Flipping America 169, Investor Spotlight: Abhi Golhar

podcast 169 Abhi Golhar

Expected Air Date: 07/14/18


I can’t say enough about today’s guest. Great heart, great energy, great knowledge, and willingness to share himself and his experience with everyone. Abhi Golhar is a 2x nationally syndicated radio host on the Wall Street Radio Network, author, blogger, and CIO of Summit & Crowne, a real estate investment firm in Atlanta. 

Golhar has been investing in businesses and real estate since 2002 and always used a “value-added” approach to identify acquisition. He educates thousands of people as a national speaker and on his daily radio and YouTube shows. Golhar enjoys working with investors to implement market-driven strategies which have the highest potential for success. Do you have questions about how you can set up your business to advance and finish well? Golhar has answers. Email him: abhi@abhigolhar.com. 

Abhi took a non-traditional route into real estate investing, he started in it while still young! You’ll hear his fascinating story coming up in just a few minutes. 

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Guest: Abhi Golhar

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And now here’s that flipping America guy Rodger Blankenship thank you Kathy Curtis I can’t say enough about today’s guest great heart.

Great Energy Great knowledge and a willingness to share himself and his experience with everyone he meets

abhi gauhar is a two-time nationally syndicated radio host on the Wall Street radio network author blogger.

And CIO of summit and Crown a real estate investment firm here in Atlanta gohar’s been investing in businesses and real estate since 2002,

always used a value-added approach to identify acquisition he educates thousands of people as a national speaker on his daily radio and YouTube shows he enjoys working with investors and put in market-driven strategies which have the highest

potential for success.

[1:39] He’s got a lot of Secrets folks and he’s going to share some of the secrets with us here today on the show if you have questions about how you can set up your business to advance and finish well I want to tell you right now you can go ahead and contact Obby he’s got answers,

and he’s willing to share them with you I love this guy send the email to Obby at Obby go hard.com now

if you haven’t met Obby or seen his name somewhere you might wonder how you spell that so it’s abhi at.

Abhi gol

har.com make a note of that email address I’ll be at Obby go hard.com it’ll be in the show notes if you’re listening from the app you’ll you’ll find it there but.

Bobby took a non-traditional route into real estate investing.

It’s not traditional because he started in it while he was still young I haven’t talked to probably a handful of people probably less than 5 on in the history of this show who started this when they were young.

[2:42] But you’ll hear his fascinating story and how he had to deal with a little bit of family opposition to get into the business as a young man with a

bright future a college degree from a leading University and opportunities all over the place yet he elected to go into an entrepreneurial setting where you know this is a day and eat what you kill business or up your salary becomes effective when you do

kind of a job so hear all about Avi industry minutes and we’re going to Dive Right In right after the first.

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[5:19] And if you need to know a little bit more about me that’s looking America guy you can find that out at flipping America network.com as well or you could even go to my own site Roger Blankenship. Com I hardly ever mention that one now

lunch with with me every Wednesday here in Atlanta I pick up my pick Wednesday because I’m almost always in it

in town and at home on Wednesdays even when I’m traveling and speaking around the country I try to be home on Wednesday or the middle of the week because we haven’t acted fixing and flipping business going right here and sometimes,

from time to time the team actually needs my input on something but we have a great team here and don’t tell him I said this but they really

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[6:32] We just talk real estate did the agenda is determined by you and we are always honored when people come from out-of-state saying they heard on the show and they want to just come and shake my hand and had that happened this past week somebody wanted to just meet me because they had heard the show and

I work cited to come and that excites me.

And I can’t tell you what a thrill it is for me for someone to make that kind of effort and so if you come from out of state.

[7:00] Your lunch is on me alright are you got to do I may ask you to show your driver’s license prove you’re from out of state but anyway we’re glad to see you.

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You’re pretty good-looking deals in different parts of town and maybe the numbers are slightly different but they both look pretty good how do you decide which one while I would say do them both but if you can only do one.

Running to the property great app to see which one grades out better and go with that one I’ll be with us in just a minute folks.

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[10:21] Tired I’ve got Obby go are with me today I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time I’ll be welcome thanks I’m really excited,

what is busy as you are taking time out of your schedule really appreciate it for those of you that are just hearing this or just joining us obvious one of my heroes in the broadcasting missions especially because but also because he juggles so many different things.

You got a lot of plates spinning my man.

