Flipping America 171, Lead Generation with Wholesalers

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Expected Air Date: 07/19/18


In the business of flipping houses, the challenging part right now is finding that next deal. Everywhere I go, the word is “deals are hard to come by. Everyone is bidding properties up, by the time it gets sold, it’s no longer a deal.” What can you do? 

One thing you can do is listen to today’s interview with Tony Lukashevich. Tony is the owner of Reno Georgia and has more than 200 rehab projects under his belt. He’s also the Atlanta area coach for the Flipping America mentoring program, working closely with our Atlanta operators to ensure they deliver their projects on time and on budget. 

In a few minutes Tony will be with us and share with us how he finds all the deals he needs using just ONE strategy with wholesalers. It doesn’t cost him anything but time and persistence. I know about 10 ways to find deals, but Tony gets more out of this method than anyone I’ve ever seen. It’s taken it to an artform and he’s going to share it with you.

Don’t worry – he’s not shooting himself in the foot by sharing his secrets with you. We both know that despite the appearance of shortage, there is NO shortage of opportunity. It just requires time, patience, diligence, and some good old fashioned work – even though the work is not that hard. Tony is coming up in just a few minutes. 

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Guest: Tony Lukashevich, 

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  • Alex,  Jacksonville, FL “Is it possible to flip multi-family?”
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    • Why am I doing this?
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    • What’s my exit?
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      • Legacy?

Motivational Thoughts for the day

  • Most opportunities come disguised as hard work. That’s why most people don’t recognize them. -Ann Landers

In the business of flipping houses, the challenging part right now is finding that next deal. Everywhere I go, the word is “deals are hard to come by. Everyone is bidding properties up, by the time it gets sold, it’s no longer a deal.” What can you do? Well, one thing you can do is listen to today’s interview with Tony Lukashevich. Tony is the owner of Reno Georgia and has more than 200 rehab projects under his belt. He’s also the Atlanta area coach for the Flipping America mentoring program, working closely with our Atlanta operators to ensure they deliver their projects on time and on budget. In a few minutes Tony will be with us and share with us how he finds all the deals he needs using just ONE strategy with wholesalers. It doesn’t cost him anything but time and persistence. I know about 10 ways to find deals, but Tony gets more out of this method than anyone I’ve ever seen. It’s taken it to an artform and he’s going to share it with you.


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And now here’s that flipping America guy Rodger Blankenship one how’s it going out there.

[0:57] In the business of flipping houses the challenging part right now is finding that next deal.

[1:04] Everywhere I go the word on the street is deals are hard to come by everyone is betting properties up and by the time it gets sold it’s no longer a deal.

[1:15] So what can you do

well one thing you can do is listen to the interview I have coming up in a few moments with our local Atlanta coach Tony lukashevich Tony is the owner of Renault Georgia

and has done more than 200 rehab projects he’s also our Atlanta area coach in the flipping America mentoring program and the people in our program and it landed love Tony and appreciate it he’s too,

the he’s a great coach because he makes the people work the program and I love it and appreciate him so much I had him come and speak at flipping Atlanta.

Last week and he did a terrific job he works closely with her Atlanta operators to ensure that they deliver their projects on time and on budget.

This is a part of our mentoring program it comes with a coach in a few minutes don’t he’s going to be with us and he’s going to share with us how he finds all the deals he needs,

using just one strategy with wholesalers it doesn’t cost them anything but time and persistence.

[2:16] I know about 10 ways to find deals and we’re using all of them here at the flipping America office but Tony gets more out of this method this one thing that anyone I’ve ever seen he’s taking it to an art form and he’s going to share it with all of you.

Don’t don’t worry.

He’s not shooting himself in the foot by sharing a secret with you we both know that the despite the appearance of a shortage there is no shortage of opportunity it just requires time patience,

diligence and some good old-fashioned work even though the work is not that hard.

[2:52] Tony’s coming up in just a few minutes he’ll be with us but the first couple of announcements how to reach us we are on the web at flipping America network.com and we’ve got a new Splash right at the top of the homepage that tells you

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a national office even if you live all the way in California across the country you can work with us here in the office working on live leads

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[9:25] I’ve got Tony lukashevich back in on the show with this were online together Tony welcome back to the show.

