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Expected Air Date: 03/29/18


Today we are going to talk about growing wealthy through financial literacy. It may surprise you that we don’t talk about it that much on this show. That’s because there is more to life than wealth. Wealth is no guarantee of joy and true satisfaction. Although if you’re going to be miserable, it might as well be on your own yacht as opposed to a borrowed canoe. 

Our guest Paul Rosanno teaches people how to be financially happy, which is different from merely being wealthy. He also is going to begin to lay out a path to financial happiness for us through his organization, FYNANC. Paul is the Director of Business Development for the company and spends his time traveling the country teaching not just financial literacy, but investing literacy. 

If you’ve seen my video on buying rental properties you know the basic buying formulas I use, but I don’t even touch on the subject of using leverage or debt for these properties. Why? Because I can’t get that information into a brief video. In order to use leverage correctly, you have to consider several data points and risk factors. That doesn’t fit into a short video. 

So when some guru tells you that you can buy a home in just about any neighborhood, borrow 80% of the purchase price and it will cash-flow, he is either ignorant or just trying to sell you something. There are several components to competent borrowing and it’s just sophisticated enough that for many people it’s better not to borrow at all. 

However if you understand the principles Paul can teach you, you can minimize your risk, maximize your return, and invest confidently knowing you have covered the possible downside. This is they way to steadily create wealth, financial freedom, and as he calls it, financial happiness. 

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