[10:46] I know I ate so you know what though it’s all about the team and the team makes my life so easy it makes me those spinning all the plates and like keeping everything balance

a little bit easier than it’s just so everybody is making all that happy fun

okay so you’ve got an active real estate business and you’re also hosting to radio shows and so that’s what the team is doing,

there there yeah super super supportive I have a lot of sporting even from I showed a huge shout out to my my wife and I said she’s like she puts up with my crazy nonsense all the time I don’t know how she does it or why she does it but she’s like I believe in you for some reason.

I even sometimes when I don’t believe myself so let me go

so there’s think we’ll be ready outside now she syndicated daily radio show all about real estate investing in My Morning Show on Biz 1190 here in Atlanta also nationally syndicated 1213 City Square across the country for about Business and Entrepreneurship my real estate life


I feel changing and in such a such a good way I’m feeling that there is a little bit of a market shift where I am here in Atlanta locally and identifying the opportunities in the single-family flip space just.

Arkansas fur there’s a super Cooper top right now and as you know you see that all the time.

[12:04] So my focus has been tax liens on the single-family side and strictly multifamily so always always looking for the next operator,

about to invest in and take an LP position a limited partner position in their specific deals and not only looking in Atlanta but also looking the southeast United States we’ve done.

[12:27] Super happy and it’s a lot of fun things.

Look up business owner keep on your business if you unhide your high income earner keep running a good amount of income and just pay attention to having your money work hard for you and let’s a design for thats that you can finish financially well.

Okay let’s unpack a few of those talk about tax liens so are you.

I know who she is I actually need to reach out to her I haven’t done that yet

yeah I’m probably going to have her on the Rockstar she is a great interview and so should I love you girl,

good job tell me a little bit about the texting process what do you do.

Great question so we identified taxes that have been unpaid and you can go to the city and you can get a complete list of these taxes.

Well scrubbed the property so we’ll look at the location and will also look at any,

other liens that may be on this property if we don’t see that there’s a whole lot of liens on the property then that’s generally a tax lien that will purchase given that the property itself makes sense so we,

scrub it’s early and we have a really rigorous due diligence process once we buy the taxes and will pay the city directly.

And somewhere in the city the county directly and we’ll buy the taxes and now it’s our responsibility to reach out to the owner of the property.

[13:55] If we send a certified letter a couple of times and we don’t hear back from this owner and guess what we do we’ll take it to Sheriff sale.

[14:05] And what happens if the sheriff sale is,

we will either sell this attacks lean to somebody else that wants to buy it and our benefit is the amount of the tax lien and plus 12% annualized interest.

If for whatever reason the the tax lien doesn’t sell.

Will get the tax beat I will just either what will buy it or I will have one of our investor Partners purchase it at the steps from us essentially.

And guess what happened to that point in time we have a tax deed.

True this property with a very good like no liens on it this is like mind-blowing man so we’re all into this property at save 5 $6,000 the amount that we pay for the tax lien.

Plus they know the seven to $10,000 and attorney’s fees for the foreclosure process etcetera.

[14:56] And we own an asset that that can be worth between 9100 thousand hundred and twenty-five thousand if we wholesale.

We’re winning if we decided to fix and rent it will win if we decided to fix and flip and baby we are winning right like

and guess what I’m not competing with I’m not competing with the people on the MS on the MLS I’m not competing with other wholesalers I’m not competing with other investors because they don’t understand how complicated this

processes I’m not competing with other investors again because they’re probably their due diligence process isn’t as rigorous about everything we’ve done this over and over.

Like I said we doing this just personally this is my own personal portfolio between 4 to 5 times a month and I love my tax lien.

Yeah sounds like a great process in you’re talking about some things there that I wasn’t really sure that you could do to my understanding when you are just paying someone sexy as you got to pay it for a few years before you can actually foreclosed on the

on the Texas.

If you pay the city what the what the taxes are owed or the taxes owed currently then guess who owns the tide then guess who owes you.

[16:07] The property owner if the property owner doesn’t pay you off plus the interest.

Then you hold an equitable interest in that property,

that’s how it works in Georgia interesting that first year up until you decide to take that to the sheriff sale.

You’re earning that 12% anything after that will change based on

what happens after the after the sheriff sale so what we should probably do also is have like this three-way conversation with with our mutual friend Chantel I wants I think that’d be cool too,

yeah well I know that she does a lot right at the courthouse and then she goes over there and buys them there but.

Yeah I think I like it we got to go to a break but when we get back I want to talk to you a little bit more about this but I want to also talk about some of these other things that you mentioned all right we’ll be right back.

[16:59] Music.

[17:18] Do you want to learn how to flip houses I want to show you how to flip houses and there’s probably no one in the country better qualified than me to show you I flipped hundreds and hundreds of them.

And I also have some training and degree and experience and education so I could show you how to do exactly what I’ve done hundreds of times don’t believe me.

