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Welcome to Flipping America, your all-inclusive guide to navigating the real estate industry, from buying and selling properties to executing profitable flips and much more. Flipping America was founded by Roger Blankenship, internationally known motivational speaker, trainer, author of multiple books, including the international #1 best seller, “Flipping Houses in Ten Days.” Roger has completed thousands of deals including more than 1500 fix and flip projects, and bought and sold over $200 million dollars worth of single family homes.

He is an educator by training, having taught at every level from elementary school through college. (Ok, the elementary gig was a student teaching role…)

Skip the learning curve

Flipping America brings real estate investments to everyone, whether you have industry experience or not. In business since 2002, the team has developed a deep understanding of the industry and can give you access to priceless lessons and information. Using our Member Road Maps and online resources you can accelerate the learning curve and start making money. 

Why we are different

We call it “integrity.” With a passion for helping others, our Flipping America team gets right down to the action. We don’t promise overnight wealth and minimal effort like some of the other “real estate gurus” — that’s not our style. What we will do is provide you with detailed, step-by-step resources that are proven to help you achieve your income goals and build wealth.

Flipping America is founded on the idea that real estate opportunities should be accessible to all, regardless of your current financial situation. That’s why we’re committed to providing high-quality guidance, courses and resources that won’t break the bank. When you join forces with our Flipping America team, you can expect to receive a wealth of relevant information that will put you on the path to real estate success. 


Flipping America started as a nationally syndicated radio show in 2017.

Beginning in 2019, each show was converted to a podcast format. It’s now available on every podcast platform including Apple, Google, iHeart, Spotify, and many more


We continually develop tools and resources for investing. If it helps our business, we will make it available to you.


You can get started with a FREE membership that gives you access to our unique Trading Platform. Low cost memberships provide training, online courses, and group coaching. When you are ready, you can step up to one-on-one mentoring. 

Little Known Facts About Roger

  • As a kid, I wanted to be a pro basketball player. If you’ve met me you’d agree my body type is more “football” (that’s American football, Ted).
  • As a teen, I wanted to be a concert pianist. I even won a couple of competitions!
  • I invented what could be the greatest desert of all time. Two toasted brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts covered with two scoops of ice cream. Bonus: Add blueberries and or walnuts and call it “healthy.”
  • My favorite beverage is Diet Mountain Dew. It’s surprisingly good with everything. even pop-tarts!
  • The one food I avoid because I just don’t like the taste: Chocolate. Weird I know.
  • When I retire I plan to create my own private art gallery of what I call “modern art mockeries.” Like you, I’ve stood there looking at a priceless painting – that looks like either an accident or the work of a five year old – and thought, “I could do that.” One of these days, when I don’t need the income, I will. 2023 Update: I have already completed Mondrian and Pollack mockeries, and either could be yours for just $1MM. Plus I have several Rothkos suitable for NFT use. I’d let them go for maybe $10k each since they only took about 15 minutes to create. 

How to Connect with us

Phone: 877-55-ROGER. We are generally open 9-5 Mon-Thursday and 9-noon on Friday. This doesn’t include holidays. 

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