I already set this up and then told the audience that what a great job you did the other night at flipping Atlanta and what a great talk because if people can just get their brain wrapped around this particular thing this

this thing that you’re about to share with us they could create enough deal flow to run their business and that’s basically how you do it right.

[9:52] Yeah I mean people are afraid to get started they’re afraid of making mistakes are afraid of making the wrong steps I encourage everybody to hold their nose and cannonball into the water and just get start that’s the thing you and I agree on this.

There’s no way in in our three-day kind of drinking from a fire hose training we can give everybody everything that they need I’m really my goal there is just to give everybody

the idea that the information is there and they can come back to it but the first thing to do is just,

get going just get going and

all right so without any further Ado I want you to do the talk now folks

some of the slides at Tony’s got in this we’re just hilarious and the only way that you’re going to be able to see the slides it’s just to go watch this interview on our YouTube channel but that’s available to you it’s free like everything else you’re flipping America

you’ll be able to go and while you’re at it subscribe to the YouTube channel but we’re going to do the talk just like you did the other night except we’re not going to do the live call,

I know you got a spot for that in there but take it away Tony should take the screen share the show with us and.

Tell us how do you create the deal flow.

[11:19] Okay so let’s share my screen here with you.

Everybody you saying it now Rodger yes everybody always wants to know how do I make a ton of money.

Without spending very much of an investment.

Without having any skills really making much of an effort by another’s I want the money too slow to me how do I make that happen there’s my answer.

[11:43] I guess it can’t be done.

Blacked out here I’m not advancing.

[11:57] Rodger I’m having technical problems here that’s all right.

The solve the technical problem and then you can just start over.

Okay I don’t know what happened to switch screen back to the share line.

[12:15] What happened to your CNS green screen.

[12:25] Okay so pick it up from there no just start the I’ll give you a little countdown and then start the.

[12:35] Don’t talk over again I’ll stop at the point where I turned over to you I’ll cut and will come back in at this point you can start okay alright here we go to.

1 okay so everybody’s asking how do I make a lot of money how do I spend very little amount of money to get that money,

how do I do it without much in the way of skills and without really putting much effort in my answer is pretty much all is always the same,

you should buy lottery tickets that’s the only way I know who to make a lot of money,

not spending any money without really working it at at your business this is a business and getting organized and getting started is the best way to get your business going.

I want to talk about jump-starting your business jump-starting your Fix and Flip using wholesale wholesale in wholesaler.

I suggest what who won or who is a wholesaler.

Okay the business dictionary talks about wholesaling as a person that’s between a bender and a retailer.

Webster talks about a wholesaler is a middleman.

[13:55] Will acquire the contract to purchase the property work with a seller’s create a contract for sale then they’ll assign is earlier in his or her interest in that property.

Two third party for a fee. The end-user which in this case might be you will then fulfill all the obligations.

Of the contract instead of the wholesaler.

Known as an assignment for your wholesale to your some kind of markings that is paid by you the N purchase or Not by the seller or sign the contract.

[14:32] Okay so who are these wholesalers they can be realtor they can be real estate agent that’s not always the case.

[14:40] As many programs go on like this one that encourage real estate Investments.

[14:49] There are many different methods to wholesalers use to acquire their property,

are there varying ways of the wholesaler will set the estimate of the value of the property important to trust your instincts and use your training to Value property,

okay so no set amount,

before wholesale fee I’ve heard stories of wholesalers making 20 + $25,000 down contract

I’m never going to start one of those transactions

I got a call yesterday from somebody that just that just give me anything I just want to get out of the steel now.

What are wholesalers doing well they’re out in the marketplace they’re searching for houses to sell to you most of them aren’t looking for projects for themselves.

[15:54] Wholesalers are already generating they’re leaving for property,

it’s like we talked about they will mail postcards they will knock on doors they will make phone calls

trying to drive traffic to website

most wholesalers are eager to add new buyers to their list Morehouse if they find more buyers.

[16:22] You don’t have to know everything about.

Every aspect of the business to talk to a wholesaler you don’t have to worry about getting a brain freezer or getting tongue tie.

Having a conversation with a wholesaler.

They just employ the system it’s gotten them a lead and they have a house.