Head on over to flip starter event.com but in the meantime Give a listen to Pat caywood.

[17:45] Cleveland Tennessee and I’ve been.

Doing some flipping since about March of this year and had started with a Nationals program that was very expensive I spent today with Roger Blankenship.

Learning about his program and boy do I wish I’d met Rodger.

[18:07] He has a clear concise program and many tools that are going to be very hot.

[18:13] And starting and managing the program and the mentorship and Leadership and coaching that he’s offering our invaluable.

Thank you so much.

[18:24] Music.

[19:12] Rodger he’s Obby and we’re talking real estate we’re also going to talk a little bit about business and so before we got in that break and I apologize to everyone for the technical difficulties but the hopefully better than that most of them.

[19:28] You were talking about your texting strategy but you also are in the multifamily yeah so tell us a little bit about how you got into that and what you’re doing with that right now,

so I realize Rodger for me and I apologize for the Tactical tease to that’s I think one of my own than yours.

[19:44] When I got in the multifamily world I won’t let me start before that I realized.

That’s my money whatever I was earning in the single-family world needs to work super hard for me

the perspective a lot of business owners have it doesn’t matter if you say run a healthcare startup work for your doctor a dentist that doesn’t have a real estate business the perspective.

Everything that I got into my business that isn’t necessarily a good strategy all the time.

Because it doesn’t offer your Capital to work harder for you in a diversified perspective or Diversified format multifamily gives you the opportunity to do that

and you still get crazy yields if done correctly.

My strategy is simple I’m not interested in taking on the deck but I’m 5 foot 5 and 120 lb like I know what a sledgehammer looks like but I’m not going to pick one up,

can you see me in person too I’m a pretty small guy I think I went to shake your hand like oh God he can eat me for breakfast,

I’m totally your white collar get out your white collar worker about that.

I just want a few sledgehammers and I can ring the bell at the County Fair I can erase about the county fair like that that would be an issue,

it’s not going anywhere so for me I realized listen.

[21:05] I need my money to work super hard for me even when I’m focused on radio or if I’m focused on my real estate on my residential business.

And that’s a problem that many business owners have even if you’re a wholesaler if you have a wholesaling business and you’re now starting to make a lot more money and you are an accredited investor for example.

Because you’re paying attention to the business of real estate and not creating a job for Real Estate you can be a high income earner for the last year or two or three,

we had a crazy awesome cycle right now one of the longest bull runs in the country and in the marketplace that we’ve ever had were approaching the 10-year mark

lot of people are making a lot of money but they’re not paying attention the passive income it drives me crazy so if you’re a flipper out there.

Or even if you’re a doctor sure you’re crushing you’re making it a mid six figures but your money isn’t working hard for you that’s a problem and so.

I recognize that a couple of years ago and I started investing in multifamily projects as a limited partner.

[22:04] The difference between a limited partner a general partner has a limited partner need the only the only exposure that you have is your capital in the deal,

you’re not taking on debt that’s what the general partner does a general partner identifies the property and they say hey

I’m League sponsor I’m going to run the deal I’m responsible for management and I’m responsible for my yield that I’m paying all of my investors I’m not interested in that because I have other things to do so I decided.

I’m going to find awesome operators in the southeast United States and invest in them.

And that’s what my fund is geared up to do that’s all we do Rodger we find operators that have enough cushion for a deal.

[22:47] Operators do is worse case have to pay their Debt Service they can do that and we can’t enter restructure on the lp side.

[22:55] Until we have a good exit event so on worst case scenario we’re covered on a best case scenario were covered and investors,

are quarterly on an annual basis are there owning an 8% fracture

quarterly but your annualized after a Time Horizon of generally five years is between 22 and 26 27%

annually you can’t beat that you can’t even hit that in the market right now and that’s on a very decent value at project so I’m not identifying opportunities I’m identifying operators first

and then I’ll scrub the opportunity and make sure the operator makes sense the opposite of the deal the asset that we’re buying makes sense and a both of those.

And if I have a religious moment I see the clouds karting in the blue skies in the sunlight then we’ll go ahead and go all in.

Pretty cool so you spend some time wedding people absolutely I love having people suck my most favorite thing to do

oh then you got to have a seminar on that man that’s why you and I are doing this thing we got to figure that out let’s make this happen yeah I like the idea that because you know when we’re hiring contractors that submitting people process,

we spent a lot of time getting people and the same thing we were looking for realtors in our Market areas in that sort of thing so,

the apartments and the tax liens those are your things.

[24:19] Those are my things you know what’s interesting to is like I I love diversifying capital I like diversifying my opportunities so.

