Flipping America 160, Investing in Land

podcast 160 Land Investing

Expected Air Date: 06/21/18


Looking for an opportunity to get into a real estate business that doesn’t require a lot of cash, doesn’t have much competition, and can be done remotely without ever leaving your computer? Today Mark Podolsky is going to join us and talk about an opportunity to do just that. You won’t have tenants to deal with, you never have to make repairs, the cash flow is about as automated as it gets. It really works and just saying this gets me fired up about it.

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Guest:  Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek

Notes from the Interview

Email support@thelandgeek.com and mention Flipping America and he will send you a copy of the Passive Income Launch Kit Course, a $97 value. 

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  • Karen, Boston, MA “I found your show on iHeart radio, but then downloaded the app. I haven’t found you on the radio here in Boston but I don’t even care. The app is great and allows me to listen to all your previous shows. So here’s my question. I want to buy a couple of rental properties, but they are around $300,000 to buy a modest home that I could rent for maybe $1800 per month. That rent would cover my principal and interest payment and most of the taxes, but that’s it. I think I would have to come out of pocket a bit on these. I have a high paying job and the extra expense isn’t a factor. I don’t even need the income. I just wanted to build equity. Am I thinking about it the wrong way?”
  • Keith, Ellijay, GA “Seasonal cabin rental. Yes or no?”
  • Ashley, Jacksonville, FL “I’m looking at a single family home in a great area that I think will cash flow ok. I have an opportunity with a duplex in an ok, not great area that cash flows even better. How should I make a decision as to which one to buy?” 

Motivational Thoughts for the day

  • “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” Napoleon Hill

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