Real Estate Coaching Programs

Real estate coaching programs from Flipping America and Roger Blankenship are designed with your needs in mind. Our commitment is to ensure the maximum possibility of success. These coaching programs work with those who already have properties under contract (or are about to) and need guidance through the project. 

Real Estate Coaching versus Mentoring

Here’s how we see the differences. We offer our real estate coaching programs for people who just want some one-time guidance. There are others who want complete training, start to finish, on everything related to building a real estate investment business. Everyone has different priorities. We meet you at your point of need. We call our mentoring program the Flipping America Apprenticeship. Click here to explore further. 

One Deal Real Estate Coaching Program

This is for those who have an investment property under contract and need someone to guide them to a successful completion. You are doing the work, and Roger is checking in as often as you need. This includes in-person or video visits to the property. The cost is $5000 at closing (purchase) plus 25% of the net profits at the end, capped at a maximum of $10,000. Therefore, the most this could cost you in total is $15,000. If you have a property under contract and want to discuss this, schedule a free strategy call. Availability is limited. 

Flip in AL before
Small Town AL before
Small Town AL After
AL kitchen before
AL kitchen before
Coaching Program after
AL Kitchen after

Guru Rescue Coaching Program

Did you sign up for one of those hotel-room gurus, spend $30,000 or more and still didn’t get what you need? You’re not alone. And we are here to help. We need to get paid, but you’ve paid out enough up front. Schedule a strategy call using the button above. Let’s discuss your situation and whether we are a good fit. Once we are convinced that you are serious, we will enter into a 4-deal agreement. We will guide you through your next four deals for 25% of the profit from each. There is NO upfront payment (you must provide evidence of spending $30,000 or more with a program we recognize.) You will pay us a minimum of $10,000 at the end of year one whether you have completed a deal or not. 

Do you believe in yourself, but know you just need a bit more help to push you over the top? Are you going to work to get the deals in and done? Are you committed to your own success? Then this program is a good fit for you. Click the strategy call link above. 

Group Real Estate Coaching

Take advantage of the questions and growing experiences of a group. This is an upgrade to the training membership and adds weekly group coaching calls. Some are during the day and some are in the evenings. All are recorded and available to members.

All Coaching members enjoy the benefits of both the FREE and the Training membership levels. And the Community is “on” 24/7/365.

Get your questions answered and learn from the others in the group. All sessions are led by Roger or one of his coaches. Stay for a month, stay for a year. There is no contract. Click below to join. 

Real Estate Coaching with small group
Here's Roger coaching a group of four.