I love possibly investing in businesses that I also don’t control that I’m apart of and it just works out really well.

I’m a huge believer in multiple streams of income support example if you’re real estate deep like Rodger and I and you’re listening to a show what you should be listening to all the time I think.

It just makes sense you don’t and you also don’t have a lot of voices in this face like Rodger you say I’m your hero your mind dude

but you have not only a great voice for radio but the content

is super super rich and so thank you for actually doing a good job and putting out content there a lot of folks that was just in case you know a lot of photos just talk behind a pipe from,

but I’m putting up valuable info but you actually put out the good and fell so if you’re just starting out you’re just knew I mean listen.

[25:16] Focus on one thing you could be an expert wholesaler and expert Flipper the moment that you have Capital start putting it elsewhere that your Diversified and your money is working super hard for you and it can be.

A syndication deal with us it could be a deal with Rodger or I can be a non-real estate-related business listen here in Atlanta the two are the two industries to recover fastest after the crash number one special services

number to health care right so maybe identify go to some networking meetings and find local businesses that are up-and-coming that are growing that you can invest in.

And guess what you’re still running a real estate business which is what you’re focused on your active income but if you are absolutely invested in a healthcare business or something like that that’s another winter because guess what Healthcare is not going anywhere doctors aren’t going anywhere nurses aren’t going anywhere.

[26:07] Again I’m just something to consider I know it’s real estate sale but I love talking about like the flow of capital and that’s really important to me that’s okay you know a few years ago people were asking me where the future real estate investing was and I said medical office space in the Caribbean.

Oh man okay so will you and I really got to talk work that’s okay that’s a real estate play but it’s also related to culture and and the supply and demand and some other things going on.

Here in the United States.

[26:45] Music.

[26:53] Are you one of the 70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and tired of the stress if so I understand it I used to be in that 70.

I start investing 2003 with my net worth with -80 thousand since then I’ve built a business that generates over $500,000 a month in income and allows me the freedom to do what I want I’m Brad Chandler and I.

Just like.

How to find Freedom through real estate investing using a tactic that doesn’t require credit or tons of cash for a free training on how you too can do this please visit Brad channel.com for freedom.

Hey flipping America listeners have you ever walked into a property and said I have no idea what it will cost to repair this home those days.

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Contractor in your pocket today at ultimate rehab.

[28:25] Music.

[29:09] We’re back time Rodger I teach people how to make money in real estate I’ve got Obby with me he teaches people how to make money and everything and.

Abby this is great so enlightening today what you’re into but now you’re doing to radio shows and I just got to ask you man this radio make you rich.

I need radio makes me happy it’s it’s one of those things you like II we’re doing this video thing right now and every,

every time you’re listening I in your smiling and that’s what makes me smile right it’s like I know that the value of the content that I create and put out for people I’m not selling anything.

It secure is awesome information and let’s have a conversation right like I love the stuff it’s so much fun I mean I don’t think.

[29:55] I don’t think lettuce if you don’t even if you’re in business or if you’re in Media,

she just crush it make a whole lot of money then I’m not sure if you’re really doing it for the right reasons like I love the influence that I have and the conversations that I have the impact that I create in changing the mindset of somebody in the real estate World there you go

you know and that we can get a little bit so,

they can be better and do more and fall in love with creating a real estate business and not a real estate job because.

I don’t want you to wake up when your 20 30 40 years older and say Akash at the flip another house or to like you if you’ve done something wrong as if that’s where you are.

[30:35] Are you haven’t planned accordingly you haven’t planned to finish well and finishing well to me doesn’t mean that you have to keep working finishing well means you can keep working if you want to but you build enough passive income so that.

You have it going on and you can do whatever you want with your loved ones and then create the impacts of the community volunteer for charitable causes donate to charitable causes what you should be doing if you haven’t if you’re not doing already.

Damn things are important to be very well-rounded individual.

[31:04] I a a contributing member to Society and also well-rounded in a well-rounded investor you know we really do think a lot alike because our plan and what we teach here is to just go beyond your

your normal charitable contributions and get to endowment level ability that’s what we want to see you do absolutely.

Yeah I like it and I was joking you know about getting rich and radio I think maybe a few people are doing really well but I haven’t even figured out how to monetize this really for sure every time we do the same way

yeah when we pick up an Advertiser we just look for more stations to get on you know.

Spread the word bright like a you have you have that voice you have the content you just want to spread the word and be like hey listen because.

