The typical farewell phrase of the psychologist

“See you later. Stay in touch with yourself. “

But just in case you want to reach US...

Mailing Address

925B Peachtree Street, Suite 512, Atlanta, GA 30309


9-5 (U.S. Eastern Time), Monday – Thursday.

9 – noon Fridays. 

We recognize all of the standard holidays plus we make up a few of our own just to have another day off from time to time. 

Call us - 877-55-ROGER

Here’s a little web site Easter egg for you. Since we wonder if anyone actually ever looks at these pages, if you will click the email link and send the message, “stay in touch with yourself,” we will award you 100 points in your membership. Remember those points can be redeemed for discounts on the one-on-one mentoring.