Lesson Twelve: Working with Bird Dogs

Here is the Deal Scout Agreement, but you can download a pdf of this below. We cover both the agreement and the submission form in this 13:36 lesson. In the lesson we call them Bird Dogs, which is our affectionate term for them, but seems a little less than professional when putting it in writing.

Just for fun, you should search online for birddog images. You might find something like this:

Bird Dog

The Deal Scout Agreement

What the Deal Scout Is:

A “Deal Scout” is defined as an individual who looks for potential investment properties, talks to potential sellers, and introduces them to members of the Buy Your House Network team. 

What the Deal Scout Does:

  1. Locate potential investment properties for the Buy Your House Network (BYHN). 
  2. Present those properties to BYHN by introducing the seller to someone from BYHN.
  3. Present only those properties after the following criteria are met.
    1. Scout has had a personal conversation with a qualified decision-maker – someone who has the power to sell the property. 
    2. Scout has determined that the seller is highly motivated. 
    3. Scout believes there is significant equity or cash flow in the property. 

What the Deal Scout Receives:

  1. A fee ranging from $500 to $1000 depending on the profitability of the deal.
  2. Payment will be made within 48 hours of BYHN’s closing on the purchase of the property. 

Important Notes:

  1. BYHN will determine the amount of the fee and although explanation can be provided, that determination is final. 
  2. Scout should be careful not to waste the time of the BYHN team. 


Signature of ScoutDate of Signature


Printed Name of Scout


Signature of BYHN RepresentativeDate of Signature


Printed Name and Title of BYHN Representative

Click here to download the Deal Scout Submission Form.

Click here to download the Deal Scout Agreement.