Find Your Fit In Real Estate Course

Just like any new undertaking, flipping houses requires some special tools and knowledge. While you won’t need a master’s degree in finance, there are specific mindsets and insider information that will help make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

As someone who has flipped more than 1,000 homes, I was driven to share my knowledge and help others. I’ve created a series of courses, starting with my Find Your Fit in Real Estate course, that will help you evaluate your current real estate investment knowledge and see where and how you can be most successful.

I look forward to working with you as you get started in the exciting world of real estate investments!

Roger Blankenship

Let Me Help You Find Your Fit in Real Estate

Although my show is called Flipping America, I don’t encourage everyone to drop what they are doing and start flipping houses like you see on TV. That isn’t for everyone. I DO encourage everyone to consider real estate as part of a balanced investment portfolio and to that end I aim to provide the best content, facts, research, methods, demographics, philosophies, training and assistance I can to help everyone reach their potential and fulfill their investing dreams through real estate

Defining an Individualized Approach to Real Estate

So if flipping houses isn’t for everyone, how do you know your best options? I believe your approach to investing should be as individualized as you are. You are unique in terms of your abilities, your skills and experiences and your life situation. There IS an opportunity for you but it may not be the same opportunity as the person sitting next to you. One person may make a killing as a wholesaler but that doesn’t mean you will or that you should

Find the best place to spend your time and effort by understanding your best fit. This course will help you consider your unique circumstances and abilities compared to the opportunities out there. You will take big steps toward finding your perfect “fit” as a real estate investor.

Key Learning Objectives in the Five Lesson Find Your Fit in Real Estate Course

Find Your Fit In Real Estate


Let’s figure out where you are in terms of your life experience, situation, skills, and available time and money. In fact, let’s chart it. I provide the chart, then you compare your profile to the typical profile of other investors. This will give you some idea of your stage of the real estate investing journey.

Find Your Fit In Real Estate


We are all internally wired, but we are not all the same. Some of us are more people-oriented, some are more task-oriented. In this lesson we will use the DISC profile to discover some of your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. Self-understanding will go a long
way to helping you select an investing strategy

Find Your Fit In Real Estate


In this lesson I invite you to remove all limitations and imagine a life you have only dared to dream of until now. Once you have written the dream, figure out what it would cost to actually live that dream. My guess is it will cost less than you think.

Find Your Fit In Real Estate


First we define financial freedom. Then you get to decide what financial freedom looks like in your life. And we will start making a plan with real estate investing to get there.

Find Your Fit In Real Estate


Take what we have learned and create a realistic strategy to take us from where we are to where we need to be
(financial freedom) and from there to where we want to be (the life of our dreams).

This course is the foundation for all of my more intensive study sessions, and will help you fully evaluate your current and future trajectory in real estate investments

Building Your Real Estate Investment Empire:
Minimize the Risk and Maximize Returns

ach of these courses is meant to build on the basic strategies provided by Roger Blankenship. Ready to dive in and get started flipping homes — without quitting your day job?

Contact Roger Blankenship today to determine which of his three courses will help you reach your most aggressive real estate investment goals:

Flip Starter Program

This four-week introduction to flipping houses provides answers to your key questions — and a path forward.

Flip Mastery

This ten-week course builds on the basics introduced in FlipStarter and is intended to help take your real estate business to the next level.

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Machine

The ultimate in-depth dive into real estate investing, offering you exceptional insight to accelerate your business growth objectives.

A quick introductory call with Roger Blankenship will help assess where you are in your real estate investment journey and help show the value you can expect to gain from any of these valuable courses.

Roger Blankenship