Message from your instructor

Let’s master a few simple, memorable concepts

Thanks for signing up for this mini-course on Negotiation. In just a few lessons you will learn the basics of negotiation. I think that’s pretty much all you will ever need. If you talk to enough sellers, have enough deal structuring tools in your bag, and have mastered these basic negotiating skills you will make all the deals you need. Those first two conditions are not part of this course but they should not be ignored. 

We are going to talk at length about how to make a connection with anyone you meet, truly listen to their needs with understanding, and propose solutions that will work both for the other party and for you. 

All you need to do is watch the videos, take a couple of quizzes on what you watched, and do a few activities designed to help you practice what you are learning. And that is going to be the key. As you learn how to consciously make connections, you will get better at it – like anything you practice. So practice! I mean at restaurants, with your Uber driver, with people you share an elevator with for 30 seconds, even people you meet on the street. Make it a point to connect with a variety of people by making them feel comfortable and happy to speak with you. This will work wonders in your business. 

To get started I want you to take a quick quiz about where you think you are right now on this topic and I’ll have similar questions for you at the end. And as always, please let me know what you wish we would have covered. We love your feedback and listen to all of it. 

See you on the flip side.