But they like to sell so you don’t have to worry about having your pitch down perfect you just need to know a little bit about what you’re talking about and know a little bit more about what you want,

go to all sellers are also a source of information locally here we’ve been hearing a lot about the Reservoir Park area so I actually yesterday I took a drive

take a look up there and see what was going on I never actually been there I’ve never been in that area conversations I’ve had with people who have you gone to see Trends in that market and I follow.

There’s many many wholesalers that are in the market today as I said.

A lot of classes are teaching people if they can wait into this business through both of them so there is no lack of deal.

I get upwards of 10 houses pics to me everyday bit you know.

[17:37] Important aspect that you remember that you must always do your own due diligence okay it’s a trust but verify situation.

You want to check the A RVs that they’re proposing and I’ll look at the cops if you want to make sure

you also want to do your own due diligence about what the potential cost to are going to be definitely also wanted to visit house before you.

Acceptable. But it is a good way to have a good time but as we go to the break let me ask you this do you always go to the house before you make an offer to a wholesaler.

[18:19] Yes and I say that with yes or no,

I always go to houses before I’ll agree to my money earnest money with a wholesaler if I don’t know them but I do have several people I work with,

incidence and if I can look up enough information online I’m okay to tie a property up as long as I have a due diligence,

alright we’ll be back and continue this talk Tony lukashevich is with us today he’s talking about how to create deal flow using wholesalers will be right back.

[18:48] Music.

[19:04] So you want to learn how to flip houses I want to show you how to flip houses and there’s probably no one in the country better qualified than me to show you I flip hundreds and hundreds of them,

and I also have some training and degree and experience and education so I could show you how to do exactly what I’ve done hundreds of times don’t believe me.

Head on over to put starter event.com but in the meantime Give a listen to Pat caywood my name is.

[19:30] Cleveland Tennessee and I’ve been.

Doing some flipping since about March of this year and had started with a Nationals program that was very expensive I spent today with Roger Blankenship.

Learning about his program and boy do I wish I’d met Rodger.

[19:52] He has a clear concise program and many tools that are going to be very hot.

[19:58] And starting and managing the program and the mentorship and Leadership and coaching that he’s offering our invaluable.

Thank you so much Rodger.

[20:10] Music.

[21:00] Like I’m Rodger Blankenship I teach people how to make money in real estate with me is my Atlantic Coachman good friend Tony lukashevich,

who also teaches people how to make money in real estate and he makes money in real estate by getting out there and making it happen to houses every month and he’s talking about how he finds those houses by using wholesalers,

so we’re jumping back into the middle of the talk and the next topic is how to find these wholesalers ready Tony go.

What there’s,

dozens and dozens of real estate in bed there’s real estate over the radio like we have here there’s real estate networking meetings to meet up local rehabs are always having meeting almost always wholesalers in the crowd.

I’m sorry I mentioned Britney that’s already.

They’re everywhere you don’t have to join a lot of times you don’t have to pay you just have to show up and talk and meet people not be afraid.

One of the main ways that I find new wholesaler is through Craigslist Craigslist.

[22:08] Craigslist runs daily postings we all know what it is but I don’t know how many people know that there’s a real estate for sale.

Okay if you look closely you’ll see real estate for sale.

Okay now that’s an important tool many many wholesalers use Craigslist as an Avenue for finding you buyers so let’s take a little closer look at the real estate for sale.

Sure I have a snapshot of a page with dozen properties are sick or so Chao.

[22:44] Take a look to see if I see anything that has any potential obviously there’s one jumping out at ATS but here’s one investment opportunity indicator sounds promising.

Okay here’s another one that says join my VIP buyers list today.

Okay and as I mentioned there’s one listed here that’s very very obvious that says cheap houses it’s available for cash investors call us now.

Okay there’s a search bar in the top of the Craigslist page.

[23:20] I’m going to add a keyword and we’ll come back and talk about keywords in a minute I’m going to have the key words.

Specific usually to the wholesale business where do I KRV most residential sellers will never talk to you about your after repair value.

What type in the word a r v I hit the search magnifying glass.

There’s one this is the one we saw from the previous page cheap houses available for cash investors call us app.

Calling all Real Estate Investors were currently growing our buyers list I’m pretty sure these people would be glad to talk to you okay so when we want to get started making calls we want to get organized so.