You need good information in your life listen to me alright so let’s go back into time a little bit

all right back to go back to when you were in about the fifth grade and you had the career day at school and the reason I asked every guess this question because almost none of us are doing what we thought we would do when we were little kid

on that day when the firemen and policemen in the insurance salesman came to class and you were sitting there you start thinking about what you wanted to be when you grew up what was.

[32:19] I think for me so I had to Moments One roughly like a fourth or fifth grade you’re absolutely right.

I wanted to be a doctor in the 4th and some for the fifth grade I wanted to kill people I wanted,

to have like that I wanted to find a cure for cancer and not even know what that meant when I was in for the fifth grade I’m like yeah I’m going to be like this neurosurgeon I remember that was my thing neurosurgery didn’t realize how long it would actually take to be a neurosurgeon.

That’s what I wanted to be an in the motivating factor there wasn’t even money it was just like the love of people so I kind of I kind of.

[32:56] Play crook rest a little bit and then I found that love of people again and that happened in high school I remember.

I remember I was I’m suspended in high school because I did a couple of naughty things with technology and I had to do a lot of volunteer hours and this was maybe like senior year.

And I was thinking that yeah like computers and I like technology and I’m just going to like civil around with stuff stupid idea,

but it was the volunteer work with the local Habitat for Humanity the chapter I took the.

Organization that I had to put maybe 50 hours after 60 hours and that really like turn my turn my prospective.

It’s not about money it’s not about anything other than helping your fellow human being so I’m thankful I got to spend it because it helped me to understand and help me understand that this is life is work.

[33:52] It’s more if it’s less about you it’s more about other people and then I wanted to be that impactful person,

and it didn’t necessarily have to be a doctor it didn’t even necessarily have to be an engineer I went to the University of Michigan I have a four-year degree in electrical engineering and I think the most that I do with it is like flip a light switch on and off in the morning that’s what I do.

But I remember in high school.

I was watching this Barbara Walters 20/20 episode and there’s this guy that was driving around Lexus RX300 my favorite car at the time and she was going from flea markets flea market buy stuff and selling the stuff on eBay exactly would Gary vaynerchuk talks about as a side hustle today

and I thought wow I want to be the CEO of my own company.

[34:37] So not knowing what that meant I call my best friend who lives down the street or still awesome friends today things Matthew Carroll if you if you’re watching this Matthew your Rockstar ban and so essentially we created this.

Early Geek Squad when computers were like this big

and it was yet floppy drives a CD-ROM drives and people always like putting the coffee cup and Seed around Drive is so stupid but,

heart would break software crashed so we created a computer repair company in high school and I’m like this is really cool I learned customer service I face projection I knew how all that works.

[35:12] And I wanted to marry technology and Entrepreneurship and I figured that out early.

So I went to Michigan didn’t do a whole lot with entrepreneurship but finish my 4 year degree in electrical engineering,

but I still had this long and I still had this long of I want to impact more people and I knew taking a job wouldn’t wouldn’t get me there so I had a bunch of job offers from all the big firms I graduated from Michigan I’m an Indian I’m the eldest

in an Indian family you don’t go home and tell your immigrant dad and immigrant mom that you just turn down job offers from arguably some of the best companies in the world and that’s what I did,

you know I got slapped across the face a couple times they said I needed to see a psychiatrist I’m like no I’m going to go move to Lincoln Nebraska.

And I have no idea what I was doing at the time but I believe in me and.

I took a chance I took a chance but I was 20 21 years old do I regret it absolutely not what I do everything the same way all over again absolutely.

[36:10] Interesting well I’m glad that you can say that.

Alright we’ve already talked to her way right up to the next break can you hold on for one more second.

[36:22] Music.

[36:35] Not too long ago we did a one-day flip starter in Chattanooga Tennessee and low and behold one of my old College friends came out to the event his name is Peter Faulkner and here’s what he had to say about the event.

[36:48] Peter Falkner here I tended a one-day flip starter training session led by Rodger black.

And I was amazed to see what has happened in Rogers Live from the last.

Plus years flipping over 800 houses and then this one day training he told how he did it and what.

Balls the blessings the benefits and how to do it and I was so impressed with how well organized and how smooth the training winner today.

You’re tempted or in courage to go go I was not a bad price and if you get a chance to do it even just to consider investing.

But I just want to thank Rodger for a great day today and.

[37:32] Music.

[37:46] Okay so we’ve got to know Abby the investor Abby the man and now I would like to talk about Obby the broadcaster broadcasting business what’s what’s going on now.

Yeah so this is 2015 I realized I hadn’t some initial success with real estates and I wanted to talk about it openly.

And I didn’t really have I didn’t really see the Ria’s doing it the way that I wanted to do it and I have a really weird quirky personality as you can tell right like I love connecting with people.

