s around the corner but you can be confident that you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way Legal Shield and ID shield look out for you so you can get back to living will

LegalShield is a prepaid legal service for individuals

businesses for a low monthly rates you get comprehensive legal coverage entire law firm of professionals they can help you with a variety of issues and provide advice whenever you need it.

Protected for a number of legal issues and assistance with common legal need just go to Rodger b helps. Com right now to sign up that’s Rodger b.

[41:47] Dot-com Legal Shield protection for every part of life.

[41:51] Music.

[42:06] There’s a question that comes up that seems like every meeting that I go to now and it was the subject of a big Facebook thing that I dealt with just a couple of days ago and it’s

probably going to be a question that’s on people’s minds and for a while the question is when is this cycle going to end

house prices can’t keep going up forever something’s got to happen and a lot of people are getting out their panic button and getting ready to press it and course I come back with the data because I spend a lot of time looking at the data thanks to the

tremendous research team that we have here at flipping America and we’re on top of this folks and and you know.

We had Scott Carson on the show last week and I was on his show.

Earlier this weekend it that question came up again seems like we’re talking about it all the time so you’ve heard my answer I’m going to disconnect you with a story in the news today,

as the talks about it and so let’s take a minute and do the news.

[43:05] Music.

[43:13] This is from realtor.com housing slowdown softening whatever you call it it’s real and it’s here and it leads off ever since the whiplash.

Inducing busting boom cycle of the US housing market kicked into high gear with last decades devastating crash in this decades ever escalating home prices bidding war and inventory shortages

one question has been top of mine for buyers and sellers alike is this party ending anytime soon.

[43:42] Lately those who read economic tea leaves have been hinting that we may be heading toward a significant correction in the go-go-go American housing market Shirley National home prices.

A price increase have to slow down eventually right then the article says it turns out they may be on to something all right I love it when the media gets real smart and agrees with me

I’m not going to read anymore the article to you but I am going to link you to it on our social media account so you can click and read it yourself and it’ll also be in the show notes but

basically the article is saying that the rate of increase is going to slow down and it’s going to come back and

interesting Lee they’re predicting what I predicted a year ago would be happening right about now they quote my good friend Darren Bloomquist from Adam data.

And you know we rely a lot on Adam data and they did some other factors that they bring in to play it so it’s a good article I’m worth your 10 minutes to read through it.

[44:45] Down as I’ve said many times you know we’re not all about.

Just fixing and flipping properties here like you see on TV there other ways to invest in real estate so out of fairness were also linking you to an article.

Entitled invest in real estate without buying property and there are seven things that you can do it’s a variety of reason and real estate mutual funds and different things that you can put your money into.

But I will let me just friends um okay

first of all there’s Equity rates and then there are mortgage rates and then there are mutual funds and there are there such a thing as a real estate mutual fund.

Then you can invest in equity crowdfunding you can also invest in debt crowdfunding limited Partnerships and private placements if you heard our show just recently where Jim beach has become a partner remind we are doing what is known as a private placement and that’s at DT investment funds.com

and those types of things and I will say this about private placements they typically get much higher returns then reads the trade-off is.

[45:51] They’re not liquid to the cost to enter is a lot higher and they’re not liquid is,

difficult to sell inner you just can’t get you cash in 3 days

and there’s a 60 or 90 Day lead time A lot of times in these things about the money if you’re willing to put the money and leave their the return is going to be just about anything else you can do and then there’s something called in interval funds that they talk about in the article so there are 7 Ways

you can invest in real estate without becoming a fix and flipper pretty cool huh I got another story

the judges had to click on because it asked the question can you actually turn a profit flipping homes in today’s market I was halfway expecting this person to take a real pessimistic view about it just because the way that the headline was worded I thought.

The author was going to tell us know but that’s not what she said and the answer is yes and I’m glad she said that because the answer is yes

You Can Fix and Flip homes in any Market good Market bad market up Market down Market good economy bad economy

High interest rates low interest rates it really doesn’t matter as long as you know how to buy.

[47:05] You Can Fix and Flip properties in any market now understanding the market and the forces behind it are going to make you up a little bit

better at it it’s going to give you an edge and you’re going to be able to anticipate some things a little bit better and make better decisions that will increase your bottom line but the fact is

regardless of the market you you can make money fixing and flipping all right.