I want you to create a dedicated email account just for searching and finding and dealing with the soul sets Okay so you can quickly,

as they come in every day stay on top of it it’s quick it’s easy and it’s free.

[24:25] Okay next we’re going to build a list of Search terms diet identify potential wholesaler deal.

Maybe the word investor profit.

For sale by owner buy an actual Omar okay the other thing we have to do is you have to have your story ready to tell,

if you know your elevator speech did you know what you’re talkin about even if it is just over time but I think it’s comfortable telling people what you doing where you doing you will come off as more professional and you will find that you gain ground the wholesaler.

So what are you looking for here’s my story okay I’m looking for fix and flips with a RVs.

A prepared ice from 200,000 to 500000 I want to be inside the perimeter. The local area here in Atlanta or I want to be.

I buy with cash or hard money I can close in 10 days and I prefer houses are already three bedroom two bath but if something is a deal I want to take a look at it it’s really simple maybe I do.

Okay let’s talk about these steps.

[25:43] First you want to choose a real simple email address using Gmail.

Something like Tony flips Atlanta at gmail.com real simple real straightforward okay or Tony buys houses at gmail.com now I know there’s more more people in the business and he’s getting harder and harder to find.

But I suggest that you keep it simple and straightforward so that you can type it right and so that it’s easy to read and it’s easy for someone else to type in,

don’t use something like I’m the best flipper ever or 57985 gmail.com or underscore your,

flash house to me and capital and nobody go there or else to the don’t make it too hard for anybody to get back to you I keep it simple so people can get it right.

Your your success is not going to rise and fall on how clever or how complicated your email address is going to fall and rise and fall based on how much you were.

[26:50] We already talked about are B you mentioned repairs mentioned cast very few retail sellers ask for cash.

Another word always exists an investor world.

Opportunity Market deal okay

and you can mix and match these terms you can add them to each other different you can do the whole training inside of the health bar it’s right behind her,

the point is if you use these 8 or 10 terms you’ll have more than enough.

Places to make phone call more than enough leads to me.

There’s another important part about to remember we want you to have your story ready so you can tell it okay.

What are you looking for where do you want to buy a house.

[27:51] Where how do you find your deals when can you close and of course the one that I left the office how much can you sell how much can you pay.

Okay here’s my story again I’m looking for fixing pipes not looking for.

I’m looking for a prepared I use between 150 and 200 500,000,

inside the perimeter Atlanta.

When can I call in about 10 days.

What do I want I prefer houses that are already three twos and I got to remind but it’s something I’m happy to take a look at.

[28:36] All right that I always do you have anything that I can take a look at now.

It’s important that you ask if you have something you want them to offer you what they have.

[28:49] Okay now take a minute you want to try to determine what your story.

How much can you spend where do you want to be when can you close how are you going to close.

[29:02] What areas do you prefer.

All together everything into the box one long sentence or two quick sentences be able to tell someone e you’re introducing yourself.

What and how your business runs okay as we go to this break I want everybody think about their story because we got a little long but this good spot take a break right

we’ll be right back.

[29:33] Music.

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How to find Freedom through real estate investing using a tactic that doesn’t require credit or tons of cash for a free training on how you too can do this please visit Brad Chandler. Com.

Hey flipping America listeners have you ever walked into her property and said I have no idea what it will cost to repair this home those days.

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Contractor in your pocket today at ultimate rehab.

[31:13] Music.

[31:52] I’m Rodger D Stoney were talking about creating dealflow using wholesalers and we’re working on the Craigslist strategy right now Tony jump back in.

Okay so we were talking about what’s your story want to take a little time and decide what you’re looking.

Where you wanted to be located what you can pay and when you’ll be able to close it is that simple you’re going to people who want to sell houses and they need people to sell houses the two houses to erase in your hand in your I’m a buyer just what I want.

Very simple.

I mean I don’t I mean if you go into the if you go to the Home Depot and someone says can I help you you don’t have to pull out a sheet of paper and look down and read off of something to tell him what you want,

I need a broom I need a shovel I need some drywall I need to pay I need Paint whatever it is you need when you need it while I’m here at the store now so I probably want it now,

okay same idea I’m out looking in the market I want to buy a house you have a house to sell where do you want where do you want to buy.

