Welcome to the Course

Assignment: Goal Setting


Take some time here. Where you write down your answers doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you take the time and do it. When I started this process I put it into a Word Document. Then I created my own version of a Vision Tracker Organizer (VTO) as taught in the “Traction” book I recommended. I printed out the pages and put them in the notebook I carried everywhere with me. Now I’m trying out more portable versions and experimenting with different software packages that may allow me to keep it all in the cloud. However you do it, do the following now and at least once a year for the “Annual” items and once a week for the “Weekly” items. You’ll notice a markedly improved focus on your activities. 


What is your 10 year vision for your life and business?

What are your 3 yr goals for your life and business?

What are your 1 yr goals?


What are your Quarterly Milestones for your business? Yes, I’m asking you to write down your quarterly milestones every week. This will allow you to focus, adjust if necessary, and answer the next questions.

What are the steps you need to take this week?

Where are the open slots in my calendar I can put these steps in for this week? I call this “making an appointment with your own success.”