Dealmakers Meetup

We eat lunch almost every day. Some days we set aside time to invite the public, do some FREE coaching and talk about deals. Here’s a chance to 

  • Sell your Deal
  • Find a Deal
  • Meet a Realtor
  • Secure the Capital
  • Meet potential partners
  • Make new friends!
Look for details on the calendar above. They will be marked “ALL”. 
Real Estate Training Event
Real Estate Networking Event
FlipStarter Training Event
Real Estate Training Event

Real Estate Training

When you consider Real Estate Training Events, online courses and meetings are fine. But there is NOTHING like getting in the same room with a group of motivated and like-minded people. Roger hates being bored, so he goes out of his way to make these informative AND fun. The COVID pandemic taught us how to do livestream events. Now that we are back to in-person meetings we know we can do both. This is how you might attend one of our real estate training events even if you can’t make it to the location.

Roger is known for completely immersing himself himself in our training events whether its a larger group like one of our Starter events or a weekend intensive with smaller groups. You might think his passion is real estate, but he will tell you his passions are God, Family, Freedom, and helping others. You see it in every event.

Training Mastermind 2020
This group attended FlipStarter and signed up for the One on One Training

This is where many people get their start in real estate investing. And if you want to flip houses, there is no better way to learn the process than this full-immersion weekend training. It’s everything you need to Find, Fund, Fix, and Flip your way to Financial Freedom. 

Attendees get a weekend jam-packed with content, networking, resources AND lifetime access to the FlipStarter Online Course. This training course will let them refresh their memory, access bonus interviews, and will receive coupon codes for two more courses,

FlipStarter Real Estate Training Event
Roger brings other resources to FlipStarter
Real Estate Training Event


Once you have the income streams from flipping, it’s time to add income properties for wealth building. Anyone can buy a house and call it a rental. But there are numerous (and expensive) ways to get this wrong. Learn from our experience in buying more than 400 single family income properties over the years. 

We answer the question, “what makes a good rental property?” Then we show you how to run the numbers. There are multiple ways to create income and cash flow from rentals and this training will explain them all.

We talk about rent-ready repairs, maintenance, and managment. You get all the paperwork we use and you get access to the online course as well.


Take a deep dive into a variety of topics Roger considers essential for investing mastery. Each weekend is a different topic. They include Property Renovation, Creative Deal Structuring and more. 

These real estate training events are part of the Flipping America Apprenticeship, but the public is welcome to attend. Admission is free to Platinum Members and Apprentices.