This is what I have what can you play when Can you call it is that simple really people I think get all bound up about you know how this is going to go and it really is pretty simple.

[33:01] Okay how do we get the most out of the calls that you make so.

The odds are good but the properties that we saw on Craigslist actually aren’t deals now why would that be.

If it was a great deal the whole set of would not need to advertise it somebody had his buyers which would have taken it somebody who made a phone call would have gotten really a great point,

yeah don’t don’t worry about analyzing the deal don’t worry about it you want the contact you don’t want that you don’t want that house okay,

and you’re one of those buyers okay some wholesalers will run ads on a house that’s gone. But it produced a lot of call so they keep running it.

Why not if it works. They don’t dump it ain’t broke don’t fix it okay your goal is to establish a new contact your goal is to create someone who will take your call who wants your call and wants to talk to you about the house they have,

get out of that post Sailors list and then start personally evaluating the deal okay.

[34:12] Every time,

but you look at a deal every time you go closer to that you guys close to video every time you do anything until you get that much closer

making a deal finding a round and round and round the more you travel the better you got,

the better you get the closer you get to finding the deal you look so.

[34:41] Okay you set up a dedemit dedicated email account Gmail I guess mentioned Yahoo it doesn’t matter but make it simple make it something it’s on your phone so you can react and respond.

Okay developed you list of keywords we talked about a RV wholesale investor Fix and Flip.

You’ll learn over time different words create you know different response there are no right where there are no wrong one okay get your story ready story is ready to tell again I’m a local fixing flipper.

I’m looking for.

Properties inside the perimeter of a Arby’s from 200 500,000 like a close in 10 days I prefer Korean 3-2.

But I look at everything you have if it’s a deal you have to know your story like I know mine all right now what do we do.

Are we start calling really you just call okay the sooner the better.

[35:45] Okay maybe want to finish whatever you’re doing right here part but it’s goal is to make.

[35:54] Alright let’s talk about few more tips it’ll make this work.

Start a spreadsheet or legal pad and keep doubts write down the name of the whole sale of the property they have a little bit of details you want the price point to area however you like to organize yourself I can access it from my phone or I can access it.

I like to keep track of what Who you calling and when you’re calling and why you’re calling in the house that you calling about or the property to tell you about.

Okay you want to find 50 people to talk to.

And you want to make Studio C call get this started so leaving messages doesn’t count you want to have a conversation with 50 people.

Okay as I mentioned earlier pre-screen the properties that you see listed on Craigslist.

You want to talk to the wholesaler you don’t want to talk to him about a deal that he may have been running for 2 years and it doesn’t matter when they ran the at,

I’m about to go 6 months ago okay you can go as far back as I have no idea they may no longer be advertising,

the ideas to talk to somebody when they have a deal to be right at the front of their mind when they find the next year.

[37:12] Okay analyze the deal that deals that have potential.

The more practice you make more tries you do the more practicing you do the better you’ll get in the more confident

I did an analysis of a property to somebody while I was mowing my yard is right in my lawn mower the other day,

call me and ask me about the deal I think I need to do some right away walk me through a conversation

running the numbers through my head and I don’t know I don’t think it’s there.

My handsome time I went back and looked at it and there was no one at the other but I.

I love that you say that Tony and and I’m sorry for jumping in here and interrupting your friends. But I want to reiterate how important that is in fact I wrote down and I’m going to probably do an essay on this the more you do it the better you get

which means that you have to start before you think you’re fully ready this is true in so many areas of life but especially this business I appreciate you saying that because and I just want to reiterate how important that is dive in before you’re ready before you’re good at it

and you’ll get better.

This is why I like working with a wholesaler.

[38:33] Give yourself a 30 seconds to call back so I don’t know what happened I lost my connection you know,

take a breath come back it’s okay I would recommend doing it repeatedly to the same the same.

What kind of life I don’t know show me the pipe you can work your way into it so there’s no pain here.

Here’s the key you want to follow up,

you don’t want to wait for them to call you with a deal you want to follow up follow up my goal is to be the first,

I’m before they even start to go to their to their buyer I got a call yesterday from somebody for the deal under contract I had just talked to them on my Monday and they called me back,

yesterday now it wasn’t a deal for me but it was important and it felt good to me to know that they called me before they even offered the dog up to anybody else.

