Be Prepared to Change Strategies

What do airports, luxury hotels, landfills, warehouses, office buildings and factories have in common? They are all located on real estate. 

“Keep Your Eyes Open – Opportunities Are Everywhere.” Award winning podcaster Roger Blankenship concludes every show with a variation of those words. In this business the “cheese” is always moving. (Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson is a quick and recommended read.) Pay attention to market trends, give careful thought about the best tactics for each market situation, and learn how to evaluate new or related opportunities in terms of alignment and returns, and you will prosper.

Have you stumbled onto an asset different from your normal business (a commercial building, for example) that looks like a deal, but you have no experience? Find someone to join your team as an “advisor.” Pay them for their wisdom. 

Network aggressively, meet people. Listen a lot. You’ll encounter opportunities you never knew possible. 

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