Using the Home Offer Worksheet

Click here to download the Home Offer Sheet.

This BONUS lesson is lesson 7 borrowed from the Real Estate Investing QuickStart Course. You can take this $297 course for just $97 if you use the coupon code “socialdistancelearning”. It’s 15 lessons from soup to nuts about the real estate investing business. Deals, sources, what to offer, wholesaling, estimating repairs, making the offer, the paperwork, conversation starters, working with realtors, wholesalers, deal scouts, setting up the office, marketing for deals, and finding buyers. All in one quick course. This is the only place you will find this offer. 

If you are a member of the Flipping America Academy at the Training Level or above, you already have access to this course. And if you are following the RoadMap we provided, you should have already seen this video. But hey, repetition is a big key in actually learning something.