[39:32] Okay you want to call 35410 people everyday.

Up to and even when you have your first deal okay.

Every time you call you get that much closer to finding deal I know it sounds overly simple he gets closer and closer success just by doing the work.

[39:55] Alright let me give you a couple more tips about how to make this work let’s do that after the next break okay we got to take a break and yeah we’ll be back Tony thank you so much we’ll be right back.

[40:06] Music.

[40:16] Not too long ago we did a one-day flip starter in Chattanooga Tennessee and low and behold one of my old College friends came out to the event his name is Peter Faulkner and here’s what he had to say about the event.

[40:29] Peter Falkner here I tended a one-day flip starter training session led by Rodger black.

And I was amazed to see what has happened in Rogers Live from the last.

[40:42] Flipping over 800 houses in Mendes one day of training he told how he did it and what.

Falls the blessings the benefits and how to do it and I was so impressed with how well organized and how smooth the training winners today.

You’re tempted or in courage to go go at was not a bad price and if you get a chance to do it even just to consider investing.

But I just want to thank Rodger for a great day today and preach.

[41:13] Music.

[41:27] We’re back on Rodger

he’s Tony together we teach people how to make money in real estate through the flipping America mentoring program which you can find out online you can find out about online through flipping America network.com the right at the top of the page is a.

To our new internship program Tony works with us as at one of our,

coaches in the program and he’s talking to us today about how to create deal flow using wholesalers and specifically finding wholesalers and following up with them on Craigslist so Tony continue on.

[42:01] Okay so we’re talking about not being afraid not being discouraged just jumping in and making phone calls to people who have I mean in a public forum they’re saying please come call Call Me In by my house.

All right we talked about how to set things up we talked about how to build a certain level of conference but now let’s talk about what is it what it is it’s going to make this work and how.

We can make it work better if you’re okay with getting a deal eventually.

And call whenever you think about it call whenever you have time call when you have nothing else to do call when you finally get up the courage call when there’s nobody in the house so I can hear your voice and you will eventually find.

Find and call one wholesaler every single day.

Call a different one every single day if you want to find 325 deal call 325 wholesaler single day.

[42:59] Okay I still make the point call three people everyday and I’ve been in this business for 20 years,

I’ve got 200 people in my phone but have you told me deal to call me about the

like I get texts everyday I get emails everyday I get phone calls everyday but I still reach out to the people that I’ve developed the relationship,

that have led me to other deals to other people.

[43:26] You know it’s an easy thing to do here in the car or you got some time call okay more call will turn into more deal.

And every time you make a call you get closer to finding a deal

it is that simple you’re not you’re not trailblazing you’re not Reinventing the wheel you’re reaching out to people who,

okay there’s a few closing thought the goal,

is fruit quickly develop a large base of contact people who have deals at want to want to sell okay.

[44:04] Know again that they ask that you see are likely not the house that you would buy okay but more calls will be more deal,

you can develop a list and you can get on a call list for realtors in the term called a pocket listing which is that short period of time between the time of realtor has a,

property under contract before it makes its way into fmls,

dollars also you know might be slightly longer when someone’s been working with a,

what they acquired getting ready to sell the property you’re getting ready to,

if you’re the person that they think of you might get an inside track on that okay

the Realtors are looking for a slightly more professional and maybe a polished exclamation.

Realtors who deal with motivated sellers in distressed properties.

[45:17] It’s a different keywords but a little bit of trial and error and you’ll find.

Ads that are being sold by the actual owners of the property.

Explain to them who you are again what you buy me.

Jeff silver how motivated they are and then use your spreadsheet to track the property over time so

I wouldn’t recommend calling in every day. Stop taking your call call me in a week and see if they saw you called if they still have the property 90 days ago

I’m looking for properties that were listed on D-Day.

[46:12] ATT two notes and you continue to follow up with the properties that have potential you will find a deal.

Okay so don’t be afraid to call and ask you a lot easier than you think if you create a system and then you follow up.

LOL follow-up you will find,

properties because the bulk of my work is been searching for No Deal not actually managing the construction and the process as I go forward genuinely looking for my next opportunity that’s great.

