Magic Johnson was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He led the Los Angeles Lakers to 5 NBA titles and still holds many records. A few years after his retirement the Lakers brought Magic back in as an interim coach to end the 93-94 season. 

… It did not go well. 

They won their first few games and then lost ten in a row. Magic’s final record was 5-11. He would not coach again. 

Great players are often so physically gifted they do things with ease or with “unconscious competence” that mere mortals only dream of doing. They create new moves, new approaches, or different tactics, seemingly on the fly, without advance thought or planning. This is what makes them great performers but not great coaches. 

Average players who study the game, endlessly train and rehearse techniques and mimic the creativity of the truly great ones can not only be effective as players, but also can teach the game as coaches. This is because their competence is a part of their conscious processing. They can break down the techniques – put your foot here, hold the ball this way, run to this spot, watch for that sign, and so on that will teach the game effectively. 

Steve Kerr was a great player compared to ordinary people but in the NBA he was little better than average and known primarily for his outside shooting. He won 7 championships as a player because he was on a great Bulls team with Michael Jordan for 5 of them and a great Spurs team with Tim Duncan for 2 of them. But Steve has also become a great coach, leading his Golden State Warriors to three titles. This is due to his development of the conscious competence that he is able to teach others. 

Why am I telling you this? I’ve always done well at raising private capital, but I have not spent much time evaluating the steps, mapping out the process, and creating anything like a system around it. It would be difficult for me to tell you exactly what I do. Much of it wouldn’t translate and is dependent on my personality. Our teacher for this course, Dave DuBeau, has taken the time to fully develop a system and step by step approach to raising money. 

I’m very pleased to announce that Dave has agreed to collaborate with me in bringing this introductory course to you. There is an opportunity for you to go deeper with Dave on this topic, and if you want to do that, I’ll pay for your seat. That’s right. Just use the links we are going to provide and you can spend a day with Dave and really get down to the business of capitalizing your business.