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podcast 141 Peter Pasternak

Expected Air Date: 04/14/18


Hello everyone. Today we are excited to be joined in a few moments by Peter Pasternack, former star of A&E’s Flip This House. Still an active investor in Atlanta, Peter has taken time from his busy schedule to join us this evening at Flipping Atlanta, the local networking group sponsored by Flipping America (crowd yell). 

Growing up in Connecticut, Peter Pasternack came by his entrepreneurial spirit very early on. Peter’s parents owned and operated a Dunkin’ Donuts location as well as a fast food restaurant in the West Hartford area. From an early age Peter had a knack for numbers as he assisted his father with payroll for both businesses, even processing payroll checks himself starting at age 5 when his parents were away for vacations.

Peter’s love of numbers lead him to the University of Georgia where he earned undergraduate and master’s degrees in accounting. Upon graduation he began his career at Price Waterhouse in Atlanta before transitioning to the banking industry where he gained over 20 years of experience. From this He financed over 500 businesses and saw firsthand why some ventures succeed and many fail. 

In 2005, Peter co-founded Foundations Design, LLC with his best friend and business partner, Brian Trow. The award winning company designs, builds, and renovates residential properties in the Greater Atlanta area. Peter is responsible for the operational and financial aspects of Foundations Design as well as the long term growth of the company. 

The initial success of Foundations Design and some fortunate timing led to a leading role on one of television’s most recognized real estate investment and home renovation shows, A&E’s Flip This House. On the show, Peter is routinely seen integrating his business savvy with trademark enthusiasm. 

He has been called upon to offer his knowledge and experience to prospective entrepreneurs and real estate investors through national and local media outlets such as Fox Business Channel, Georgia Society of CPA’s Magazine, and Business World Magazine in addition to various speaking and radio engagements. 

In 2010, as the real estate economy was struggling to recover, Peter and Brian saw an opportunity to assist others in their local market of Atlanta. Real Estate Connections, a monthly networking event, was created to facilitate a positive atmosphere where real estate professionals and real estate related industries could join forces to network, share ideas and strategies, and ultimately grow their businesses. 

Over its 7+ year history, Real Estate Connections has continued to grow and influence thousands within the local real estate community to the point that the average attendance is 350-400 people. This is just another example where they have seen market needs and worked to fill the void.

On top of two businesses, in 2017 Peter and Brian finally decided the moment was right to harness all they had learned through the years and pass it on to the next generation of real estate investors. Along with Denny Faircloth, The Investor’s Blueprint was formed to educate and inspire seasoned and new investors alike while taking them through the ins and outs of the real estate investing world. It is the perfect format to showcase Peter’s knowledge and infectious attitude for real estate investing and business in general.

Peter has worked diligently for his many achievements and believes in passing on the information that has made him so successful. He is excited about sharing his knowledge and skills in making money and believes strongly in the entrepreneurial spirit. 

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