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Ever Dreamed of Virtually Unlimited Discretionary Income?

While ultra-yachts and private jets are the toys of mega-rich billionaires, you can still get a great deal of enjoyment out of life with well-invested millions! From extended vacations to early retirement — what would you do with nearly-unlimited discretionary income?

Roger Blankenship, head of the Flipping America empire and in-demand speaker, is now offering elite coaching to a limited number of individuals. With his support, ordinary people are finding their passion — and massive success — in real estate investments and flipping properties throughout the country.

Roger and his team have flipped more than 1,000 properties in the US, offering his insight in a series of courses designed to help you get started flipping houses or continue to expand your real estate empire.

Flipping America Real Estate Training

The Insider Tools and Training You Must Have to Create Next-Level Success

Flip Starter Program

Want to learn the basics of flipping houses from the guru himself? This one-month intensive from Roger Blankenship will cover a wide range of topics that will give you a solid basis of understanding the nuts and bolts of flipping houses. From understanding the dynamics and timing of your investments to ensuring you’re not overpaying for services

Flip Mastery

Been working your business for a while and want to dig deeper into the fundamentals of flipping? The three-month Flip Mastery course is for you! Maintaining a successful real estate investment portfolio requires balance and superb timing. One-on-one access to Roger over an extended time allows you to think through questions

Ultimate Flipping Machine

For the seasoned real estate investor, a six-month intensive with flipping expert Roger Blankenship can catapult your career and help you achieve your lifelong financial dreams. Work side-by-side with Roger to hone your technique, gain access to valuable tools and insight that will help you pull every penny from your real estate


Wouldn’t you love to have a successful real estate flipper vetting your ideas and providing you with best-practices and tools? One-on-one training with Roger Blankenship gives you direct access to someone who has flipped over 1,000 properties — and he wants to share step-by-step blueprints for success with YOU!

Online Training Classes

Learn to flip houses from the pro: Roger Blankenship! Our online courses offer a condensed -- but never watered-down -- version of our in-person training that’s been delivered dozens of times. Learn key formulas for analyzing real estate deals and how to make $5,000 in the next 30 days without leaving your day job.

Free Resources

It takes a lot of research and brainpower to get started flipping houses. Why not take advantage of the Flipping America team’s hard work? You’ll find dozens of free resources available online, including access to the free weekly podcast with marketing tips and inspiration, compiled lists of leading market indicators, FlipCalcs to check your

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