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Expected Air Date: 03/24/18


Mobile Home Parks can be a solid way to build wealth in a real estate portfolio.

Good morning everyone. My father always used to say, “invest in dirt — they are not making any more of it.” True wisdom. Today we are going to feature a real estate asset class where, if you can find it, you can make a 12-15% return on your money. The challenge is this – they aren’t making any more of them. What am I talking about? Mobile Home Parks. 

Mobile home parks have always gotten a bad rap, but the truth is, these parks provide low cost living environments for working class people, usually have a lower than normal crime rate compared to the immediately surrounding area, and offer an inexpensive way for anyone to put a roof over their head. Mobile home parks are often the butt of jokes and objects of scorn or derision from the more well-to-do. And the people getting elected to local offices more often than not come from the more well-to-do classes. Because of this, mobile home parks are being regulated and/or zoned right out of existence. 

My guest today is Jefferson Lilly, one of the founders of Park Street Partners and operator of mobilehomeparkinvestors.com. Jefferson will join us in a few moments and we will talk mobile home park investing. As a bonus today, after the show airs we are posting a dozen resource links around the internet for you to do some more reading on this subject. In addition to being a successful investor himself, Jefferson provides an opportunity for you to invest in his success and enjoy solid returns on a passive investment. 

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  • Jefferson Lilly

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  • “The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.” – Unknown

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