Man thank you so much for sharing that stuff with us and the last thing you said is I think probably the key to everything that is.

Follow-up follow-up follow-up you know on the TV shows they don’t talk about so much the

the tedium involved in finding the deals and in the market right now the way it is with the lack of inventory of a perceived lack of inventory everybody thinks it’s so hard to find deals well my answer to that and you can go ahead and on Jerry Screen Now.

My answer to that is if deals are hard to find in Focus your time on finding the deal right.

[47:28] The bee episodes because the first seven,

this highlights the part when we pull the fish in about 10 years ago when we were talking about this and I didn’t have the radio show then but we were we were in the business

I’m at that time deals were easy to come by there if there was deals all over the street

all over the place falling off of trees around you what we focus on then was getting the deal sold we develop selling systems because it was hard to sell your.

[48:07] And it’s the changing nature of this business folks there’s always some work is going to be involved in right now the work is in signing a deal that’s why we’re spending this much time talking about how to do it

all right Tony this is this is great stuff man that can’t wait to get this edited out there on the airwaves and on the YouTube channel preciate you taking the time from your busy schedule,

just been with us today and share with us thanks for your time Rodger I appreciate it and good luck everybody remember call call call.

[48:37] Music.

[48:47] It’s just amazing what you can do when you have a great technique and you combine that with focus and effort.

And that’s really the key my friends it’s focusing effort you’ve got to put the time in,

I know when you’re watching the TV shows they just drive up to the house that they have bought and they say well here’s our flip and let’s get going here’s the story they don’t show you too much,

I went honestly I haven’t watched that many of them because I get a little irritated because of the misleading nature of some of it specially with regard to the numbers and how much their money they’re making but in the shows that I’ve watched I haven’t seen them

doing showing you too much of the behind-the-scenes tedium that goes into finding a deal you know what this Market is cyclical and.

[49:37] When deals are hard to find they’re easy to sell and when deals are easy to find their little bit more challenging to sell so.

No matter what the market is you’re always going to be applying some work somewhere and refining your skills on something years ago the market was in Decline from 2008 to 2012 home values were steadily drop,

and we knew that when we bought a property,

30 days later it would be worth less than we thought it was today and so because of that we learned how to fix and flip a house in 7 days and I’m not talking about

flipping paper signing contracts I’m talking about we close on it

and the day of closing were swarming all over the house doing the work if this wasn’t happening with jobs that require permit we’re talking about basic just paint carpet

you know that looks kind of minor repairs but we could do a house top to bottom including a roof you don’t have to get a permit for a roof,

McGeorge any way we would do a roof to basement rehab in 7 days and have that property turned around and on the market.

We had to do this because values were going down down down and so,

when we looked at what the future held we had to understand that it was going to be worth a little bit less to us later on and so there’s no point in just sitting on a property times are different now.

[51:06] So we don’t necessarily need that speed wear

it’s good that we have those skills and also the skills and selling that we developed during that time but now we’re refining and developing our skills that are skills in finding the deals and.

[51:23] I am.

Constantly amazed at the properties Tony brings to the table he doesn’t use our leads or our sources he’s out there on his own and he’s doing his thing and this is his thing this is what he does and

the thing about

what Tony’s doing is he doesn’t spend any money in marketing campaigns all he does is get on his phone and call these wholesalers and the key is just,

get out there and do it if you would like to see

the video portion of this Tony did have a power point that went along with this and some of the slides were a little bit humorous we really couldn’t get into it on the show we discussed maybe how to do that we decided just to go ahead and put them in there and

go over to the

YouTube channel and look for this video it’ll be a few days after the show airs before we get the video up but just keep watching subscribe to the YouTube channel and you’ll get a notification when the show is posted alright

no I have a question for you.

Talking about world news in real estate where would you guess would be the upping up-and-coming Frontier

in luxury real estate let’s say in Asia I know Asia is a big place so what,

happening with luxury real estate in Asia we’ve already been posting that this on social media but are you ready for this it is Vietnam.

[52:51] That’s right Vietnam is the next Frontier in Asia’s luxury real estate market and we’ve got an article from Mansion Global that we’ve already shared once but will we’re going to share it again it’ll it’ll go out after the show today.

