Flipping America 108, 85 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

Podcast 108 85 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

Expected Air Date: 01/15/17


Back by popular demand, we are going to discuss again today the 85 ways to make money in real estate. There are sub-categories and sub-sub tactics and methods, but these are the 85 major ways. We tried for a list of 100, but after 85 we were repeating ourselves. This time around we are organizing the ways a bit. 

Here’s a helpful insight: Although there are 85 ways to make money, they all fall into one of three categories:

  1. Active Buying and Selling
  2. Buying and holding for cash flow and equity development
  3. Passive investing through lending or equity share purchases.


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Questions@flippingamericaradio.com Tell us where you’re from!

  • Ron, Jacksonville, FL “Did I hear you say it’s a bad idea to buy a rental property from a full-service company that provides the rented house for you and financing if you need it?”
  • Deann, Atlanta, GA. “I go through the process you have described and end up with a maximum offer far less than the price the seller is asking. Should I just go ahead and make the offer? It seems like possibly a waste of time – both mine and the sellers.”
    • If an individual from your marketing, sit down and show them the numbers. Then make the offer. Tony’s illustration of the tow truck…
    • If a bank or a HUD house, make the offer.
  • Max, Chattanooga, TN “Please go over how many offers I need to make in order to buy one house per month. It doesn’t seem like I have enough time to do this part time.”
  • Sharon, Clearwater, FL “I appreciated so much what you shared on the show last Saturday. My husband and I retired to Clearwater in 2006 and took our life savings and invested in real estate here. We thought we couldn’t miss, but boy did we ever. We lost almost everything. Your words were very encouraging. We’ve been trying to get re-started but both had to go back to work part-time to maintain our modest lifestyle here. We are still interested in real estate, but need some guidance on how to get started.” 


  • Eighty Five Ways to Make Money in Real Estate  
  • There is overlap and many of them are similar. Some items are more of a source for deal flow than a separate strategy. We create another item if the skill set or knowledge required is significantly different. None of them will be radically different, but each area or source has a different twist. 
  • This was the topic for show number 80, but we have taken the list a little further and deeper by grouping the list into five broad categories: 
    • Active Build or Repair and Sell. Items will fall into this category if you buy with the intent of adding value by any means (not always repairs) and re-selling within one year. 
    • Active Buy and Hold. These are investments made with the intent to create cash flow. 
    • Passive. You put up the money and it creates income for you. No tenants, toilets, contractors. Just the money. 
    • Marketing. This includes all real estate related marketing jobs, which is more than simply being a Realtor
    • Vendor. Provide goods or services to real estate investors and the real estate community.
Eighty Five Waysp, f, m, v, or bPassive, Fix and Flip, Marketing, Vendor, or Buy and Hold
Buy and Holdb 
Hybrid fix and Holdb 
Small Multi-family (duplex through quads)b 
Small Apartments (5-50 units)b 
Large Apartmentsb 
Small Officeb 
Large Officeb 
Commercial Sub-leasing (Regus, WeWork, etc.)b 
Virtual Officeb 
Triple Net Leasing – large companies don’t always want to own the real estate.b 
Manufacturing / Industrialb 
Motel / Hotelb 
Raw Landb 
Farm Investingb 
Water/Mineral/Oil/Gas rightsb 
Mobile Homesb 
Mobile Home Parksb 
RV Parksb 
Vacation Rentalsb 
Business short-stay (AirBnB)b 
Real Estate Syndicationb 
1031 Exchangesb26
Bird Dogf 
Fix and Flipf 
New Every 2 Flip strategyf 
Turn Key Rental salesf 
Lease Arbitragef 
Apartment wholesalerf 
Fix and Flip Apartments any sizef 
Single family developerf 
Commercial developerf 
Non-performing Notesf 
Performing Notesf 
New Construction Residentialf 
New Construction Commercialf 
International investingf15
Auctionsf or b 
Foreclosure salesf or b 
Tax Liensf or b 
Subject-Tof or b 
HUD salesf or b 
VA salesf or b 
Bulk packagesf or b 
Joint Venturesf or b8
Residential Realtorm 
Commercial Realtorm 
Real Estate Marketerm 
Realtor Lead Generationm 
Realtor Lead Managementm 
Leveraged Contract for Deedm 
Residential Mortgage Lenderm 
Commercial Mortgage Lenderm 
Lending Brokerm 
Property Management, Residentialm 
Property Management, Commercialm 
Own the Brokeragem 
Retirement Specialistm13
Crowd Fundingp 
Stock in publicly traded RE companyp 
Cash Lenderp 
IRA Lenderp 
Real Estate Private Equity Fundp6
Home Inspectorv 
Insurance Agentv 
Title/Escrow Agentv 
Real Estate Attorneyv 
Real Estate Accountantv 
Resident Managerv 
Project Managerv 
Real estate photographyv 
Consulting / Mentoringv 
REIA ownerv 
Trainer / Guruv 
Radio Host! (wait – we were talking about making money…)v17

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