The APPRENTICESHIP program includes PLATINUM membership.

One INTENSE year...a LIFETIME membership

Watch the video and discover how to fast track your real estate investing business.


You know exactly what you want out of your real estate investing — stable income, money for retirement, or generational wealth. AND you’d rather get there sooner than later. That’s why you’re here.

Roger Blankenship is host of the Flipping America show and is the best-selling author of “Flipping Houses in Ten Days.” Go one-on-one with him to take your investing business to the limit. Once you are in, you’re in for life

The APPRENTICESHIP is knowledge

The Flipping America Apprenticeship includes all the home study courses from the FAN, inclusion at all weekend training events, group coaching calls, and monthly one-on-one calls for a full year. Invest in yourself and you will be a part of the Flipping America family for life

You will have lifetime access to all of Roger’s famed courses, FlipStarter, RentStarter, REI QuickStart, REI Numbers, How to Rehab a House, UNreal Estate, The Confidence Course, and the Busy Entrepreneur series which includes courses on Negotiation, Risk Management, Asset Protection, and much more.

You will get all of the documents, all the contracts, the checklists, everything we have and use in our own business. 


Learn together with others on the journey to real estate investing success. You’ll be with them in the classrooms, the weekend intensives, the online coaching calls, and all the live events. We are all here to help each other, push each other to become the best versions of ourselves, and together do things we might not have done, or been able to do on our own. 

Members will be able to access the FAN community and remember, it’s a lifetime membership. 

The Flipping America APPRENTICESHIP is Roger

You may have seen other national leaders advertising their programs but when you show up for the training, they are nowhere to be seen. In fact, you never meet them. The Flipping America Apprenticeship is ME. Well — It’s not ALL me — I have a great team working with me. But you won’t find an event, a class, or training weekend that doesn’t include me for at least a portion of it. It’s not that I’m a control freak. I just that I personally care about your development as a real estate professional and I show it by showing up.

My experience from thousands of real estate deals is available to you through all of the group events, but also through the monthly one-on-one calls for your first year in the program. That’s right. You speak directly with me once a month with your questions, challenges, and your wins. I’m also available in-between scheduled calls when you need direction, deal analysis, or whatever. 

I haven’t seen everything – but I’ve seen a lot. With 20+ years in real estate and a 35 year career in entrepreneurial ventures, I can draw on my experience to help you get where you want to go. 


Flipping America Mastermind training clients
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Flipping America Mastermind training client
Flipping America Mastermind training clients