[47:34] I want to enter new segment with the kind of just a fun story it’s the 10 most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods in the United States.

[47:44] It’s a great National good-news-bad-news jokes a good Americans are richer today than any time in the country’s history the bad

most of their combined net worth just over a hundred trillion according to the Federal Reserve is held by a very few

and yet our nation of Haves and Have Nots is obsessed with those has lucky folks buying a private jet six-figure sports cars 8 figure pieces of Art and one of a kind Wu-Tang Clan LPS,

we tracked their movements with a combination of lust and envy and all of you have probably seen at least one episode of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous alright so where are these super

ultra-high expensive

areas to live number one is Atherton California just outside of San Francisco number to Los Altos California outside of San Jose number 3 is New York New York.

[48:36] And number for is Medina Washington

that one’s a little bit of a surprise but that’s where some really rich tech people laugh you know number five Miami Beach particularly specifically Fisher Island.

And you have to make sure you specify the Fisher Island I Just Miami Beach

maybe I should give you the median home prices are the median home price in Atherton California is 10 million.

In Los Altos California at 6 million in New York it’s 5 and media almudena is 4.8.

And Miami Beach on Fisher Island is 3.7 then there we talked about Fisher Island before the nurse Glen book

Glenbrook Nevada which is near Reno out on Lake Tahoe where the average home price is 3.2 million then there’s Boston Mass where the average home price is 3.1

Anderson in particular zip code in these areas of course and then Woods Hole Mass is northey.

Median home price is 3.15 for on that Cape Cod Snowmass

Glenwood Springs Colorado 3 million even Wilson Wyoming

which is next to Jackson Wyoming is 2.7 million for the average home and there you have it the most expensive places in what UCR.

[50:00] Centers of money technology and very high-end taking the day off right.

[50:08] Expensive vacation places like ski resorts in an ocean front property.

[50:14] Okay um we got some email and and lots of questions from people but the staff actually slipped me a note during the break

and asked me to answer question that we’re kind of put into the top of the line because it’s fresh on everyone’s mind here because some people saw the interaction on Facebook the other day and if you look hard enough you’d find it but.

The show since they said so what are you saying about the market over the next 12 months.

All right so I went back and found that comment and I’m just going to read it to you verbatim because this is what I said

here at flipping America we are continually monitoring a number of data points not just in the Atlanta Market but nationally.

Data points include default rate and mortgage rate not the same thing and they are at historic lows right now home sales volume

in terms of Trends on prices year-over-year Trends and new construction starts there are other factors that are more difficult to quantify in a chart that we pay attention to lending guideline changes

and the sale of subprime loans on the secondary market and here’s a hint the securitization of those loans never stop.

[51:23] Even in the crash and the impact of mortgage interest rates just to name a few in our view.

The collapse of 2007 date was unprecedented and unlikely to be repeated In Our Lifetime but the real estate market does correct and is somewhat cyclical we are projecting a return to a balance Market

3 month supply of homes in the next 6 to 12 months this means it will take a little longer to sell.

Investors will have to put more effort into selling but there will be more inventory to buy as well coastal regions will likely see price reductions over the next 12 months

but the rest of the country will see above average increase in value is around 5 to 6% for 2019 we think Atlanta will finish 2018 with a 7% year-over-year gain but this also,

will slow down in 2019 and that’s what we say and we welcome your comments and your further questions you can always send your questions to

questions at flipping America Network not come and let’s take a minute now and answer a couple of them.

[52:26] Randy from Cheboygan Michigan Europe first would you recommend people start off wholesaling I don’t have a lot of money to buy a Fix and Flip

well for those of you that don’t know what wholesaling is this is also known as contract assignment or I like to call it real estate Arbitrage is where you sell something

before you taking full possession of it when you put a property under contract to buy you may have it at such a low price at a good price that another investor may be willing to pay you 5000 or $10,000 for that contract

you know just to take it off your hands so it’s a transaction that can make you some money and you don’t have any of the risk associated with owning the.

