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Ready to take your career to the next level? Learn to master real estate investing from a Master and his friends in this one year

Profit in real estate with little effort while offering affordable housing to families. Welcome to wholesale real estate. We’ll show


Want a great return on your investment? Interested in quitting your day job? Already investing but know you could be doing more? Whether you’re looking for something to do in your spare time or want to boost your full time Real Estate Investing career into a successful enterprise, FlipStarter and The Mastermind will open the right doors for you.

You, yes even you, can be a successful investor. With 20 years of experience and over 2,000 properties flipped nationwide, Roger’s learned a thing or two. He’ll unlock the secrets to help you avoid costly mistakes and make wealth-building decisions as he guides you step-by-step through the world of Real Estate Investing. 

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Real Estate Investment Training - Keys to Success

Train Smarter, Not Harder




More than just the basics, this 4-week online course equips you with a solid foundation in flipping houses. As an added bonus, you’ll gain access to a year of group coaching with Roger and others like you, a $4000 added value.

Flip Starter Program


Ready to take your business to the next level? Dive deep into the strategies of real estate investing, grow your network, build your portfolio, access valuable tools and more in this year-long program. To ensure your success, you’ll also get weekly group and monthly one-on-one coaching.


“Roger is an amazing teacher, mentor, and man of character in the real estate space. I have learned a great deal of knowledge and been able to network with many professionals in our space”

Wade T

“I really enjoyed the time spent with Roger. I’m new to real estate investing and I gained tons of knowledge at his meeting. This short encounter actually boosted my confidence in not procrastinating and actually starting my new venture. I will be following his blueprint for real estate.”

Lorenzo M

“My recent 1:1 strategy call with Roger was amazing. The breadth of his knowledge and willingness to share his experience — Roger is the “real deal”. I learned more in our 30-minute call than with all other investment instruments I’ve ever used.” – Robin B., Atlantic Elite Realty

Robin B

“I started my real estate career by attending Roger’s Creative Deal Makers lunch meetings, and knew immediately he was the one I wanted to work with. His knowledge, experience and patience and mentorship have helped me get to where I am today.” – Raghu, Raghu Buys Homes


“It was a joy and truly educational to work with Roger through his coaching program. Roger immediately put us in contact with the right funding and helped us overcome obstacles. He was accessible yet allowed us to make decisions while providing input. I would definitely recommend anyone inexperienced in flipping properties to work with Roger.”

Lamar J

“I’d say that having a good coach can take you to new levels of any game, by helping you learn and understand key factors that you may have overlooked before. Thanks to Roger’s coaching and mentorship, I have been able to personally grow my knowledge, see things I didn’t notice before, and emerge in the real estate world profitable.”

Ernesto T

“Can’t imagine having gone through this process without Roger. He provides resources for everything you may need (and more). He has always made himself available for advice, support and encouragement. His coaching is worth every penny!”

Karen W