Flipping America 151, Home Staging

podcast 151 home staging

Expected Air Date: 05/07/18


Good morning everyone.  If you’ve ever watched one of the house flipping shows on TV you notice that when they finish the rehab work they will move in some furniture and decor items in order to stage the home. This practice is a relatively recent development in the industry and if your only source of information about this is TV, you might assume it’s an industry standard. 

I have the privilege of being connected with hundreds of actual home investors and for them it’s a different story. I have not conducted a study of my own network yet, but I can tell you without hesitation that most of the investors I know do not stage their homes this way. 

There’s no question that with some well-placed furniture and decor, the house you want to sell will look much more like a home someone wants to live in. But is it truly worth what it costs? We are going to look into that today and in a few moments I’m bringing in one of the industry leaders in home staging to discuss the topic with us. 

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Guest: Krisztina Bell

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