I don’t like falling asleep in my wrist and I love the Rio that they serve an awesome purpose every time I go there at the fluorescent lights in like you know the lack of caffeine just makes me want to so.

Outside of that I just started talking to Periscope Periscope and it was like a thing back in the day I never really paid much attention to it it’s not really a thing anymore like.

Instagram TV and Instagram live and Facebook live or things I don’t use Periscope anymore and I think that’s more like an in bed Twitter live saying so.

When it was its own Standalone app I used to just Periscope every morning and I’m like hey this is really cool I like talking about real estate.

[39:01] I like talking about entrepreneurship and I like talking about what I’m doing as I was walking to and from all my meetings or if I’m going to the coffee shop and leaving the coffee shop I just use the flip on Periscope this is 2015.

I was doing it so much where there was a local local radio station here in Atlanta Biz 1190 back to the studio I’m in right now you can you can kind of see the Sea The Little logos.

I reached out to them on Twitter I’m like hey I’ve been really I feel developing my personality on Periscope I’d love to be loved to be a guest and provide value on any radio show that you have right now and they said hey sure come on Inn.

Chance of a lifetime came in did a show with Eric holtzclaw great show and I was like super nervous I was sweating like crazy.

And that was my first ever radio show as a guest and I realize you know what maybe this media thing has two legs after all.

After that one of my one of my really close mentors.

He said there’s a there’s a radio show host that’s not really kind of doing what he’s supposed to be doing and there might be an opportunity for you to take over five different Market.

Coincidence the same time I was doing my YouTube show called real estate deal talk was going from property to property.

[40:18] And the shooting behind me isn’t really my business partner he just used to shoot my videos and.

We saw Claudia to the acquisition strategy everything that we did to the property and then the exit strategy in what we have done or whatever the what are the current deal was.

And I used to publish dozen YouTube I can’t find them anymore I think I may have accidentally deleted them so I might upload them again and real estate deal talk became.

[40:44] The radio show real estate deal talk this was in 2015 and so that ran until December 31st 2017 it was a daily radio show.

[40:54] It was crazy because I went to Shanghai last year.

And the same Mentor that hook me up with that deal said you know what that might be an opportunity with think Realty that have a daily radio show but instead of.

[41:09] At that time I actually skilled it back to Atlanta so 2016 it was a we were in five different cities Real Steel tacos in five different cities all 2017 I just said I can’t handle the financial burden five cities I’m just going to do Atlanta only.

Again in September went to Shanghai.

I remember that we got back from Shanghai.

And that was the big thing that I was working on late 2017 get a call sink Realty Rarity Osborne we start recording all the December of 2017 gearing up for the January 1st launch and.

[41:51] Think Realty radio was launched in I think 13 or 14 cities now or in 35 cities we have a pretty awesome following and I love all the followers they are so check it out I think Realty radio.com.

And in the local radio station here said hey you know what we know you’re talking about real estate.

And we love that you have the startup side of you would you like to highlight Local Atlanta businesses and talk about what the work in the business world and what’s working in the entrepreneurial world and like Millennial hustle stuff like yeah let’s do that.

And said they said the only difference is is this is a live radio not free recorded radio like you’re used to so I’m like okay this is going to be awesome let’s do this and so that’s it so the albacore show was born.

I think this is a as of this recording it’s must number 3 with y’all be Gold Horse Show and so that’s the morning live show I think Realty is the afternoon show.

And it’s I’m loving my media life right now it is so much fun.

[42:51] I like it and you know I really like think media I think Realty and I’ve had a good time getting acquainted with them believing what they’re doing that you know I came to the think Realty conference in September last year was first I’ve heard of them

and since that time I have been working on getting a little bit more and more connected tied in and you may see me on the stage of think Realty in September,

oh hey let’s do it.

Yes as long as as long as a John Hayes he’s this really big guys and girls into I think you guys are like equally as big as it is a tradition that he actually picks me up holds me horizontally and like does curls he sitting here like he’s doing curls he calls me.

The only thing is to do on stage is compete with him and curly on stay but then we can make that all right I’m in all right that’s good okay so we got a couple minutes left and what I’d like for you to do and I know you can just

the police right on your head right someone is getting ready that they know we have a couple hundred thousand listeners right now scattered across the country

okay and someone out there wants to start their own real estate business,

and they need some really great direction to get started three things ready go get educated.

[44:06] Write listen to podcasts that you feel a relevant to the hosts need to drive with you and your energy and personality so fine those two and really I mean listen to Rodger listen to me.

