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Become a contributing writer!

You can be a part of our next Bestselling Real Estate Book. You’re at this page because you’ve been invited. 

I’m putting together a book with multiple ways to become a Real Estate Millionaire (flipping houses isn’t for everyone!) and I would like for you to write a chapter plus answer a few additional questions. You and I should have agreed on your topic by now. 

What does your participation look like?

  • You write a chapter on your area of expertise. There may be other writers (contributors) in the same area, but you each have your own story.
  • Answer a few additional questions on your specialty. 
  • Mention your free or low-cost lead magnet in your chapter. 

Cost of participation: $3000

We are self-publishing and hiring the company that made my last book, “Flipping Houses in Ten Days,” an international number 1 best seller in four days. This isn’t free, so we will share the load. 

In addition, I plan to use the money to hire an Event Coordinator and market a Summit where all Contributors will be invited to participate.

What's in it for the contributors

  1. The opportunity to put “International #1 Best Selling Author” in your bio (if you do not already have that distinction). There is no guarantee of course, but we all feel very strongly that with proven marketing techniques, this will be a bestseller.
  2. The ability to purchase the book at a wholesale price and sell for retail in your network. 
  3. Exposure to a wider audience. Imagine a couple of dozen other people, each with their own network, promoting the book that you are in.
  4. Invitation to present at the Real Estate Summit event (two are planned for 2023). Sell your course, program, or coaching.
  5. Additional interviews on the Flipping America show (1.5M listeners per month).
  6. An opportunity to present to the Flipping America REIA (35 chapters, 16,000+ members nationwide).
  7. You will be listed as a co-author in the book description on the book Amazon landing page. 
  8. We will send you written instructions on how to contact Amazon and request to link the book to your author page. 

What's the time frame?

In one word – TIGHT!

  • Your draft will be due by Jan 15, 2022. 
  • Two weeks of revisions and/or tweaks with me.
  • I’m assembling all the answers to the general questions.
  • I create the basic order, table of contents, and original Word doc.
  • Submit to publisher last week of January.
  • Many weeks of back and forth – I’ll have to re-read the entire book at least twice during this time. 
  • Publication (hopefully) by late spring. 
  • Summit meetings in August and October (TBD).

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