Flipping America 141, Real Estate Attorney Craig Halperin

podcast 141 real estate attorney craig halperin

Expected Air Date: 04/12/18


Real estate investors need a real estate attorney. Period. Develop that relationship from the very beginning.

Hello everyone. If you’re going to be in business, whether it’s the real estate business or any other business you are going to develop relationships with two types of professionals, legal and financial. You need the legal professionals because so much of our work has to do with transactions, contracts, and occasionally the unfortunate choices of others that harm us or take from us. 

You need the financial professionals – bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs to help us keep good records, pay all the taxes we owe and provide accountability to our investors and partners. 

I freely admit quite often that I started into this business without a clue of what I was doing or what goes on behind the scenes in a real estate transaction. At first I was too embarrassed to admit this, so I faked it. Finally I sat down with an attorney and asked him for some help. Today I want to give you some of that help and encourage you to reach out to an attorney in your area. 

Now you know that Legal Shield is one of our sponsors and I’m not only a big fan, I’m a customer! Legal Shield handles many things for me, but not everything. There are a few things that come up where I need a lawyer and I want it to be someone with whom I have cultivated a personal relationship. 

Attorneys are required to be present for closings in the state of Georgia and I don’t use Legal Shield for that. It’s not a reflection on Legal Shield at all – they are great at what they do for me. 

In just a few moments I’m going to be speaking with Craig Halperin, founder and principal partner of the law firm of Halperin and Lyman, one of the premier law firms in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s going to unpack for us a lot of the behind the scenes work attorneys do to get your deals to the closing table. Plus we are going to get his take on the state of the current market. 

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  • You’re not going to make tomorrow great by spending today dwelling on what happened yesterday. 

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