[53:06] I’ve got a pile of questions that have come in and I’m sure we’re not going to get to all of these today but we’ll do what we can let’s see here Simon from Boulder Colorado says we’ve been thinking about investing in a Senior Living Center I saw an article stating that the American population is Aging in this would be a good investment what

what do you think well there are up Simon there are a number of articles that support the idea that the population the Baby Boomers are getting old

I myself am at the tail end of the baby boomer generation and some days I wake up

open. You know stumble out of bed and I I’m I start to feel old and you know things 8 and I’m not sure how they got there yeah we’re getting old well

so Senior Living centers is kind of a potential boom Market,

Simon you didn’t say anything about your age but I wonder what the long-term is going to be and if you’re going to do something like this you need to think about.

What is the name of the market for a Senior Living Center is strong and I know people are making really good money in them right now and.

Good things are happening for the people that own those Senior Living centers but if you’re in your 30s what’s it going to be like 30 years from now.

[54:24] At what I see Senior Living centers being good for is people who are close to that age themselves who have the ability to invest in those things but I don’t see a long-term Horizon that that is a good thing.

It could be that in the years to come will have more Senior Living Senior

Living Center space then we have senior citizens I don’t know but on the other hand you know that we continue to improve longevity and and Healthcare and so people are living longer and,

who can say those are some big thoughts about the possible future but when it comes down to the.

[55:05] Specifics you didn’t provide any of the numbers until what I would encourage you to do is to get a hold of the numbers and find out really what kind of a return that you can expect.

And go back and listen to my show on compare everything with everything this is something that we always do we compare everything with everything if I put my money into this is it the best possible thing I can be doing with my money or,

could I be doing something else with it we do a weekly coaching call with our mentoring students and on the last call,

we were discussing one at one of the students has the ability to use cash for,

his flips and he was he he understands the power of Leverage and the improved return on cash and he has enough cash to.

[55:52] Maybe do one or two flips at a time maybe even three,

and he was wondering if he should start borrowing money to get a better return on cash but then he stated that he only ever wanted to be working on two houses at a time that’s all he wanted to do and so I suggest,

the idea that well first of all you’re right,

that if you use the debt instruments judiciously in a profit producing project and you know what you’re doing

you’re going to probably come out ahead when it comes to an in terms of your return on cash but you have to always be evaluating

the other factors and one of them is you know the stress and cash flow issues of paying those debts and you know if you have enough cash to set aside to pay him and you not going to touch it and everything’s going to go well and you’re controlling the project and so forth all that’s good

the other thing is if you only ever want to do,

two of these projects and he was looking at maybe making a 30% annualized return on his money if he use his own cash and of course you could increase that return on your money if you.

If you borrow money but so you’re going to have $200,000 sitting over here doing what.

[57:05] And that became the the the question.

What is it going to do it it’s going to sit in a savings account collecting 1% or 2% or maybe half of 1% it would be better to get 30% on your money then nothing on your money.

So if you only ever want to do two houses in this case it was good for him just to use cash the whole time and that’s the kind of thinking that I’m talking about Simon and I want you to think about what you would have in it and what your return would be and in general terms if your.

If you’re owning an asset that is a cash flowing asset and you’re making less than 7 or 8% net on your money.

I at least on the on the asset itself there’s probably something better you can be doing with your money,

I know that’s kind of a long answer and it’s short on specifics but I didn’t have a lot of specifics to go on so I guess the answer is think about the long-term

I didn’t think about what is the best use of your cash once you get it your brain wrapped around what your returns are going to be okay we’ve got a lot of other questions coming up and we’ll get them on the next show because we are out of time for the day my friends,

thank you for joining us and listen if you want to get in this business it’s not difficult.

You just need to work at it.

[58:27] Okay you can be on your way to Financial Freedom are you ready to work pussy.

[58:34] Music.

[58:48] Love this quote this week from Ann Landers she said most opportunities come disguised as hard work that’s why most people don’t recognize them.

[58:58] Thank you Ann Landers and this lot is brought to you by the foundation for Renewal working together with communities Nationwide to bring lasting impact and life change.

Find them on the web at renewal fund. Net and is always your contribution in any amount they spoke tax deductible and much appreciated.

[59:17] Music.

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