[44:17] Right like these are the only two people that you need a life from the problem right,

don’t get overwhelmed by information while you’re getting educated don’t get into a state of paralysis of analysis take that leap of faith if the numbers make sense and if you don’t know what the numbers make sense number three fundamental.

Are you need somebody that’s been there done that that’s been battle-tested seem different market conditions seen different Market cycles and learn from them the way they’re going to find a mentor is shake some hands locally at the rheostat don’t fall asleep like I do shake hands at people at the Rio,

come out to sync Realty go to Rogers events and get network and get connected to some of the influencers

and don’t ask first because that’s BS right like don’t go to somebody and say hey can I learn from you that’s not the right way to do it,

find out who they are provide value value value value value value prove to them that you’re worthy as a students

and then say hey you know what what can I do to grab 30 minutes of your time a month or can I take you out to lunch can I buy you a coffee even though I know coffee lunch and dinner will not do my relationship with you justice because I’m a freaking newbie.

[45:26] I know that so say that out loud to them so that bass validate that but then be part of their lives.

Continue to provide as much value as you can and just be a sponge were very very interesting time right now if your numbers are not right for flip still losing the game don’t buy kratom wholesalers at 7585 90% on the dollar.

[45:50] No. Just giving you a thumbs up on that way then that’s one of the things we talked about it we hit it every day in the office you know I get 40 or 50 emails everyday

yeah I know yeah probably 99 out of a hundred or not deals and

yeah we can we can get on a rant about and what’s going on there but I will say that for another show look man it’s been great to have you and we got to do this again,

we will absolutely please, come in live on my show in the morning and then of course think Realty radio would love to have you too so we’ll make that happen on both fronts.

All right man for you been with us today folks on Flipping America and the Satan will be right back to wrap up the show.

[46:38] Music.

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but you can be confident that you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way Legal Shield and ID shield look out for you so you can get back to living life,

LegalShield is a prepaid legal service for individuals

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For you or your family for your business Legal Shield is the solution for your legal needs just go to Rodger b helps. Com right now just signed up that’s Rodger b.

Dot-com Legal Shield protection for every part of life.

[48:31] Music.

[48:45] I love it when a guest lives up to the hype Bobby thank you so much for joining us today really appreciate it man if you’re listening to this let’s do it again soon

okay I think I got time to squeeze in a couple of email questions and I’ve just pulled in a couple of questions from the mailbag,

send mail bags from the email inbox or whatever anyway related to rental properties so we’ll have a little bit of a rental property 3 theme here for a minute Fenton from St Louis Missouri

I ask this question is there a way I can work from the rent amount into a number I should pay for a house I’m looking at paying $55,004 I can rent out for 7:50 it seems like a good deal but I don’t know for sure

Sinton interesting name but I can tell you that your approach is sound and that’s the thing I really like about this.

[49:38] It is exactly correct,

to start from the rent amount and then add in what it’s going to take your initial fix up on the house if you’re buying the house for 55000 you didn’t mention that it doesn’t need any work

I would say that even if you have to put 10 or $15,000 into this house your numbers are still going to work here is why.

[49:59] There are a couple of numbers that we use in analyzing rental properties and one is going to give you a low result and the other one is going to give you a little bit higher result and if you buy the property in between.

You’ll be all right so the first rule is called the Red X 60 rule.

It’s very difficult to find the property this slow but if you take the rent and multiplied times 60 that’s what you should be paying for the house that means you could just basically pay the thing off in Indiana 5 years or so not count any interest

so 750 *,

60 equals $45,000 so according to that rule you should buy the house for 45,000,

it’s very difficult to find a property.

That cheap but whenever I do I try to jump on it if at all possible okay the other rule that you often hear talk about is the so-called 1% rule.

[50:56] That is your rent should be

1% of your all-in price on the house let’s say you bought the house for 55000 but it needed 5,000 in work and so you’re in it for 60,000 been 1% of that is 600 so you should get 600 a month


to satisfy the 1% rule since this is getting $750 a month it’s better than the 1% Rule and it’s actually kind of in-between now

if we had a little bit more time I could explain to you why these numbers are good.

But here’s basically what do you need to know Fenton everyone else listening if you’re buying the property that rent times 60,

you’re looking at about a 14% cash on cash return and I can do the math and I’ve got a video where I do the math for you and.

You know I guess I can link you to it maybe I will do that later on for everyone.

[51:52] If you do the math on the rent at the 1% rule you’re looking at a net

return AAA cash on cash return net now I’m talking about on your net operating income after expenses you’re looking at about eight and a half to 9% cash on cash return

typically all right and those are good numbers if you’re getting ate

or 9% up to 12 to 14% on your money that is very good that’s about as good as you really can realistically expect to do and now I’m going to go out on a little bit further limb and say that’s as good as you ought to do.

