FlipStarter Real Estate Investment Course

Roger Blankenship’s FlipStarter Course teaches you everything you need to Find, Fund, Fix and Flip your first property — all in only four weeks

Get started on the road to financial freedom through real estate investing with this quick introduction that will help you build your empire.

With over 1,000 successful flips under his belt, Roger shares the insights you will need to avoid the expensive and painful traps that plague many early-stage flippers. Why risk your startup income when you can stay on the path to success with help from one of America’s most prolific real estate investors?

Creating Wealth Without the Stress

Starting any new type of investment strategy can be stressful. When you have a solid coach by your side, you can confidently create wealth that will help sustain your lifestyle and your family for years to come. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of luxury vacations or simply retiring at a younger age than expected. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to travel extensively or simply enjoy real estate.

No matter your motivation for getting started with real estate investment properties, you will have a seasoned professional by your side when you work with Roger Blankenship.

From securing financing to speaking with contractors to ultimately selling your property for the highest possible price, you will never be left in the dark wondering how to move forward.

Key Learning Objectives In The Four-Week FlipStarter Course with Roger Blankenship

Flip Starter Course


Ever wondered how professional real estate investors determine which house will result in significant income . . . versus being a flop? In this first week, Roger Blankenship will walk you through how to keep a laser focus on what will make an exceptional flip.

  • What makes a good flip?
  • How do you find a property to flip?
  • Inbound and outbound marketing tactics used by the pros
Flip Starter Course


Not everyone has a significant nest egg that they can use to invest in properties. Fortunately, Roger Blankenship can coach you through finding the funds that you need to get started flipping homes quickly, efficiently — so you can be sure to boost your investment returns.

  • How to fund your deals with private money
  • Understanding bridge loans or asset-based loans
  • Creative deal structures
Flip Starter Course


You’ve got a target, you’ve purchased the property — now for the fun part! With this sound real estate investment advice from Roger Blankenship, you’ll quickly learn how to manage the overall construction process in your spare time without quitting your day job.

  • Walking a property
  • Creating a Scope of Work
  • Recruiting and hiring a contractor
  • The all-important construction agreement
  • Managing the construction process
Flip Starter Course


Your lovely new investment property has been upgraded to the max, now it’s time to make the sale! You’ll never leave money on the table with a buyer with these insider real estate investment tips from Roger Blankenship. Get creative with sales tools and get paid!

  • Selling your property
  • Creative ways to make a sale

Building Your Real Estate Investment
Empire: Minimize the Risk and Maximize Returns

Each of these courses is meant to build on the basic strategies provided by Roger Blankenship. Ready to dive in and get started flipping homes — without quitting your day job? This four-week course gives you the broad overview of real estate investment strategies that will protect your investment dollars while providing a significant ROI for your efforts.

Contact Roger Blankenship today to determine which of his three courses will help you reach your most aggressive real estate investment goals:

Flip Starter Program

This four-week introduction to flipping houses provides answers to your key questions — and a path forward.

Flip Mastery

This ten-week course builds on the basics introduced in FlipStarter and is intended to help take your real estate business to the next level.

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Machine

The ultimate in-depth dive into real estate investing, offering you exceptional insight to accelerate your business growth objectives.

A quick introductory call with Roger Blankenship will help assess where you are in your real estate investment journey and help show the value you can expect to gain from any of these valuable courses.

Roger Blankenship