[53:05] Property and Rehab in the property and selling for profit then of course a conscientious wholesaler will always leave

good amount of meat on the bone for the person who’s actually putting their reputation and their money on the line and I’m at the fact is I don’t really care what wholesalers make I will buy a house as long as I’m getting my number now I do care of the wholesalers going to make 40 and looks like I’m going to make 40 I do care about that

But to answer your question Randy this is really a personal decision that you have to make,

because it seems that if you don’t have a lot of money for a Fix and Flip everyone tends to think while I just need to start off wholesaling

that’s not necessarily the case but let’s talk about the advantages of learning to be a wholesaler if you learn from someone who really knows how to teach you you’re going to be out

talking to people about their houses and negotiating with sellers to create deal flow.

[54:00] If you can master that skill you are more than halfway home in this business because you can generate your own inventory.

Now I know how to do it but I don’t I don’t have time you know frankly I’m you know in the studio a lot making

the video and audio for this show and instructional videos and making decisions about the properties that we have we get a lot of properties from listen and we buy from wholesalers and so that’s all right

if I had to I could go out there and knock on doors and talk to sellers in and do the thing.

Yes and that would be a good place to start but it’s not your only option that’s really what I’m trying to say taking too many words what I’m trying to say is.

[54:48] You have

a way of fixing and flipping you just don’t realize it through Mike Braswell Braswell Capital Solutions one of our sponsors you heard about him at the beginning of the show.

You can go to Braswell Capital solutions.com and if you have a good job you make good money and you have good credit.

He can set you up and away by using a combination of a secured loan for the property and an unsecured business loan based on your good credit in your income you can

basically funding entire fixing flip now I don’t recommend that you do this with zero training or experience in the home building industry if you don’t know anything about

making repairs are so forward to getting any training I don’t recommend it but if you.

If you believe you can pull off a rehab just the fact that you had don’t have a lot of cash should not prevent you get to Mike Braswell.

And when you get to them when you get here you’ll be able to talk to Michael and you’ll talk to Bri who’s working with the unsecured business funding tell them I sent you okay.

[55:56] Really tell him I sent you and they’re going to take very good care of you and help you get going to wholesaling is not your only option it’s not a bad option but it’s not your only option,

Lori from Milwaukee Wisconsin do you decorate your flip houses for the holidays,

you know I think this is probably not the first time I’ve been asked this question but the answer is no we don’t

and the corollary to it is kind of people asked do you stage your house as any differently for the holidays in the answer is no because we rarely stage our houses when the market is as hot as it’s been

I rule of thumb for staging a house is win the property.

[56:33] Has a weird room that you don’t know how to arrange the furniture so we’ll bring a professional and let them set it up and make it look good we’re about to finish up a house that and was just built with a weird floor plan you have to walk through a small bedroom to get to the master bedroom suite

Liam and the only way to fix this was to carve out a hallway out of a third bedroom which would make it very tiny and then it would kind of take out the master closet they’re just really no way to

get this done in 900 square feet which is the size of the home show at what we did was we are going to make that first bedroom relieving like it is even if we have to Market it as a two bedroom two bath

we’re making that first bedroom a baby nursery or home office.

And so we are going to Stage that house it will stage it with office furniture and make it look like the thing and since the room is so small we’re putting a sliding barn type door into the master,

but I kind of got off the subject here spending the money to decorate the house for the holidays looks like he might be trying to fit in but.

[57:36] No we don’t do it we don’t want to own the house for the holidays and what you going to do with all that stuff in the off-season,

Ashton from Austin Texas really enjoyed show with Scott Carson can you explain the math on buying notes I don’t see how it makes much money Ashton,

you know I probably shouldn’t even read the question because I just looked up at the clock and we are out of time for today show the music is already starting and there’s no way in the next 15 seconds I can answer your question do it any kind of Justice,

come back next show Ashton and all of you that want to know how.

The math works on buying notes now promise I’m not going to burn you with a whole lot of math but I am going to explain a little bit of the concept so you understand.

That’s all the time we have for today folks I appreciate you listening and is always will see you soon.

[58:23] Music.

[58:53] Motivational thought for the week is from William Wordsworth to begin begin.

[59:02] Well said.

[59:04] This thought is brought to you by the foundation for Renewal working together with communities to impact and improve lives everywhere find them on the web at renewal fund. Net and as always your gift of any amount is much appreciated and tax deductible.

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