[52:28] I know and I’ll even said that the best cash flowing rental house is one that is completely paid for.

I understand that takes a lot of the pressure off of you you could be a little bit more selective in the tenants and that sort of thing that’s fine but unless you are completely retired.

[52:47] There are other things you can do with your money they’re going to get you a better return then that rental

and so you need to understand some things about money and finance and

use appropriate financing on the property if you want to do this now if you tell him if someone tells me I’m totally against it I completely buy into the Dave Ramsey approach I don’t want any debt and so I’m going to own it free and clear I’m not going to argue

that’s fine you will do fewer properties but you return Zoe pretty strong

and you’ll be a happy camper and you’re safe and real estate is safe and good nothing nothing wrong with that I’m just talking if you’re really looking to play it smart and get the best return you can

on your money you will use some type of Leverage but you got to make sure that the loan constant on the loan that you get is less by two or three points then you’re,

cash on cash return.

Okay now that’s a little bit too advanced for the show right now but we do cover this in a rental courson and you know I’m trying to sell your course.

You can look this stuff up on the internet through a variety of sources I recommend connected investors are Bigger Pockets are both joined both and just start digging around looking for this and that kind of takes me to the next question to.

[54:07] Alice from Atlanta Georgia said I just heard something about something called debt service coverage ratio.

The presenter gave some numbers and I just nodded like I understood but I had no idea what he meant I knew right away I could just email you and get an answer.

Well yes you can all right and believe it or not we get this question in from time to time people hear about debt service coverage ratio they really don’t know what it means and and their little embarrassed to ask but that’s fine.

You just need to be a little bit more like me

and that is don’t be afraid to ask a question if you don’t know that’s how I know the answer these questions and then I sit down and I think about the answers until I have it figured out and you know when I really learn it is when I try to teach someone else so here you go.

Debt service coverage ratio what were talking about that your debt service that’s what you pay.

To you know your mortgage payment.

On the rental house so you want the rent to cover your debt service okay you with me so you have debt service coverage how much does it cover.

[55:15] Is expressed as a ratio and in this case they don’t.

They don’t talk about the ratio it’s not expressed as a percentage like 120% for some reason they did they use just regular numbers ordinal numbers and.

If your look let’s say that your net income

oh actually some Leonard two different lives just to say that’s not to get into an argument about Net versus gross but let’s just say that your income was $600 and your debt service was $600 then.

That would be a debt service coverage ratio of 1.

[55:57] Because basically takes care of itself if you know you’re getting a hundred percent of your debt service covered by the payment the problem with that is there’s no room for anything to go wrong.

And guess what something going wrong is 100% guaranteed.

[56:16] Things break things go bump in the night people move sometimes they don’t pay their rent.

You have extra expenses just beside your debt service so most lenders are looking for you to have a coverage ratio that is larger than 1.

[56:39] A lot of time just kind of industry-standard here a lot of times they want a coverage ratio of 1.2

and you know different asset class like try flexors are quads might be 1.3 or 1.4 that’s kind of standard because the more families you have any unit the more things can go wrong right the more tense you have and so they want a little bit.

Better debt service coverage ratio a little bit more income for the loan amount and that’s.

Quite all right because if you have a decent duplex or decent quad your rents are going to be there going to be higher in and this would go for you

as well Fenton you need to look into this for anyone who is borrowing money to buy a rental property you need to understand a few things.

What people in N I hear this all the time from people who are big jams and Annie know what to do jaimez it’s somebody who’s basically says don’t gone and I’m good just ask me

big jam and they don’t decide always dog gone it but this is a family-oriented show anyway people who think they know it all that they will say hey

you got this loan you got your payment you got $200 cash flow you got 10,000 Equity your good this is a great deal you should buy this and the answer is almost always no it’s not.

In order to really know what you’re doing buying rental properties you need to take some time to research and understand loan constant.

[58:09] Capitalization rate cash-on-cash return and debt service coverage ratio.

If you can’t be bothered to learn these things please please don’t buy a rental house.

[58:23] When you were ready to learn these things then and after you’ve learned them and mastered the concepts then.

You have my permission to go buy rental properties okay that’s all we have time for today we’ll see you.

[58:35] Music.

[58:49] Eric Thomas has provided our motivational thought for the week and it is this when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful.

[59:01] This song is brought to you by the foundation for Renewal working together with communities to impact and improve lives everywhere find them on the web at renewal fund. Net.

And it’s always your gift in any amount is both tax deductible and much appreciated will see you soon.

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