Flipping America 138, Style

podcast 138 style

Expected Air Date: 04/02/18


Style is a part of everything you do – even if you never think about it. It’s one of the things we can control in our property rehabs and so therefore we SHOULD think about it. 

Good morning everyone! It’s great to be with you for another week of real estate talk and information. On this show we try to give you the best and most complete information you need in order to make good decisions about real estate, real estate investments, and your role in it. 

Part of your decision making process on every project has to do with style, color, and design. In a few moments we have an expert in these issues, Carla Gamper, coming along to help us think about these issues and the larger issues of project and contractor management. Carla grew up with tools in her hand, working on a farm and later getting formal training in design. She has invested her career in the real estate space, doing design and contracting work and now focuses on consulting. She will be along in a few minutes to share with us. 

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Motivational Thoughts for the day

  • “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” Walt Disney

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