Flipping America 131, Hard Money is Not Hard to Get, with Mike Braswell

podcast 131 hard money

Expected Air Date: 03/17/18


Hello everyone. I am Roger Blankenship and I teach people how to make money in Real Estate. We bring you news, trends, markets, and we feature people who are getting it done in this industry. I’m here to tell you today that Hard Money is not hard to get.

Today our guest is Michael Braswell, founder of Braswell Capital Solutions. Michael has been in the financial sector his entire career although he did spend some time as a successful realtor as well. His experience in real estate, finance, and with investors has created in him the ideal person to provide financing for your real estate project. He will be with us in a few moments.

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Special Guest

  • Michael Braswell

Motivational Thoughts for the day

  • The answer to every un-asked question is the same. 
  • You never bought the house you didn’t offer on. 

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Topic: Things you need to know when getting hard money loans

  1. What are the loan qualifications?
    1. The deal itself. ARV, Purchase price, rehab budget
    2. Your experience. How many have you done, have you done this type of project?
    3. Credit score
  2. What are the loan costs?
    1. Interest Rate
    2. Origination Fee
  3. What is the loan term?
    1. Is there a pre-payment penalty (most do not)
    2. What if we need more time? 
  4. Translate this to the bottom line.
    1. Cash out of pocket to close
      1. Down payment
      2. Origination feed
    2. Interest payments
    3. Additional cash needed to finish repairs
  5. Know the number of days you will hold the property
    1. Length of rehab
    2. Avg. Days on market
    3. Plus 45 days from contract to close

Shop around, sure, but stick with quality people who do what they say they will do. Vet your lender like any other part of your team. Lenders can hurt you by failing to close at the last minute or delaying draw money you need to pay your contractors. Check with others who have borrowed from a lender or broker. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Do they answer their phone? Do they return calls and messages? 

Understand what lenders are NOT here to do:

  1. Waste their time on your ignorant fanny.
  2. Teach you how to manage your project
  3. Teach you how to run your business
  4. Analyze your deals for you. They will analyze them of course, but you should only present deals to them that you have already confirmed are solid.

Like everyone else in this business they get paid when a product is delivered – in this case when a loan is closed. They will appreciate you NOT wasting their time and will be more interested in working with the investors that bring quality closeable deals to the table. 

I’ve said many times that if you know your ability to perform and you know your numbers, it doesn’t matter too much what the loan costs are. Do your research, know your numbers, prepare for the worst, buy conservatively, and you will consistently do well. Keep your eyes open! Opportunities are everywhere.  

Questions@flippingamericaradio.com Tell us where you’re from!

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