Flipping America 133, Construction Material Delivery from Tommyrun

podcast 133 Construction Material Delivery

Expected Air Date: 03/22/18


Here is a way to get construction material delivery to your job site 

Have you ever been on a job site and realized that you were short in some of your supplies? Perhaps you need another eight bags of quick-crete. Or the light fixtures weren’t included because someone forgot to order them? Trips back to the lumberyard or big box store are inevitable (in my case, MULTIPLE trips). So now you have some really expensive skilled laborers heading over to the store, losing 2-3 hours of productivity in the process, and throwing your schedule off place. Today’s guest is working on a solution to this problem. The company is TommyRun. They are like Uber Eats for contractors. Instead of delivering food, they deliver needed lumber and building materials – right to the job site. I think this is going to really help the process out. Our guest today, Jarr Strydom, is one of the founders of the company. 

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Special Guest

  • Jarr Strydom, TommyRun


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