New for 2023!

You can now purchase fix and flips, rentals (both long and short-term) and seller-financed properties through the Club.

THE BUYER’S CLUB: Cashflow Properties at Deep Discounts

You want cashflow properties at deep discounts. That’s what this is about. Founded in July 2020, the Buyer’s Club provides investors with cashflow and strong returns on investments due to the deep discounts on the properties. We have access to hundreds of affordable properties that are just waiting to be bought and resold. Take advantage by joining the Buyer’s Club.

Here’s a quick overview:


Hello, my name is Ronnie, and I’m a member of Roger Blankenship’s Buyer’s Club. I have bought three properties from Roger. The first one sold and is now cash flowing for $550/month. The second one sold to the person who called the day that we put the sign in the yard, and the third house gets calls every day. So, go ahead and do your due diligence, and pull the trigger, because Roger Blankenship’s Buyer’s Club is a pretty straight shot. Good luck and happy investing! – Ronnie Hall.


When you join the Buyer’s Club, you will be guided through the process of buying and selling cashflow properties. Members save thousands from the published prices, which are already discounted. This is how you get the deep discounts on cashflow properties.

Investors use seller financing instruments to receive monthly payments on their property for several years.  We show you how to do it, or you can hire us to do it all for you.

Or you can fix the property up and flip it – or have us do it. 


It’s all about the 

  1. Properties at deep discounts
  2. Process for selling to occupants
  3. Training and Support


We have multiple people searching nationwide every day of the week. We also belong to an exclusive VIP access with the auction houses (only 15 people nationwide have this access). And lastly we get lists from lenders and other brokers. The bottom line: Thousands of properties to review every week. We buy the best properties we can find that fit our cashflow model.


You could try this method on your own, without the Buyer’s Club altogether. You’ll have the joy (!) of learning some hard lessons like we did. Or, you can join the club, access the properties, and avoid costly mistakes. 


When you join the Buyer’s Club, you’ll receive step-by-step training, detailed resources and, of course, access to our proactive team. We’re here to answer all of your questions and do everything in our power to help you have a positive investment experience.


We need serious buyers only. We don’t have room for tire-kickers or the merely curious. If you are a serious cash buyer with intent to purchase cash flowing properties, we invite you to join. It’s costs $1000 per year to join, but that fee is just there to keep the un-serious out. When you buy your first house we credit the $1000 right back to you. 

Space is limited

The supply of deeply discounted properties is limited. We want all our members to have properties. Therefore, when we have enough members to buy all the properties we find, we will close the doors to the club either until someone drops out or we start getting more properties. If you click the button below and are turned away, you’ll be invited to join a waiting list. 

Buyers' Club Executive Director, Helen Ishii

helen ishii

Helen completed her training in the Flipping America Mentoring Program in early 2019 .

She founded her own virtual wholesaling company, built a network of realtors across the country and has bought and sold properties in more than 15 states. 

She joined the Flipping America team as Senior Acquisitions Analyst in 2021 and later that year was named Executive Director for the Buyer’s Club. 

Some of our recent properties

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